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Something Smells

My youngest child would arrive on the scene and announce, “Something smells.”  She was informing us that her nose was receiving information, post her surgery, and sharing it with the rest of her and that was a very exciting thing, thus we would celebrate.  After the good news, we would then remind her that most of the rest of the world would need a descriptor word attached to that phrase to feel comfortable; words like good, stinky, yummy, scary, or sweet.

I want to give a “hats off – salute” to my sense of smell.  It is one of the wonders of my world and it is so informative and acute.  I am so grateful to have such a good sense of smell, all though it is not always easy.


On the positive side, I love the smell coming off the top of my baby’s head – I can tell if the tummy is doing well, the baby is comfortable and what is the emotional goings on inside.  I think all mothers and fathers recognize these smells in order to protect their infant, but many folks don’t know they are reading that smell, and the snuggling part is oh so good!

When I meet a new person, I can tell if they are eating well, and feeling good about themselves and if what they are telling me is part of who they are or if the emotions don’t match up to the words.  I can tell if a person has eaten something that is not good for them or if they have had something very sweet recently.

The negative part of having such a clear scent receptor is that I can be overwhelmed by deodorant, perfume, after shave, detergent, shampoo, cleaning products, and illness.  Holiday shoppers at a mall are overwhelming in so many ways, and I am guaranteed a headache and a kind of anxiety that accompanies it. We have one store at our mall which sends the clerks around hourly to spray their brand.  I can’t even enter.

I was sitting next to a woman in a meditation group one night, she was coming down with strep throat, I could smell it all over her and I had to leave and go outside for fresh air.  It was literally coming in my nose and down my throat.

I think so many retired school teachers in their 80-90s have lung problems because they taught in asbestos filled classrooms for so many years – even if they did not smoke – they did not know that was what they smelled.

I had to stop using cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda and switch to tea tree oil in my home. I have a child who is very allergic to dust mites and mold and I can smell both of those things growing and producing.  The tea tree oil did destroy both without boiling the sheets every day. It made me wonder if all the products on the market do more to cover up rather than clean up.  Don’t even get me started on chlorine bleach.

I cannot smell the difference between allergies and a cold.

I can smell many toxic smells even when I am outside and can protect those around me.

My sense of smell has provided me with a great deal of information though out my life time and I am usually delighted to have it working for me.  I believe the greatest link to my intuition is my sense of smell.

Aachooo!  Sneezing is such a fabulous invention!

So now I would like to know which of the senses work best for you and why?  Do a little data collecting about getting in touch and seeing what serves you well and sharing that with others. What sense are you grateful for?

13 Responses to “Something Smells”

  1. Dot Says:

    I just read an article online the other day about the terms for various kinds of psychic perception — clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, etc. Now we have to add clairsmellant! 😉 For me, it’s intuitive knowing and a little bit seeing and hearing. I’m over-sensitive to chemicals, but I’ve never noticed any positive side to that sense.

    Dots last blog post..The “Thing Conspiracy”

  2. Patricia Says:

    Oh I love it a clairsmellant! that made me laugh out loud!
    When something gets me in trouble or causes me difficulties, I have to write in my journal until I can come up with the positive side. When the city added chlorine to our beautiful, fresh artisan well water, I just smelled so awful all day long and drinking it became like drinking something that tasted awful. I bought a chlorine rid water filter for the whole house. The chlorine was killing all the good microbes in our bodies and everyone’s immune systems benefited and allergies were minimized…then I had lots of positives. Then again my nose picks up lots of illnesses and spreads ’em to the rest of me…ugh!

  3. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    Wow. I don’t think I would want to have such an enhanced sense of smell. Seems like a very mixed blessing.

    I like my sense of taste. It’s one of life’s biggest pleasures. :)

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..I Love San Francisco. Do You Like Where YOU Live?

  4. Patricia Says:

    It is rather a mixed blessing! maybe? but it does enhance my sense of taste and that is extremely satisfying!

  5. Eric Hamm Says:

    Patricia, I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! Very well written and unique to boot.

