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I first caught a glance out of the corner of my eye, and I found myself needing to come back and see more. I navigated down the hallway to place myself in a better position to observe.

She wore a black suit with a white shirt; dressed up with plain pearl earrings.  The simplicity was made more striking by her relaxed but confident posture.  Hair was buoyant and just about ready for a cut; just an undercurrent of silver added to the dark sheen.

mirror ball

Make up was very natural looking and one was not aware – it was a soft painting.  Glasses did not mask the large eyes and hazel green of her lookers and you knew she was aware of everything that was going on in the room around her.  Her observation had intensity and command.  She was to the side of the room and others just assumed her presence.

This woman liked herself and where she was and who she was in attendance.

Nearly everyone in the room came to her during the course of the evening and there was a peaceful countenance to their discourse.  Her smile drew people in and they felt heard and accepted in her presence.

She did approach several new people and attempted to draw them into the circle and make a connection or an introduction and was well pleased to see that they found conversation and opportunity for extension during the course of the evening.

She shared her good news and received a couple of hearty “high fives” and then moved on to celebrate the other person’s success.

She was calm and at peace within the room and the context.

She was not the star or the great beauty of the room.  There was any number of those folks in attendance and they deserved praise for their efforts and skills. The room was filled with women who were runners and found joy in this practice. Others provided the laughter and quick comment that brought delight and tease, and the space was filled with beautiful people.

I had to leave before most  and entered the rain to the parking lot wondering if I would encounter her again;  enjoying the idea that I hoped I would and soon.

Home again, home again and soon off to bed, and before I brushed my teeth and washed my face I caught sight of her again – a reflection.

20 Responses to “Beautiful”

  1. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    Beautifully written, Patricia.

  2. Patricia Says:

    Vered – thank you

  3. Jannie Says:

    I say this writing is BEAUTIFUL!!! How lovely a theme.

    I was all convinced and thinking it was actually you until the very end.

    Will you please let us know if you see her again? And would you ever let her read this post??

    Jannies last blog post..Ten Honest Things

  4. Dot Says:

    But we’re not “supposed” to appreciate ourselves in that way. I’m glad you did. What lovely writing!

    Dots last blog post..Weird Tip Tuesday – Eat Less Butter

  5. Patricia Says:

    Jannie, Thank you for the compliment on the writing and I see her every morning and night when I brush my teeth, she did the proofreading…I just have to remember to look!

    Dot, Thank you and YOU have been doing some exceptional writing on various blogs this week…trying to keep up with all your good ideas – thank you.

  6. Carol Ann Says:

    Patricia, that was a lovely piece…you do such a wonderful job of writing! Thank you for your inspirational writing.

  7. Patricia Says:

    Carol Ann you are a gem – thank you for coming by…our evening was so fun!…Thank you

  8. meggin Says:

    Wow..that was perfectly written! You are awesome.

  9. Davina Says:

    Oh Patricia, that was beautiful! I got a chill as I read that last line. I once heard that one of the most attractive things to a man is a woman who is confident as herself.

    Davinas last blog post..Step Out Of Crisis And Into Power

  10. Patricia Says:

    meggin is takes one to know one! Thank you

    Davina – oh my I like that idea….and thank you I hope it was a benign chill ….not the start of snow or somthing like that!

  11. Patricia Says:

    meggin – I need to go to bed! I meant to say IT TAKES ONE AWESOME WOMAN TO KNOW ONE AWESOME WOMAN!

    Patricias last blog post..Beautiful

  12. Jannie Says:

    You know, this piece was wonderful for me, even when upon reading it first I somehow failed to get the literal reflection meaning as a mirror, duh Jannie. And knowing that now makes it even better.

    When (if) I grow up can I please write like you?

    Jannies last blog post..Ten Honest Things

  13. Patricia Says:

    Jannie this hug is for you…Thank you, Thank you ….did you get it?

  14. Davina Says:

    Snow!??? God no… please! I moved away from Ontario to escape that. We do occasionally get snow here but it is short-lived, thankfully… and quite pretty when it only lasts a few days.

    Davinas last blog post..Step Out Of Crisis And Into Power

  15. Patricia Says:

    Heavy snow in the mountains so that ski season can start (but I hope not too much for the youngest of my kiddos to drive home) but I think just our usual beautiful looking snow closer to sea level… pretty but only lasts a few days!

    I hope so

  16. Jeanne Says:




    Jeannes last blog post..Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: How You Can Help Patients With This Often Debilitating Condition!! (UPDATED With USA Today article)!

  17. Tracee Sioux Says:

    You rock! This was fantastic! Loved it!

    Tracee Siouxs last blog post..Barbie Kicks Bratz ASS!

  18. Patricia Says:

    Jeanne – Thank you
    and welcome

    Tracee Sioux…Thank you for the comments and welcome also

    I am so slow at responding because we lost our power yesterday in a wind storm…I will get to your sites and check it out!

  19. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker Says:

    Patricia, I just knew the woman that you were writing about was you. Isn’t it fabulous when we recognise the confident woman that everyone else sees as that gorgeous woman in the mirror. That is how God meant for each of us to see ourselves.

    Patricia – Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworkers last blog post..Kindness—Why Is It Easier To Be Kind To Strangers?

  20. Patricia Says:

    Many thanks for your nice comment. I think you are correct about the confident/gorgeous woman in the mirror, that is the way it was meant to be…