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Anatomy of a Fat Cell

To some talking about fat cells at the holiday season of the year may seem totally inappropriate and maybe even condescending.  So I intend to write something short and sweet, to counter balance this season’s call of the sweets to my ear, thighs and bottom!

For a short period of time, I developed a program at our local hospital for obese teens and young adults. The dietician would come and talk to them about healthy eating habits and it is when we added this bit of information that we began to see the “lights” come on in many a young face.  So here I go:

Imagine your fat cell as a round ball, you can keep growing fat cells there is not a limited amount for your body type or balance.  Some people have a genetic ability to grow too many and some have a genetic marker to grow them sparsely, most people fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum.

These round orbs would then get a series – maybe 5 – of smaller circles inside them.  These smaller circles inside, the dietician would use to represent the open doors to receive fat for storage.  The door is always open to receiving fat and left over adrenaline or stress hormones and even toxic items from the environment which have not been flushed out of the body – in it goes right into the fat cell.  The dietician would draw these open doors in green. Then the dietician would pick up a red pen and make one small circle more inside the orb.

The red circle was the OUT DOOR and it is closed and locked tight most of the time.  There is only one out door per cell but many in doors.  One must find the key to open the Out Door in order to lose weight.  It has a double lock on it – wouldn’t you know. It’s a survival thing.

The double lock is coded to open when there is enough OXYGEN and WATER present in the correct combination and diffusion to crack the code and open the door, releasing fat.  If you drink too much water and flood the system, the doors do not open; you may make yourself sick.  If there is too much oxygen you will pass it out – BURP – or even pass out.

One opens the door through exercise which produces the correct amount of each element, oxygen and water, to open the door.  Once the door is opened with exercise, it will stay open for several hours so your next meal will be more useable as fuel and not be turned into fat so quickly.
What you eat after exercise needs to be a good protein – a working fuel.

Every part of your body needs fuel.  Do you wish to use the proper fuel for your activity and wellness or do you wish to run on junk fuel?

All sorts of folks are busy attempting to create a synthetic key to unlock the fat cell door with greater ease.  Food manufacturers are developing all kinds of products that they hope will just slip right through and not make it into the open door.  So far, nothing has been developed that opens the outdoor except the correct combination of oxygen and water.

So was this information helpful to you?

Will it come to mind the next time your eat something?

What do you think you will need to do to find the right combination to open your fat door?

13 Responses to “Anatomy of a Fat Cell”

  1. Tracee Sioux Says:

    I’m not sure I believe it/understand it. Is exercise then the Oxygen? Are you saying you can drink too much water to lose weight?

    Tracee Siouxs last blog post..CCFC Action Works

  2. Dot Says:

    That’s very interesting. I know a lot of people use exercise to lose weight, and it works. For me, however, being in constant pain, it’s very hard to exercise, and if I overdo a little, my fibromyalgia flares up.

    My best way of losing weight is to change my eating habits. I once lost 50 lbs. without exercising. I created a set of cards similar to “Deal-A-Meal” using the food categories recommended for diabetics. That worked very well for me. However, my biggest problem is motivation to use it!

    Dots last blog post..How to Get Published

  3. Patricia Says:

    Tracee Sioux,
    Yes, one can drink too much water and cause heart problems/or pass out! and too much to lose weight. Athletes sometimes do this after running – a faculty member at our local college just did this and they were sure he was going out with a heart attack.

    Any yes you need oxygen to lose weight and that primarily comes from movement/exercise and deep breathing. The movement helps one circulate the oxygen too, plus physically releases something to open the out door.
    It is one of the main principles Dr.s who work with diabetics must keep in mind.

    Fibromyalgia is a tricky business to deal with indeedy. Three of my walking friends suffer greatly with it, they all can not get by without walking – to keep their weight in check and to keep mobile and pain free….they of course walk way too slowly for me to count as exercise. But they are moving and that seems to help.
    Most keep track of their weight by eating 6-8 meals, tiny portions, over the day. I have incorporated their eating patterns into my own and that is working better for me. A physical therapist here in town has a program 3 times a week and all of my friends participate and I know that often includes working out in the hot tub pool or the warmer salt/mineral water pool. I think they just have to keep at their constant focus and watch what they eat and get in as much exercise as posssible..
    Oh I really do feel for you – I know it is horrendously painful.
    I will keep you in my thoughts.

