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Purple Is My Best Shade

I am not watching the conventions.  I am not disinterested or unconcerned, but I don’t wish to be confused by the entertainment factors, hype, and media analysis.   I am waiting for the printed speeches and the policies of each party to be available and then I am studying them like a mathematical problem that needs solving.  I will print some of the speeches and write notes in the margins and even use colored pens to insert my ideas, thinking, and quotes from my reading.

I will not be considered Blue or Red.  I am attempting to look for what I perceive to be the very best choice for our country and the future of our children.  I am looking at my values and principles and making my very best judgment call when I cast my vote in November. So please consider me – Purple. I still have hope for the future of this country I call home.

I have been at this process since 6th grade when the Governor of my State declared me an Official Independent Voter and asked me to write a paper about how to be a “good voter” under the United States Constitution.  I did this exercise and met with the Governor because only one other person would be for Kennedy in our class’s mock election, but my Father could get fired from his job if we were declaring a specific allegiance to a party.

I find it extremely difficult to understand people who vote for one party or the other without looking at what that Representative, Senator or President is actively doing, because what is the policy of one party may not be what is being carried out by that individual.  One party currently doesn’t even seem to know what is written in the Constitution and that we are not a Kingdom with a bejeweled head of State.  And I do not even find most people asking what is best for the country and all her citizens right now; rather I see that kind of junior high thinking about popularity and be on the side of the bully to save from being hit mentality.

So I am wondering what kind of process or “blink” do you use to make up what is the best placement of your vote?  Do you have a system?  What is your criteria for finding solutions that meet your needs? Your countries needs?

Do you feel like you have a voice?  Do you feel unheard?   Anyone asked you to be part of a political poll?

How do you make a choice?  I would like to know?

4 Responses to “Purple Is My Best Shade”

  1. Meg Turk Says:

    I feel very strongly about voting in elections. What I look for in a candidate is someone who thinks the way that I do. And then I feel like I am voting for the people, not the candidate.
    Because the way I feel is kind and gentle, not angry and ready to take up arms. The way I feel is calm, yet passionate; quiet, yet yearning for communication. I want the last to be first and the first to be last. I want each of us to see how others get along so that we can get along with each other.
    For me, there is only one choice in the upcoming election because I have already lived through the last eight years and learned from the experience. And for me, the election can not come soon enough.
    Thanks for asking!

  2. Patricia Says:

    I appreciate finding you on the post and thank you for making such memorable comments. This has been a very, very long election cycle I am just excited about how many younger people are registering to vote and preparing themselves to vote. I guess I have my own brand of hope going one!
    I am concerned that the country is in so deep and we have not hit bottom yet and people are hoping for immediate relief after the election – that old instant gratification stuff – jello expectations.
    Thank you for your beautiful words. Nice to be in touch

    Patricias last blog post..Guns at School

  3. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I normally don’t talk about politics online, but today the race just got more interesting with the introduction of Sarah Palin.

    This election process has been a long one, but interesting to follow. The next 67 days are going to be even more compelling to watch.

    I don’t vote party lines, but vote for whom I think will do the best job for the country. I’m still undecided.

  4. Patricia Says:

    Once again thank you for your comments.
    Folks seem to be interested in Politics these days, so I am hoping to attract some more comments which are not party specific, but more about values and thinking/acting on those values. I feel very hopeful with so many younger people getting involved in this very long process these days.
    I am so excited to hear about what people are thinking about and what inspires their best life – their best living.
    What a great time to be alive!

    Patricias last blog post..Guns at School