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Line Dancing at Waltz Tempo

There I am number 26 in line with only one light bulb in hand to purchase and someone doing a return at one register and the rest of us in a queue waiting.

people in line

I can feel the urges of frustration rising up within me and I contemplate giving up and coming back, but I have already used the gas to get this errand completed and spent my time.  No, I just must wait my turn. I double check my list and note that this is the last item and I can return home and finish my cleaning before company arrives.

I start thinking about the Essene.  I had not given them much thought since I wrote about them in school and found them fascinating; comparing them to the Transcendentalist movement of Emerson,  Thoreau and my favorite sisters in Little Women.

The Essene were a spiritual community from about 2000 years ago who were dedicated to preserving the ancient teachings and to preparing the way for the new age of Pisces, when Christ energy would flood the world.  They lived in simple harmony with nature, ate communally, and shared everything that they had or gained with each other.  They followed practices which enhanced the wisdom of their inner voices.  Danaan Parry writes in his Essene Book of Days 1983, “Their spiritual practices allowed them to absorb and channel the vibrations and healing powers of the plants, the sun, and the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, for their own nourishment and for the healing of the earth itself.”

John the Baptist was an Essene Master and he spent 20 years teaching Jesus the traditions and the rituals of this group.  The writings of the Essene were discovered well preserved with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (1948, Qumran).

This was a group of people who were masters in waiting and preparation.  They were documented ecologists and agriculturists.  They built sustainable communities and they learned all that they could from their ancient teachings, writings and from the wisdom of their inner voices.  There was a task or a ritual to perform each of the seven days of the week and these changed during the eight sub-seasons of the solar year.

Cleanliness was important for the body as well as the environment.  Healing and learning were taught as fine art forms.  The earth and the air were sacred as was light.  There were few if any distractions to keep one from hearing their inner wisdom and the repetition of the meditations allowed the energies of each season to become an integral part of daily life.

I needed this light bulb to free the inside of my house from the darkness of the winter pattern.  I needed this light to make welcome my guests and to be able to see to prepare the foods that would nourish us and help us learn the lessons of our traditions and find the visions of our future.  I took a deep breath and let my eyes rest on the floor a few feet beyond me and I said a small prayer of thanksgiving for knowing about the Essene and their wisdom.  I released a sigh and the frustration flowed out of me.

How fortunate I am to be standing with this light – Joy to this little light of mine!

I am preparing for the feast of learning and I need to be able to hear my inner wisdom. My lesson is waiting and doing that with grace.

What are your lessons in waiting?  In preparation?  What guest are you most looking forward to their arrival?  What rituals are most important for you to perform and practice?

I look forward to hearing what you share…

10 Responses to “Line Dancing at Waltz Tempo”

  1. meggin Says:

    In our church, we are celebrating what we call *Advent* and it is also a time of darkness when we are waiting for the Light. We light candles each week, first one then two on into the fourth week and then we celebrate Christmas! We believe that Christmas is the first coming of the Word Incarnate. And after waiting in darkness so long, it is like a million light bulbs going on! I think you were lucky to have felt that spiritual awakening and I envy you.
    On a lighter note, I just envy that you were able to get out of the house in this snowy blowy weather we are having! I love the snow, but hate being stuck at home. Guess I better practice what you preach! Thanks Tricia!!

  2. Jannie Says:

    It seems that I am in perpetual wait for this house remodel to be finished. The master bedroom is still torn up and the new living room is (still,) not finished, the slab for it was poured 5 years ago. (Yes, we did get a nice treehouse built in the interim — The Child isn’t getting any younger, right?) We still have two front doors until the old one will become a window and the landscaping around it (finally,) finished. The back deck had rotted somewhat and that is all torn up too. The shed attached to the garage never actually had a garage door put on, was boarded up instead.)

    We have been adding-on and re-modeling and then remodeling the original remodel, since in 1993. I was happy with what we had by my hubby likes more, and more.

