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Sparkling Tour with Bubbly Celebrations in Mind

Thanksgiving 2008 in the USA, I was on tour and I decided on the best mode of celebration for my big event in 2009.

It all started with a 20 hour train ride to San Francisco.  I got on board the Amtrak Pacific Coast train service to San Francisco about noon.  I found my sleeper car and the Porter came by to let me know that I was signed up for lunch in an hour and a half.  This was news to me because I had carefully packed a bag of food for the ride and now found out my ticket included 6 full meals in the dining car.

A few minutes later the Porter returned with a split of champagne and a lovely orange for me to enjoy while I settled in and waited for lunch.

The Champagne kept on coming the whole week of my tour!

I did several walking tours of the city and discovered fine food, farmer’s markets, and the amazing experiences of the Mission District, Chinatown, the Embarcadero, the tourist traps and Union Square’s Glitz.  At nearly every stop and start, there was Champagne.

I was given a tour of Wine Country by my oldest child.  It was a lovely coach bus tour with lots of other people.  I truly enjoyed meeting the folks from Scotland who were married “last Thursday” in San Diego and were enjoying their honeymoon tour after a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon –“Oh! It is just the best way to experience the whole spectacular.”

Thank you!  Thank you! To my kiddo for the great experience and fun day.

My Honey and child did the wine country tour on bicycles, while I enjoyed the bus, the lovely food, and the tour guide’s history lessons and city discussions.  Joe was a great teacher at our first stop Domaine Chandon – the home of the finest of Champagnes.

The grounds, gardens, and vines are exquisite even on a rainy fall morning. This elegant facility also grows its own grapes.  I learned the difference between grades of wines and how champagne is priced and the correct way to consume and taste wine on the remaining three stops of the tour.

And I got an idea.

I knew just how I wanted to celebrate my 60th birthday in 2009. I started planning my year in detail at that very moment on my third glass of the bubbly.

I bought a case of my favorite taste and joined the champagne club.  12 lovely bottles of champagne arrived at my home and now 2 more would arrive each month until I said – enough!
Now I am asking you to join in the fun.

When one opens a bottle of champagne (which by the way I learned how to do correctly) there begins a celebration and an expectation – just like magic there is a rather joyous response from deep down inside.   I have given away the first 12 bottles in that case with the words:

“In 2009, I will be turning 60 years old and I want you to have this bottle of champagne to help me celebrate.  Even if you do not drink champagne, I am sure you will discover someone who has just a special moment in 2009 which needs a joyous, bubbly celebration of champagne to acknowledge – so pass it on.  I want you to assist me in radiating that joyous feeling all throughout the year to come”

I am hoping that each one of you will purchase a bottle of the bubbly and keep it on hand in 2009 for that celebration moment that is just right to pop the cork.

I am hoping that folks will comment on this post all throughout the year ahead and let me know just how they celebrated and passed on that joyous feeling. Will you help me participate?

I am thinking this will make for a boundless stream of joy – opened up to the universe – a round of celebration.  What do you think?

How did you celebrate your 60th birthday or how do you think you will celebrate that magical decade’s arrival?

How do you put joy out into the universe?

(You don’t drink alcoholic beverages?  That is okay too! Did you know that opening a brewed bottle of Ginger ale will give you the same joyous feeling and no alcohol?  – it has a sharp, clear taste from the Ginger used in making it – it is very healthy stuff for your body – and it is not just chemical imitation like soda pop)

25 Responses to “Sparkling Tour with Bubbly Celebrations in Mind”

  1. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. This is a great idea. I like to think of purchasing a bottle of that bubbly ahead of time in preparation for a celebration. It’s like rolling out the red carpet to attract THAT event. You’ve inspired me… and I don’t even drink champagne. Do you know of a good one that might delight my taste buds? I’m more of a red wine or ice wine drinker. I like most liquors too.

    Davinas last blog post..Seduced By Snowmen

  2. meggin Says:

    I will definitely open a bottle of the bubbly on the 20th of January as we celebrate the inaguration of the 44th president of the United States. A bottle whose opening has been a long time coming. And with that, a toast to greeting everyone we meet with an open hand and a smile. Cheers!
    And hugs all around!

  3. patricia Says:

    Thanks for joining the party and sending out the bubbly vibes. I will email you with my suggestion rather than put it on the blog. Thank you for coming on by and I am off to see your seductive snowman!

  4. patricia Says:

    What a good thing to celebration – hope and change on inauguration day…That will be great fun. You must be in the throws of preparing for the restaurants New Year’s Eve party…
    I believe it will be a great year ahead..

    thank you for joining the celebration team

  5. Barbara Swafford - Blogging Without A Blog Says:

    Happy New Year Patricia – What a great celebration idea. Although I don’t like the taste of champagne, I do like how the opening of a bottle creates a special moment, as does watching the bubbles as they rise in a champagne flute.

    I like your idea of having a bottle of champagne available for when a special occasion arises. In life, sometimes those times of celebration come unannounced.

    Cheers to you as the New Year makes it’s entrance.

