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Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Kind of Woman

My techie would like me to write the narrative parts of her application for an online match making service.  She does beautiful work for me so I will try and do my best for her – here we go!

Start your thinking with the word beautiful in a classic sense of the word and then add quiet elegance to the image and very dark brown hair, possibly think of a warm, rich, smooth cup of hot cocoa with a splash of Harvey’s Bristol Crème, cozy on a winter’s rainy night.  Now think excellent listener, who adds precise, intelligent insight to the conversation and is able to encourage your thinking to higher levels. She is a perfectionist who is highly organized and cooks excellent, healthy vegetarian delights. Of course this is all on the evening side of her, whereas, the day time is full of high powered love of work, animation, programming, and logical thinking and problem-solving.  She will solve most any computer crisis that comes up or create a personalized greeting card that you need in just minutes, and if she doesn’t know how to do it, well she will just learn something new and be happy for the opportunity. She will let you take center stage as she likes the creative director, manager roles better. Her sense of humor is finely tuned and one finds they want to make her laugh for the feelings of joy that are expressed.

Her favorite things are so many it is hard to think of them all, I would have to begin with her love of color – she was born with style which does not speak for her, rather compliments.  Except for Bambi, which she saw at a way too young age, she loves the movies, history and the arts – literature, design, painting, quilting, photography, theatre, and music. She loves to play board and card games when the weather does not permit outdoor activity.  Her love of outdoors translates into swimming, hiking, biking, bicycle touring, back packing, and travelling to as many places as she can imagine. Expect to see the museums of history and culture and art anytime you are on one of her adventures.

She would be an excellent dancer if she would take the time to take lessons! Her love of penguins is renowned!

She has few friendships as she has had to compete with people, especially men, to express herself in her work and in her studies and she is sometimes wary of people’s motives. Her friendships are deep and long lasting and must have a sense of commitment and responsibility for her to establish trust. She is an incredible oldest sister and a loving, active valued member of her extended family.  She is looking for a deeper relationship based on friendship and commitment.

Well, now I ask the reader, would you like to meet this person?  How did I do?

Let’s talk about marketing someone! Not just a blog!

8 Responses to “Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Kind of Woman”

  1. Carol Ann Says:

    She sounds wonderful! Almost too good to be true! Yes, I would like to meet her!

  2. Patricia Says:

    Thank you so much Carol Ann and that is the kind of response I love to hear!
    You are very kind and I know a wonderful mom who wants the best for her kiddos.
    Do You think it is fast paced enough for this generation? or too old fogey?

    Patricias last blog post..Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Kind of Woman

  3. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    She sounds amazing, but I think it’s “too old fogey” as you so eloquently put it… the sentences should probably be shorter. Good luck!

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..You Read Women’s Magazines? I’ll Give You Ten Reasons To Stop

  4. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your comment, greatly appreciated and thank you for the suggestion too, I will work on that right away, that was my first thought, though my techie is an old soul in her youthful prime?

    Patricias last blog post..Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Kind of Woman

  5. Julie Andersen Says:

    She sounds like someone with whom one could have a thoughtful and well-informed conversation. She has a great sense of humor, she’s a good listener, and her interests are varied. Those are wonderful things to highlight – but in a world of the 20-second soundbite, I’m thinking you will want to deliver the message with a bit more brevity and some hard-to-forget phrasing.

  6. SUnil Pathak Says:

    Hi Patricia

    Your writing style is really good, but need to work on formating your text, try to split your content in many small paragraph instead one few big one. it will make your post more scan-able and easy for your reader to pick what catch their fancy.

    PS: let your reader know when you link to your affiliate so they know what to expect from the link they are clicking through

  7. Lael Says:

    ok I would take out the Bambi part and the seeing it too young…. I would also maybe take out the “high powered” because some men are turned off by powerful women… not to say that it is bad to be one but some guys are intimidated by that…. personalized greeting card sounds kind of nerdy but it could maybe work I guess….

  8. Patricia Says:

    Julie- thank you for your comments and suggestions – I wrote the rough draft she will have to edit and post. Good news is that another engineer just offered to help after her 8 months of writing on the social sites
    SUnil – thank you for commenting on my page – no Charlie Chaplin here, but I did try your shorter paragraph style today and am implementing it on my series I am working on about Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome for the coming weeks. My only affiliate is Amazon.com so when the reader links they just get a book with that title. Thank you so much.
    Lael – I thank you for your great suggestions and comments, I don’t think engineers want to look or sound nerdy or intimidating. Good ideas Thank you.

    Patricias last blog post..When Love and Trust are Shattered – Pray?