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A SHORT PATH TO CHANGE: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life ~Jenny Mannion

Monday, April 4th, 2016

“The purpose of this book is to help you discover your own inner power for healing aspects of your own life.  Remember, we are all self-healing creatures.”

I have been reading and following Jenny Mannion’s blog posts for many years now.  I was very excited to hear that her book was to be published.  When you purchase her new book, you will receive a free 30-minute consultation.  I received a free consultation with Jenny years ago, when my knee became inflamed and she did a healing treatment over the phone which fixed the problem and reduced the swelling dramatically.  Pain relief and I subscribed to her blog.

When SHORT PATH, was published, I offered to review the book on my blog and Jenny sent me an e-galley copy.  I was doing a Detox Diet at the time and just incorporated the 30 exercises in SHORT PATH into my new routine and it became quite a wonder-full experience and healing for me.

The exercises were easy to follow and I enjoyed the additional suggestion to add the results into my journal writing.  I challenged myself to add getting my walk back to 2 miles everyday along with the detox diet and doing Mannion’s exercises.  It became 40 days of change and release for me.  I found the “let go”, forgiveness, and releasing the past to be the hardest part for me; the gratitude and visualization work were the most rewarding.  My focus was to clear up several muscle spasms I was having in my body and in my eye.  I also wanted to get off all 21 medications I was taking post surgery.   We achieved that and no more sugar also.  The muscle spasm in my eye truly is gone and I lost 8 pounds.  I think I will use SHORT PATH for several more healing focus experiences, right away to keep the momentum going forward and achieve more healing.

Jenny Mannion is quite the healer, beginning with being told she was so ill that she would need to be in a wheel chair and by changing her focus she was able within 15 days to walk and heal her own dis-ease.   She has been able to return to her love of dance and she has an active practice of intuitive healing.  We are still clear across the country from each other and I am still reading her blog. The book helped me empower my own healing with the book giving solid guidance.  Mannion is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.  It has been marvelous to follow her bookstore tours and read all the wonderful comments about the book and her work on Face Book .

The book is so positive at the minimum it will lift spirits introducing one to the other healing modalities available to our self-healing bodies.  I highly recommend SHORT PATH TO CHANGE.

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CONQUERING SHAME AND CODEPENDENCEY: 8 Steps to Freeing the True You ~Darlene Lancer

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

“SHAME. The torment you feel when you’re exposed, humiliated, or rejected.  The feeling of not being good enough.  It’s a deeply painful, universal emotion, yet is not frequently discussed.  For some shame lurks in the unconscious, undermining self-esteem and destroying confidence, leading to codependency on others.  These codependent relationships – where we overlook our own needs and desires as we try to care for, protect, or please another – are often covering up abuse, addiction, or other harmful behaviors.  Shame and codependency feed off one another, making us feel stuck, never able to let go, move on, and become the true self we were meant to be.”  (From the book cover)

CONQUERING SHAME AND CODEPENDENCY is a good self-help book authored by a family therapist who has years of work in this area of change and development. I liked the style of the writing, it is not preachy or overbearing expertise, rather it is carefully thought out and simply worded so that any reader could find some new knowledge and information about themselves. The demonstrating stories for the steps explored are relevant and understandable; they complete the point and observation.  The format is pleasing with some clear explanation of what might be causing recurring or “stuck” behaviors followed up with some very simple exercises that even young adults can follow and implement without years of therapy or experts.

I believe that CONQUERING SHAME AND CODEPENDENCY could be used in adolescence classrooms as a work book with a teacher attached. Young people a could identify areas where they might be stuck and frustrated in their independence moves and have a resource to remind them when they might need some help in the future.  Shame is also about all those crazy tapes that repeat in the mind, about how foolish one is or how “ugly” they might be, and how we react to those reoccurring mind words.   I have never met a person who has not felt humiliated at some point in their life; it can be reassuring to know one is not alone and have a few tools to change the way one is thinking.

I believe many woman could benefit from owning this resource as so many get isolated at home tasks or taking care of others and may need their thinking refreshed rather than reaching for  a cupcake, glass of wine, or anti-depression medication.  A little mental exercise towards releasing old ideas and maybe deleting despair and moving forward to opening up new ideas and ways to proceed.

The book was a nice refresher course and it helped me dust off some old techniques that I learned over the years.  I was having dental surgery while reading this book, and feeling a big sense of shame over how much my teeth and jaw repair was costing.  My parents were both teachers and proud that my brother and sister had no cavities, whereas they were rather angry about how my pitted teeth dug into the family finances; I just was not taking enough responsibility for their care.  Even though I now save money for healthcare and have dental insurance, when I heard how much my recent co-pay would be all those old messages of failure came up to play a tune – I had failed to do enough! CONQUERING SHAME AND CODEPENDANCY just might be a great companion to keep on your shelf or nearby for relief.   It could be a great sleep aid for those who worry all night long – have a glass of water and do an exercise from the book and get some rest.

