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PTSD Part 5: My Conclusions

  1. PTSD is an moral-psychological Injury to the whole person.
  2. PTS is manifest as a simple or complex disorder.
  3. The attacks of 9/11 have given every citizen of the US PTSD.
  4. Many citizens are unaware of how to heal and are suffering, and those who are attempting to heal are polarizing into two distinct communities.
  5. As a country we need to be learning better self-care not so much as selfishness, rather so we can learn how to think and expand our thinking into the big picture/global perspective and give the generations to come a future to look towards with hope and trust.
  6. Be careful and precise about what you ask for.

I am not attempting to write a formal doctoral dissertation in sharing this workshop, rather I am sharing what I learned to find out what other people are thinking, and I am hoping that people will make comments and reading suggestions and help me expand my thinking to even greater heights and depths.

I think folks need to have this information available to them. I believe we need to do a better job in teaching emotions and problem-solving strategies to our young people.

On my first question about lowering my blood sugar levels, I need to find someone I can trust and believe to advance my solution as what I am doing now I have lost faith in. I still need to do the healing work.

After working with and studying this information I can also tell you why I get so angry at the two candidates and have such a huge response to them. It is because they are using unethical, untrustworthy tactics to achieve their goals at any cost. And they know exactly what they are doing, they pay people to assist them in this deceit and they continue and continue damaging more and more people in their wake and the trust that other countries have in the US, but they don’t care – they are too greedy to achieve their definition of success.

I have been asking myself how I can pull all my efforts, studies and intuitions into a comprehensive concept or theory which will inspire people to be their very best and change the numbers I have always been taught: of 100 people seeking treatment, 20 people will follow directions and attempt to make a change of that 20 people only 5 will have success. I want my children to be one of those 5 and my communities’ children to be 5s and I my personal goal is to be a 5.

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