    To dwell on this unfinishedness for more than 10 seconds could make me scream. So I blog.

    My blog is lovely, always just as I left it upon my return, except for new comments and changing ads, of course. All the posts just as I last saw them, not a jpeg or a word out of place. Ahhh, the sweet, sweet serenity of janniefunster.com.


    Jannies last blog post..Yeah, Cindy Lou Who?

  3. Patricia Says:

    Isn’t Advent a wonderful season…it is one of the eight season of the Essene year and moving into Epiphany in January another sub season, I think it is just as important as Advent, but most folks ignore it in our neck of the woods.

    I have been using the scripture and Gospel lesson of Advent as inspiration for my last month of posts… I bet you already knew that?

    My youngest daughter’s friend is here and I would not be out driving about in this weather without his expertise believe you me.

    My family was also in the local paper 12/17/08 for cross country skiing around Capital Lake and to work!

    Stay warm and dry and enjoy your house bound…

  4. Patricia Says:

    I do love the tidiness of my blog and my space…I had to live in many, many years of construction. The benefit being that my children got to participate in the building and progress. It was the port a potty out by the street that finally got the most action out of honey-do to get finished…

    and now because our house gives him so much work he is very careful in his planning for more changes and remodels…

    I am so glad you have your blog and your music to take your mind away from the unfinished…unsettling surroundings.

    Glad that growing child has a tree house too!

    We went for a swing set deck area before we finished the house…now that set is part of the raised garden beds…

    sending a hug filled with patience and visions of the wonder full outcome…

  5. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia. Folk lived so simply back than. And it’s good to take a step back and appreciate the simple things we take for granted – such as electricity and lightbulbs.

    What am I waiting for? Well the first thing is for Christmas to be over. I can’t stand all the commerialism. And also, for the start of the new year so I can launch my product.

  6. Karl Staib - Work happy Now Says:

    My guests I’m most looking forward to are clients. Companies that need my service to improve their work environment. I never thought of them as guests before this post, but now that I have I can feel a little more patient. I’m still preparing myself for when they are ready, but I feel the day is coming soon.

    My favorite rituals are connecting with other people such as yourself and Yoga. They are two of my greatest passions that help me heal and help others.

    Karl Staib – Work happy Nows last blog post..Day 18 of 30 – Bonus – No Complaining

  7. Patricia Says:

    I am so excited about you launching your product too…I can hardly wait to see what more I am going to learn and connect with.. yipee!

    Wow is is snowing here…and high winds expected tonight through tomorrow. I do not remember such a snow storm in this part of the country. One more kiddo to get home on the 23rd- plane arrives at 11pm – I hope the storm has passed through by then.

    I am waiting for the end…this is too much

  8. Patricia Says:

    Karl, welcome I have been waiting your comments as we keep losing power in our unusual snow storm!

    I am certain that clients are coming to your site soon and are just working on being ready to avail themselves of your wonder services and ideas….I can feel it in my bones!

    Connections and Yoga what a wonderful way to use the wait time and express your passions.

    Thank you for commenting I will come and check out your site and offerings…

  9. Kim Woodbridge Says:

    What a beautiful post! When I get annoyed waiting in line I don’t think anything nearly so deep but do tell myself that if all I have to do is wait in line to get what I need that really isn’t so bad.

    I’m not really waiting for anything – well, I want my divorce to be final but there’s no real need for that. I think I would almost prefer that time would stand still for a bit.

    Kim Woodbridges last blog post..(Anti) Social-Lists 12/21/08

  10. Patricia Says:

    Welcome and thank you for your comments

    I am finding myself very frustrated with all this snow and internet down and worried about the 90 minute drives to the airport at night to pick up children….I am not so deep. I had to slip into the bathtub full of hot water and repeat all morning – “it will work out just fine, and everything will be just wonder full” about 700 times before I could let go…not very Essene but finally serene.

    I think I am at a point where life and “everything” is standing still with this snow….working at feeding the peace that accompanies the word quiet!