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Stress Relief – Nintendo DS Brain Age

At this point in my life, I spend 17 hours a week exercising. I do weight lifting, speed walking, swimming, Wii Fitness & Sports and Body Flow (which is a class that includes Thai Chi, Stretching, Pilates, and yoga). I spend at least 15 minutes every day exercising my thinking skills and my favorite way to do that other than reading is to play the Brain Age training games on my Nintendo DS. My children introduced me to this system and have all played a round or two on my devise, and that makes it work better, but currently I am playing solo. I can literally feel my mind getting more active and when I take the brain age tests I can see my score moving to the age 20 desired results. It is more fun to play when I am waiting for an appointment or oil change on the car and I do not have to go back and re-read the book chapter from when I was interrupted or haul around my knitting and those tools. The DS fits nicely into my purse or pocket. I am working on my goal of being the healthiest I have even been for my decade birthday 352 days from now.

The Brain Age program #1 assisted me in learning how to play Sudoku, which is a game I thought I could never have skill at and I find it rather relaxing just to keep going and figuring it out. I stopped doing crossword puzzles and switched to word search puzzles when I became competitively stressed at working out the answers on the crossword. I found myself feeling exhausted not renewed many times, and this enabled me to understand my point of becoming competitive rather than unwinding. I have played several games in between on the DS and have now moved to Brain Age #2. This unit has a relaxation game for your brain on it also and that has made quite a difference even though I get so relaxed I have lost every round I have played!

So one could assume that I am losing weight like crazy and just boosting my thinking skills to the max and writing up a storm of success here; well, one would be wrong to make that assumption. I am at age 80 for stress relief for my body. I am just learning how to roll over and taking baby steps in my recovery from all the stress I have heaped on my body particularly the past 30 years. I have nearly worn out several of my internal organs and aged myself dramatically. I need to take a deep breath in order to say that I am destroying myself attempting to teach others how to be responsible and learn; I am killing myself with all my volunteer work, support work and community organizing.

I needed the Brain Age system to get real with myself and become grounded in the next work that I need to undertake to achieve my goal.

How do you fool yourself? What are your clues when you are not being as honest as ground level?

What games do you play to relax? Detox your stress level? I could sure use some help here…Let’s talk!

6 Responses to “Stress Relief – Nintendo DS Brain Age”

  1. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Pat,

    This evening we had company and played cribbage. It’s a game I’ve always liked. My great uncle taught it to me when I was a little girl. Must be why I have always enjoyed math.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Open Mic – The Need For Speed

  2. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for the good comments and I love cribbage -Wow I haven’t played that forever and it is so fun. I need to play against myself right now so the DS is good for one on one play, though I can play interactively with a partner DS to DS player and soon Wii to Wii.
    I think games such great learning tools and my kiddos all took lots of games with them to college – the old fashioned ones not all the techie ones! I think they help you think, interact, and relax.

    Patricias last blog post..Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Kind of Woman

  3. Erwin Tan Says:

    I don’t have Nintendo DS but my Sony PSP do take quite abit of stress off me..

    Gadgets really do relief stress like mp3 players as well..

    Erwin Tans last blog post..Unleashing The Niche Genius In You

  4. Patricia Says:

    Erwin Tan, Welcome and nice to find your comments.

    The new BrainAge 2 has a feature that I really like…when I just can not go to sleep at night it has a game called Virus busters and the music and the game are specially designed to relax one’s thinking mode and this has been a boon for me on several sleepless nights.

    We are in the midst of quite a snow and wind storm so I apologize for not responding to you comment sooner. Thank you for coming by – I have a mp3 player on my lists for the future…that sounds good too.

  5. Nintendo DS Game Reviews Says:

    I think Brain Age is a great game for stress.. this might be weird, but the 100 x Calculations is what does it for me. I have no idea why.. but I love it.


  6. Patricia Says:

    Nintendo DS Game Reviews
    I am still using my DS player for stress relief and the Brainage games are still good for me. The Million Heir game was too small for me to see well enough. My kids surely do like it