    Barbara Swafford – Blogging Without A Blogs last blog post..It’s A Time For Celebration

  6. Jannie Says:

    Patricia, I think this post is the total bees knees! Just a FABULOUS idea.

    And since champagne is my absolute favorite alcoholic drink, you will no doubt be seeing me repeatedly in these comments over the next year!!


    Jannies last blog post..2 poems, one with pansies

  7. patricia Says:

    Nice to find you on Twitter and here today and Happy New Year to you also.

    I thought I was not fond of champagne myself, but found one I liked at the higher price end ….but my honey can not drink alcohol at all so he bought a 6 pack of Brewed Gingerale which has the same sparkle when you open it….so he thought he could find 6 times to celebrate and spread the bubbly celebratory experience around!

    Thank you for stopping by

  8. patricia Says:

    Jannie, I was counting on you to get the ball rolling here or the cork popped…

    I am so excited to read the stories and about the occasions that folks share. That will make the good feelings abound in the atmosphere…

    Happy New year to you and yours…going to go read your pansy poems

  9. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Happy New Year, Patricia! Pete and I always do champagne and pajamas on NYEve, staying at home where we belong. Thanks for a wonderful time in 2008! And best of everything in 2009!

    Betsy Wuebkers last blog post..BEHOLD!

  10. patricia Says:

    Happy New Year Betsy – it’s going to be a good one I can tell.

    Honey and I are just hanging out watching a movie…I am saving my champagne for a fabulous moment that just needs to let the bubbly celebration rise and shine…

    we finished off the last 3 pieces of fudge…!

  11. Mama Zen Says:

    What a fabulous idea! I think that I’ll be popping open the ginger ale on Inauguration Day, too!

    Mama Zens last blog post..Nag, Nag, Nag

  12. Cricket/Tammy Says:

    What a beautiful thing to share! I hope I will have something to “pop” about.

    I have been to that wine country. Isn’t it a beautiful place to see. Riding the bike was the way I went. If I had it do over again I would be driving. Too much work…ha.

    You have a beautiful and blessed 2009! I will be back to share a story.

    Cricket/Tammys last blog post..Stand by me and I will stand by you…Happy New Year!

  13. patricia Says:

    Mama Zen,
    Welcome, welcome to PW and I am so glad you like the idea – I thought it sounded very fun..

    Yep ginger ale has that good bubbly celebration feeling when you open it up also….Come back and click on the bubbly icon and tell us your Inauguration Day story – I’d love to hear about it.

  14. patricia Says:

    Cricket Tammy,
    I am sure you will have something to “pop” about in the new year – I just feel like 2009 is so full of possibilities…
    Like a sigh when just relaxing on the grass – Oh yes!

    I look forward to reading your story

  15. patricia Says:

    K & S reported in, that they used their bottle of champagne to enjoy the inauguration balls last night. They sipped and danced and danced and danced each time the Obama s went to a different ball and felt apart of the celebration and caught the spirit.


  16. Ceateecolve Says:

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  17. patricia Says:

    Welcome to the blog and thank you for your comment.
    Giving love to the ones that need it is a wonderful thing to do and will certainly open up joy in the world.

  18. Jannie Funster Says:

    Well, here I am all giddy from my Korbel Brut. No special occasion – just ’cause it’s Friday and I didn’t have a headache and Kelly was looking so cute and there it was on the supermarket shelf. I bought the 4-pack of minis. Halfway through my second one now!

    Vive le Friday!
    Vive le Blogging!
    Vive la vie!!!

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Seriously Weird!

  19. Patricia Says:

    Viva La Friday!

    You drink one for me today too…I have another fasting blood work on Monday….

    I am so glad you came by…I am concerned that folks are forgetting about my request to party with champagne all year long!

    You never disappoint!

  20. A Musician’s List | Jannie Funster Says:

    […] pretty cloth tablecloths, CD display case, bottle of Chandon sent to my house from Patricia’s Wisdom!!! Gorgeous FTD bouquet of roses et al sent to my house from Patricia’s Wisdom and Life […]

  21. patricia Says:

    Thinking about you playing and singing today…joy

  22. Patricia Says:

    Peg and Phil let me know that they celebrated with Champagne on New Year’s Eve and then again on August 8th for their Grandson’s lovely wedding. They may have another champagne event coming up!

  23. Patricia Says:

    Erin and Pat used their champagne to celebrate their Sand in the City project on August 21st – their group theme was Hollywood so they added in Martini’s to the mix and I am sure they went dancing! in style

    I love hearing from you all about your celebrations and sparking moments.

  24. Patricia Says:

    Carol Ann bought a new RAV4 Toyota and she opened the champagne to celebrate

    Her bike fits in without having to take the front tire off and it is just right for her and all her exercise activities. Thanks for sharing Carol Ann

  25. Patricia Says:

    Gretchen and Derrick sent me an email to say that they used the birthday champagne to toast the life of Gretchen’s 69 year old sister – Karen. A good life now gone, and celebrated on Labor Day Weekend.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Comfort =-.