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Book Review: Hats Off to Two Wonderful, World Changing Men and the Books About Them

Three Cups of Tea

~ Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

This is a great read, adventure, and inspiring story. Greg Mortenson is a mountain climber who failed in his attempt to summit the tallest mountain, which he was doing in order to honor his younger sister who died. He got lost during his descent and discovered his life’s work and David Relin discovered his efforts and assisted him in telling his story to more and more people.

It is an amazing story and the book will hold you enthralled from beginning to end.

Greg Mortenson builds schools in the tribal, mountainous regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. He makes sure that he educates girls in these remote areas. He goes where governments are unable to go and he uses donated funds to build over 200 schools and educate children in these poorest of communities and villages. He honors their cultures and their lives, he honors their beliefs and he honors the memory of his sister.

All the teachers who work in these schools are paid and community members are paid for their assistance on the schools and for their efforts. This is a radical idea and it is such a grand idea that the Taliban is now using it to pay boys to come to their religious schools and learn to be martyrs.

I am grateful that I have read this book twice now and that Greg Mortenson is doing this work for us in the world.

Mountains Beyond Mountains

~ Tracy Kidder

This is the story of Dr. Paul Farmer’s quest to cure the world; focused on the cure for Tuberculosis (TB) and particularly antibiotic resistant TB.

I could not put this book down. I was so impressed with this fellow’s work and efforts that I just sat down and almost did not move until I had read cover to cover.

Not only do I honor these two men for the work they do and the change they bring to our global community, but I wish to encourage you to read these stories and figure out a way that you can connect with their efforts or share their stories with others.

Whereas I do not think my actions will take me to South America or Afghanistan any time soon, I am so grateful for the work that they are doing I wanted to give their stories a Shout Out right here and now in this season of Thanksgiving.

What books are you most grateful for having read? What books have inspired you? Here’s a spot to shout out your Thanksgiving…..look forward to your suggestions.

10 Responses to “Book Review: Hats Off to Two Wonderful, World Changing Men and the Books About Them”

  1. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    Can you believe that I haven’t read any books since I started blogging in February? I’m a little ashamed and have resolved to MAKE the time for reading books again.

  2. Patricia Says:

    Yes I can! believe that you are having trouble getting to books once you read blogs! I know the feeling intimately, but since I still get a few pennies for book reviews and my friends still have a book group…I have been reading 1 hour everyday and 2 on Sundays.

    I am finding reading books on a Kindle makes the reading go much faster and now I can subscribe to blogs and one news source ( one can subscribe to many papers and magazines – I just afford 1) I am getting much more reading done on many fronts.

    I would weigh a 1000 pounds if I could not read! I am sure 😉

  3. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. I’ve been having challenges getting through books for a couple of years now. Probably because I used to work as a proofreader. The only books that I’ve been able to finish (raced through them actually) were the Harry Potter series of books. Loved them!

    Davinas last blog post..Video — Preparation Inspires Self-Confidence

  4. Patricia Says:

    It is hard to read some books these days…race or not…I am having a very hard time reading the theology books – I am in burn out and I just have to force myself to read one section a day. I haven’t finished 3 I was supposed to review this summer.

    These two books were so exciting to read because of the actions that these fellows go through…Dr. Farmer could not even finish medical school nor could Mortenson…. I think I was able to rejoice in their work and want to particpate in some way…I am having trouble getting them out of my mind…

    Thanks for you comments today :)

  5. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – what an awesome story. And just goes to show – failure isn’t always failure. It just takes us closer to the path we’re supposed to be on.

  6. Patricia Says:

    Hello Cath,
    Yep and the books are very good reads too…I think there is a blog about Greg Mortenson’s work with the Parade Magazine pictures too?

    Thank you for paying a visit and I am truly enjoying the SU tutorial – Caroline does great work…Thank you for the referral hope you are the affiliate when I put down my $

  7. Jannie Says:

    The Diving Bell & The Butterfly so inspired me, if ever I feel a little whiny for anything, I think of Jean Do Beauby “locked into” his body and then I don’t feel so bad.

    The Laura Ingall’s Wilder books, inspiring for the way they lived off the land. I wish I was doing that today.

    On your recommendation I WILL read those 2. Thank you.

    Jannies last blog post..A good poem

  8. Patricia Says:

    thanks for coming by and making a nice comment… I think you will enjoy reading the books…I just wanted to share my Thanksgiving about how wonderful these guys are working to make the world a better place..

    I also just watched a film about Beyond Belief about how 2 9/11 widows are helping Afghanistan Widows have a life…another impressive project.

  9. Betsy Says:

    Hi Patricia – I’ve just come over from Dot’s place, and looked yours over. I think I’m gonna stick around. :) I’m fascinated that you read on a Kindle. I’ve only seen one review – other than Oprah’s – have you elaborated already on why you love it?

    Betsys last blog post..IN FINE COMPANY

  10. Patricia Says:

    I am going to post another review of Kindle on 11/28/08 but it is a love affair with no doubts and it has paid for itself in 3 months…I can even ask research questions and get an answer in about 15 minutes….I am now working on getting my blog on my kindle…environmentally wonderful and the authors get paid…appropriately. Welcome, welcome…
    that Dot is a nice one – she is!

    thank you for looking around