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Kindle From Amazon.com

I have wanted a book reader for a very long time and have studied them on the product research pages and read the reviews. They just seemed like too much money and reading books on line is very difficult for me. The Amazon.com came out with the KINDLE reader and format. I began to salivate.

I wanted one of these in no uncertain terms.

I got one, when a surprise check came my way, for my daughter who is studying to be a Librarian. We are storing 11 boxes of her books in every available space of storage we have. All our bookshelves are lined with books. And my daughter moved numerous boxes of books to Graduate School – whoopee!

I have taken bushels of books to the Library book sale and the recycle bookstore.

I asked and asked in my most happy voice and my most begging voice for a KINDLE or my birthday. I had the neighbor explain to my family how much her two daughters enjoyed using their KINDLES and could have their newspaper subscriptions already when they boarded the train each day.

I shared that the $44.00 worth of books I had just purchased would have only been $13 on the KINDLE – and that I could carry around 150 books at all time in a lovely comfortable sized package.

I could do my research on the darn thing and be reading a pleasure book at the same time.

I could even get your Blog on the KINDLE and many folks publish their eBooks one chapter at a time in this format! Steven King is available big time on KINDLE.

I would never assume I would want to read Pat the Bunny on KINDLE or many of delightfully illustrated children’s literature – the black and white prints would not do it justice. The long turn the page bar is extremely sensitive – be forewarned. Making the text larger is fabulous and being able to read a 1500 page novel in about 3/4s of the time is fabulous.

Josh Quittner in July28,2008 Time Magazine wrote the following:

“Like Beauty, I found myself carried away by the quiet virtues of the Beast: how the KINDLE feels encased in creamy leather, the way the gadget helps me power through a book superfast and how it lets me take my library on the plane. …..Best of all is books on demand – delivered in seconds to the kitchen table on Sunday as I read the weekly book reviews. How great is that? …after 25 books the device pays for itself.”

I know I am passionate about mine.

Any of you passionate about a device that really does what you want it too? Let me know, ‘cause I have my KINDLE and my list of wants is empty right now!!!

Looking forward to your comments.

7 Responses to “Kindle From Amazon.com”

  1. tomlinton Says:

    I ordered my Kindle first day
    The advantages were obvious
    Books for less than my discount bookstore
    Carrying my library wherever I went
    The instant gratification of a sample to try
    whenever I read an interesting review
    Well the last has a few flaws
    but overall the Kindle does
    what it says it will do
    I’m not expecting it to be a computer
    but it is my preferred method of reading
    so I often send articles and my own writings
    to my Kindle through the @kindle.com converter
    O yes did I mention
    I now have three other partners
    with widely varied tastes on my account
    I’m being exposed to interesting books
    I never would have bought myself
    and I for darn sure never got around
    to reading the 6 Jane Austen novels
    before I found them free at Feedbooks.com

  2. Patricia Says:

    tom linton,
    I so appreciate your comments and I have just loaded up my kindle for a 10 day trip and it is a relief to know that I will not run out while away – plus I can refill just about any place.

    Wow free books…now that’s a great deal too. Thank you for the info.

    I don’t know how I got along with out it…
    I appreciate your ideas and information. Thank you very much.

    Patricias last blog post..Kindle From Amazon.com

  3. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    Congrats on getting a Kindle! Glad you’re enjoying it.

  4. Patricia Says:

    thanks Vered for the good wishes…I gave my daughter who is studying to be a librarian one too…we have boxes and boxes of her books…
    I love the freedom with this kindle…wow…what a joy…

    You must have one too? I am another late comer?

    Patricias last blog post..Kindle From Amazon.com

  5. Writer Dad Says:

    Admittedly, it could be because I’m finding it difficult to rub nickels these days, but the Kindle seems like an almost product to me. I’m exceedingly interested to see where it goes. I have a feeling if apple does a version, it will be perfect. For example, I see them incorporating the touch technology they use for the iphone. Turning pages = Drool.

  6. cathlawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – I’m going to get myself one of these when I emigrate. No matter how quickly I get rid of books I’ve read – I just seem to accumulate heaps more and they take up so much space.

  7. Patricia Says:

    Writer Dad – I am in Hawaii at an architects conference, I brought 19 books with me on the Kindle and have used them all and the notes/clippings devise so many times since I got here and did not need to carry all those books on the plane…this is an amazing tool.
    Also saw a guy is publishing his book on kindle for a $1 a chapter at a time….interesting new thing here.

    Cath –
    When are you going to emigrate? and I have only had this Kindle since the end of August and I am amazed…plus I can put all the books onto a disk when I get 150 on it and start again and not loose a book…

    Thank you both for your comments…

    Patricias last blog post..Factoid Friday: Architects