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While the President is at Play – Women Beware!

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President Bush is at the Olympics back tapping beach volleyball players, McCann is loudly name calling and spreading rumors, Russia is busy invading Georgia, millions of folks without gas money are glued to their TV sets watching the sporting events and contests, and Congress is on holiday – campaigning, I need to ask who is minding the store?

Last night as I was turning off the computer two folks were obviously on duty and looking out for woman in this country.  Two of my news feeds popped up this story: Bush Administration Working on Getting Birth Control Defined as Abortion. One story is about a Planned Parenthood petition one can sign and the other story is from Moveon.org about the Planned Parenthood story. As a person who has worked on Women’s Health Care issues all of her life, as the mother of daughters and as a woman who had to wear dresses and nylons to school even at 18* below, this announcement made me sit up and  begin shivering and taking notes.

While we are being distracted it looks like our rights are being invaded.  The good news is that someone is minding the store and while my research continues I am wondering how many more rights and concepts are being toyed with in hopes that no one will find out until it is too late.  With this administration’s attitude that we just do what we want to do, and have no regard for you or yours, we definitely need more folks on duty,  giving voice; taking action. Shouting Out Loud! Over the past seven years, every time that there has been a significant distraction something more has been taken away from the good, hardworking people on the ground floor. I believe this will keep happening during the party conventions and in the local state houses where the “good old good olds” are busy developing their own feudalistic realms.  (I would reference Katrina, Iraq war and 911 if I did not think people were already aware of the distractions those caused for intelligent folks all over.)

I would like to see some more light directed at these secretive and profoundly life altering concepts and to keep them coming upfront and in our faces through the whole campaign season and beyond, until our rights are restored and not threatened.  I would like to hear more whistles being blown sharply and urgently to draw attention back to what is going on in our lives and more voices clamoring and getting actions accounted for in the public sector.

Come on Obama stop defending yourself against the bully croaker and get out there with a message of how you are going to bring back the constitutional rights of people and solve the economic woes that render us hungry for substance and change.  Where are all the people’s watch dogs and why are they not barking?  Where is the news media and their muckraking bravado – one voice is good, but many…

Think of all those women marching, picketing and boycotting to get the vote, all those women shouting for health care rights and women’s health studies – so goes a nation as it’s women – and If you don’t believe that, look at the countries where women have no control/no rights.  We need more light, more clamoring; more eyes on the prize towards the outcomes and more responsibility being taken. Do you have any idea what Mr. Secretive Cheney is up to and working on in his safety deposit box office?  Can you imagine yourself with no birth control?  I am not ready to curl up under the blankets and veg out my brains in hopes that someone else will make it all better.  No band aids – disclosure and witness.  Let’s not let this administration tone down, shred us or destroy this diverse, imaginative, strong, creative nation as they put their feet out the door and haul their money bags and security chests into their new lives of off duty power and control.  You better believe it that their children have birth control alternatives and know how to use them – will yours?

7 Responses to “While the President is at Play – Women Beware!”

  1. meggin Says:


    I totally concur.
    WHO is in charge?
    Who is resposible for the immigrant who was basically murdered last week while waiting for two years to have a trial?
    Who else has 2.5 years of vacation out of 8?
    Thank you for helping us keep on track!

  2. mj Says:


  3. mj Says:

    Gosh, Trish, you’re really worked up about this! I, too, remember wearing nylons and freezing! Remember when we were at CC and had to wear skirts when bike riding? That was a year of change – between our 1st yr and our 2nd, the dress code almost disappeared and lights out rules also went by the wayside, etc. We, at our age (hum — 59 for me now) have ridden the sea-change of our society throughout our lives. This is another huge shift. While alarmed, don’t forget to also enjoy the ride!