  4. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. This was an excellent explanation. Unfortunately it won’t effect how I think about what I eat :-) I’ve put on 10 lbs since I started blogging and my challenge is to MAKE the time to get my fat you know what out of my chair!

    Davinas last blog post..A Positively Dysfunctional Christmas

  5. Patricia Says:

    Oh Davina – moving out of the chair is sometimes the hardest move of the whole day…Thanks for your nice words

  6. Jannie Says:

    Red and green circles – sounds very Christmas-y to me. Did you plan that, Patricia? : )

    Wow, I’m obviously ‘way behind in my facts, the last I knew fat cells were neither created nor destroyed — they just changed size.

    Yes, for me exercise always accompanies my weight maintenance and I think perhaps for the first time in my life I am letting my jeans tell me how I’m doing, not the scales. I only have one pair of jeans. And 5 pairs of sweat pants. (I won’t even get into my summer togs here, basically because I can’t actually remember back that far.)

    I probably need to drink a bit more water — 20 ozs daily this time of year with my heritage is plenty. In summer not as much as is recommended for most other people.

    It was horrible about that mother dying on air (radio) a couple years ago in that contest for drinking too much water. Do you remember that? That made me cry. Un-freaking believeable!

    EXERCISE!! Since we are no longer principally agrarian we need to do it. Walks by lovely lakes (or in non-axe-murder infested woods will suffice.)


    P.S. Do friends call you ‘Pat?”

    Jannies last blog post..Three Good Things

  7. Patricia Says:

    I do remember that woman dying of too much water…and I think everyone knows their real limit that works for them…teenagers do grow new fat cells especially females…and they need to to have healthy children..

    Oh do stay out of those ax-murderer infested woods…
    my honey cross country skied to work today…we never have snow..and now 12 inches…

    Nope did not plan the red and green circles I think they were for traffic light images

    I am even starting to like exercise…

  8. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    I work out first thing in the morning. I find that if I sit down in front of the computer, I just never get up. :)

  9. Patricia Says:

    Vered, I have heard rumors that the exercise you do in the morning is better for your heart too? I don’t know if that is true or not, but I go at 5 am to the gym and come home about about 8:45 in the morning…eat a mini meal and then start on the computer…and here I stay with a break to exercise in the afternoon, but now with 12″ of snow I am feeling very sluggish and can’t go until later tomorrow and now have company…
    This worries me…I will figure it out..

    You are so wise, a great writer, super mom and fabulous blogger…and you exercise too…one awesome woman!

    Thank yo for sharing 😉

  10. Jannie Says:

    I exercise in the morning! I walk swiftly, run some, and carry a very small hatchet, in case I have to chop down a tree to make a fire.

    I used to do Denise Austin. I had aVHS tape of hers for a 45-min work-out and it was my all-time favorite. I lost it, tho. Wonder where it ever went.

    Jannies last blog post..Yeah, Cindy Lou Who?

  11. Patricia Says:

    I used to do Jane Fonda but I rarely let any one know that…

    You will not tell anyone? Now I find that all sorts of my friends are working with personal trainers…secret exercisers…oh well, I like the social class setting, I do enough stuff alone.

    I am coming to visit your new post…NOW

  12. Barbara Swafford - Blogging Without A Blog Says:

    Hi Patricia – This was not the best post for me to be reading at this time. You see, I just ate a piece of raisin bread toast which was exceptionally good. Now, keep in mind, I did drink skim milk with it, so I’m going to justify that move and say it’s a win-win.

    I used to do Jane Fonda, too. Did you have leg warmers like she did? I did, and thought I was awfully cute.

    Barbara Swafford – Blogging Without A Blogs last blog post..Twitter – Social Media’s Hidden Gem

  13. Patricia Says:

    Barbara I am having a piece of pizza…so I probably should have re read this before lunch!

    Yep I had leg warmers that I knit because I could not afford to buy any…I was so hopeful… and now she says she just walks and does not do all that exercise and has good metabolism and genes..


    I would certainly agree win win