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Resistance Movement

The lake is stunning this morning with mist rising like smoke from a campfire right up to the marine air creating an illusion of sunrise somewhere beyond, part of another world.  I notice that several people have pulled their cars over just to stare out across the water and observe the almost swirling rise and reflect on the beauty right here in downtown. It is cold this morning and damp; it will be a long time before the orb can break through and burn off to clarity.

I have to learn how to do something new, that is not even remotely within my comfort zone. My mind is playing around with the idea of this task and how I will accomplish it.  I love to learn new things – it’s just that this will have big consequences if I do not complete it with some skill.  I put on my jacket and I begin my walk at a hearty pace, already wet with sweat from weight lifting at the gym.  Pace set, I greet a few regular walkers and push forward; thinking only of the learning I must accomplish.

We have found a blazer jacket and stunning American made fabric suit pants for my partner to wear at a professional dinner in October.  The jacket needs a shoulder pad, I have accomplished such a task before and it will be underneath the outer tailoring.  It is the slacks that must be hemmed with a cuff, I have never done a cuff before, and I must accomplish this.   I visualize the process and make notes, I look it up on the” how to” of Google, and I have interviewed a friend who used to do alterations for a department store.  This will involve cutting the fabric and making a straight seam or two. This involves public scrutiny.  I feel the mist of fear rising.

I must break through my emotional resistance now as next week my hand with be under repair and not useful to me for several weeks.  Excuses pour down like the apples from my tree – thud.

I leave this post to make my first cut and stitch, because the thought has crossed my mind that I have never seen a hem and cuff inspector checking at any event I have attended – laughter breaks through the fear of beginning!

What breaks the resistance for you?  How do you move forward?  I could sure use some suggestions?

Look forward to hearing what works for you.

One Response to “Resistance Movement”

  1. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    It’s hard when we break out of our comfort zones, isn’t it? What I found is to just “do it”. I usually have a moment or two of hesitation, but then ask myself, “what’s the worse thing that can happen?”. Once I have that figured out, I move forward.

    Yes, I’ve made mistakes, but that’s just part of the learning process.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Charity Starts At Home