  4. Patricia Says:

    Thank you so much for your response to this post. I am fairly worried about this issue as I have worked my whole like for health issues and particularly Women’s Health Issues. I truly want to leave this world a better place. The main reason I am excited about this Presidential Election is that it is bringing younger voices out of hiding and I was hoping gettting some action. If you look at who is championing health issues it is mostly women in their 60s and the younger women are just taking it for granted what they have now. We have only been studying breast cancer in Women on men in this country until 10 years ago! – most of the new women’s health studies come from Scandinavian Countries and France. People don’t realize how little women have gained in this country and that has taken lots of leg work by women. I am hoping to inspire some new voices…some new actions and I don’t want to loose what we have gained.

  5. Patricia Says:

    Yep! This is truly a giant of an issue for me and YES change has been a huge part of my life as I consider myself a CHANGE ARTIST. As a person born with a huge cancerous tumor attached to the outside of my chest, I have personally been denied health insurance most of my life. Of Course, you can not go to school without health ins. – so we lied so I could get an education/the doctors lied too because they thought I should have a chance. Now for one of my daughters she too was born with a pre existing condition and will be denied health ins. etc. for her whole life and she does not have the ability or maturity yet to figure out how to handle this. We pay $485 a month for her general health ins. and $350 a month for her medications with include birth control pills. If all contraception becomes abortion, she will be denied this medication also and probably end up in an institution or on the streets instead of about ready to graduate from college and be a highly valuable member of society.
    I am also very concerned because many younger women are not taking responsibility for themselves except in the area of Greed and Bling, because I think they have had so much to take for granted and they certainly do not wish to thank other woman who have gone before and paved the way. Being one of the first women in my graduate school out of 750 men taught me more lessons than I could possibly want to know, 11 of the women in my program had nervous breakdowns it was such a dehumanizing experience. Five years later a small group of survivors were able to open the door for Women students at Princeton University and although it was a challenge integration was also a survivable experience.
    Maybe it will take the loss of all these rights, but there is so much work to do and so many threats and inhumane treatment of women in this country that I would hate to see woman loose any more rights that were hard fought to gain.
    Did you know that with sex ed. changed to abstinence education in so many schools the teen pregnancy rate has sky rocketed? Nationally about 9 births per 1000 15 year olds to 37 births per 1000? Girls are dropping out of public high schools at a higher rate than boys….and 2 parent working households are needing the girls to go to work.
    This is the work that gives me the greatest joy ride.
    Now how do I get those privileged girls to do something for someone else? Which I consider to be the greatest joy ride of them all!

  6. Julie Andersen Says:


    While most younger women take birth control for granted. . I can remember when a woman’s fertility felt like a game of Russian roulette. With limited means to manage the monthly cyle and the absence of a woman’s “right to choose” – thousands of women faced unplanned pregnancies.

    I believe every woman should have the right to control her own body. I believe every child entering this world should be loved and wanted. Anything less is unacceptable.

  7. Patricia Says:

    Hello Julie nice to see your name on the page the other day – I was researching this information out more and it is even worse than I expected. If all forms of Contraception are labeled Abortion, then that applies to Rape if the victim was on a form of Birth Control then it is not a violent crime, it is once again a woman asking for it. Because by taking or using a form of contraception you are committing a crime and making a life style choice that is now illegal. Also if gay folks use condoms then they are committing two illegal acts and will have no disease protection. If we carry this one step further, then if a young girl menstruates she is committing an illegal act as would be all forms of self stimulation. What would happen to all those who use hormones to assist their normal body functions – those hormones are a form of contraception. The way the definition is written it can be held up by the Supreme Court as a legal definition and successfully inhibit all previous laws and mandates. Ignorance is not bliss in this case and folks need to get the word out…I am not ready for the “dark ages” of medical care for anyone in the USA. The more I learn about this new legal definition the scarier it becomes.
    How about no medical treatment available for women? They would not be able to do breast cancer research on women again and have to return to doing the research on just men….. They are not calling for the removal of Viagra etc. hmmm scary stuff indeed. The courts would have to take each case separately from local to a Supreme Court level before it could be repealed or amended that can take decades.
    anything less than the best medical care and research for everyone is unacceptable.