    For me, my ‘sense of sorrow’ is very strong. Empathy. I can be in a room with 99 happy people and 1 who is struggling and I can’t help but notice that 1. Even if they are putting up a good front I can usually see through it. Most of the time this is a good quality, but on occasion it can get me down as I tend to emotionally come down to their level.

    Eric Hamms last blog post..Enduring The Road To Success: The First Valley

  6. Patricia Says:

    I greatly appreciate your comments today and I never thought of a ‘sense of sorrow’ what a new idea to explore. I have seen lots of parents find a point of empathetic understanding with their child’s feelings and I thought that was a powerful response and assisted communications.

    What kinds of actions help you to move out of the down levels,or is just getting a new situation all you need to exchange your feelings?

  7. Maya Says:

    Ahh, what a nice post. My husband has an acute sense of smell – makes him a great cook and a food critic, besides making him a complainer sometimes:) . He is also the first one to smell a stinky diaper which is great since he does the change job :)

    I have a heightened sense of hearing, I think. I enjoy the quiet as much as enjoy music and sounds of nature.

    Mayas last blog post..Slideshow: Dogs Lessons for Life and Work

  8. Patricia Says:

    Maya – yes the person with the biggest sense of smell usually gets the change job!

    My youngest child has an amazing hearing capacity, when she mixes it with music she could play the most amazing pieces of music on the piano in very short order – theme from Titanic in 2 days, Mozart, Flight of the Bumblebee at age 5….I am wondering if that ability is now gone/or disappears when she is taking some medications to assist her focus in getting through college? Has your keen sense diminished over time?

    She brought her keyboard home for storage and just does not play any more?

    My nose still knows!

  9. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia – What a marvelous idea for a post. Your sense of smell is astronomical.

    I have a very strong sense of sight for color. I have a fetish for paint chips (you know the ones in the paint section). I can often look at a color and “know” if it will match something that I or someone else owns. Although I’m sometimes wrong, in most instances I’m right on.

    I love using my sight to watch people. Like Eric, I can “see” when all is not right in someones’ world. I never looked at it as a “sense of sorrow”, but in some ways it is. It’s more of a combination of sight and “feeling” on the intuitive level.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..NSNBOTWs – 2 Gals From Down Under

  10. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. This is the second post I’ve read today about senses. Valerie at the Thinking Out Loud Blog has written about sight and hearing and which sense you’d rather do without if you had to make a choice. I chose to keep my sight.

    What other sense am I grateful for? My sense of feeling. It keeps me moving and exploring and discovering. Life would be much less of an adventure without a sense of feeling / heart.

    Davinas last blog post..Akemi Gaines On Intuition, Dreams And Spiritual Guidance–Interview Part 2

  11. Patricia Says:

    Hi Barbara,
    Isn’t this fun to explore our greatest senses…I thought Eric’s term of a “sense of sorrow” was very intriguing. My oldest daughter always had just a joy in color and is a wonderful photographer now .

    Hi Davina,
    I will have to go and check out Thinking Out Loud Blog…maybe it’s the atmospheric pressure that we wrote similar posts. Thou I will have to confess this is one a wrote about a year ago and have had a glitch in my bookkeeping program that I was on the phone for hours fixing so took this out of my emergency/relief stack!
    Ah feeling….exploration and discoverying…those are nice to ponder and contemplate!

  12. Jess Sanders Says:

    I am absolutely fascinated (and slightly jealous!)
    with your description of the way you smell, Patricia! I have never, never heard a sense of smell described that way before. How interesting.

    I agree with Ms V. ~ my sense of taste is cherished, although not necessarily a super power like your nose! I depend on my sense of taste to cook and sense what herbs, spices, flavors would go together. I love to try new foods, share a good meal with loved ones. Without my sense of taste I’d miss all of that!

    Jess Sanderss last blog post..A new normal – the making of a stay at home dad

  13. Patricia Says:

    Hi Jess,
    A good sense of taste is assisted with a good sense of smell!

    And remember sometimes things in the world do smell just awful and go on for a long time…Wow that is a stink!