The eight steps:

  1. Find Your True Self
  2. Uncover Your Shame
  3. Find Your Shame’s Roots
  4. Disarm Your Shame
  5. Confront Your Shame
  6. Share Your Shame
  7. Build Your Self-Esteem
  8. Love Yourself

tlc logo  TLC Online Book Tours  and HAZELDEN Press sent me an unproofed copy for review and I am very happy to have been on this tour and enjoyed reading this book

“Darlene Lancer, JD, LMFT is a licensed family therapist with over twenty years of experience working with individuals and couples.  She regularly lectures on self-esteem, codependency, and addiction.  Author of Codependency for Dummies and 10 Steps to Self-Esteem, she has also published numerous articles.“

Darlene Lancer Blog 

Little Failure
Mind Without A Home
The Isolation Door 
I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag

How to Be Rich and Happy ~by John P. Strelecky and Tim Brownson

Monday, September 26th, 2011

I have been conscientiously working on trusting what I am receiving in my life.  One thing I did recently was to totally focus on my pain and relief from that physical pain.   A secondary part of my 4 hours a day of pain relief healing was to go back and review all the notes I have taken from the books I have reviewed.   This study brought me back to a personal favorite – How to Be Rich and Happy.

Once again I was not disappointed and was so inspired by my notes, I proceeded to read the book for the third time.  I wished I had been able to have this book when I was teaching career planning, life planning, and women’s re-entry programs at the community college.  How to Be Rich and Happy is a superb textbook and in a group setting could not help but be life changing.

“Rich and Happy is the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want.”

How to Be Rich and Happy has an impressive format, examples, appropriate quotes, charts, exercises, and humor.   I was trusting that results the first time I did the exercises would not prove to be too off base with my new results.  I could see I was still working with the same 5 major values of my life but that as I had worked the formula already, it was apparent that one or two had switched priority zones. I felt as though I was truly walking my talk and values.  This was encouraging and inspiring.

Humor is an important part of the change process for me, because I often need to laugh at a belief I am holding onto in rather intense fashion to promote new and creative thinking.   When I found a moment of pain relief, I often wanted to put myself on hold and stay in that position.  My resistance to change would enable another pain or suffering to speak to me from another spot; foot pain relieved and now translating into a huge headache or muscle spasms.   The pain was teaching me the formula from this book.    It was a step by step process that kept building on the last concept or idea – it flowed.

I truly value good communication skills and the chapter on how we use language was simply a powerful reminder to not only visualize the desired outcome but also to express the changes in the best words possible.

“When approached the right way, a person’s life history, challenges, physical attributes, work problem, relationship stories, EVERYTHNG is a valuable asset.  And that includes personal tragedy.  After, all, the greatest inspirational movies, books, and speeches are the ones where the main character overcomes an obstacle that looks bigger than them.”

The first time I read the book, I explored all the tutorials which are part of the website, another great asset and I started reading regularly the blog of both authors.

I highly recommend this book especially to high school students, college students, and life/ career coaches, the unemployed – it is a valuable, hopeful resource.

The authors are working at giving away free copies of this book and I am trying to persuade several service organizations to pay the postage for the hard cover copies of the book;  they have a Million Dollar goal.

I purchased my own copy of this book in 2010 and you can purchase a copy from this site and I will receive a few beans in my bucket.

Trust me – this book is worth it and I gave it to my children for graduation gifts.

For more information about the authors:
John Strelecky –  Big Five for Life
Tim Brownson  – A Daring Adventure

HOW TO BE RICH AND HAPPY (also available on kindle):

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WILLPOWER: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength ~ Roy F. Baumeister & John Tierney

Monday, September 5th, 2011


Social Psychologist Roy Baumeister and John Tierney a New York Times Science writer have combined efforts to create a comprehensive study of the human resource known as WILLPOWER or self control – it is strength and wisdom.

This well written study has so many on target points and definitions that I can think of no one who would not benefit from reading and using the material in this book.  I am just concerned that those of us who truly NEED to read and use the material in this book are too distracted.

I hereby make this book an assignment of required reading with a 3 page paper about how you used this information in your life and how you persuaded someone you know to also read this book and use the material within its pages.

Well, that will never happen but it is certainly worth a try!

“The good news is that while self-control is biologically rooted, we have the capacity to manipulate our nature. Willpower features personal stories from entrepreneurs, executives, artists and parents who have managed to do just that. People like David Blaine, Eric Clapton, Mary Karr, and Oprah Winfrey offer life-changing lessons in the exercise of self-control.  Their experiences show that we can not only build willpower, but also conserve it for crucial moments by setting the right goals and using the best techniques for monitoring our progress. Once we establish the correct habits, willpower gets easier.”

I was fascinated that the research of Piers Steel, in the Procrastination Equation, was also cited in this work along with the Cornell Food Studies MINDLESS EATING by Brian Wansink.

Information Overload is definitely on our plates these days, and I believe we will be seeing many more of these books about self-control and how to organize and not waste our time and living.

We all have a willpower muscle.  I know, lots of counselors, teachers and advisers told us we did not have to use willpower to guide us or direct us.  For awhile it was just a matter of self-esteem and we distributed hugs, love pats, certificates, great grades, and praise by the bushel load to keep motivation at high levels.  OOPS!  We now know those things did not build our willpower and strength – they only contributed to our need to be exteriorly motivated.

Now we know, that to build our willpower we must process our accomplishments – doing the work, practicing and understanding what we do – the art of learning and thinking.   It is another inside job; the muscle is not built up by exterior praise, it is built from self-control, discipline, and achievements.

One of the stunning pieces of information sharing was that the willpower system of our bodies is the same one for each process we are undertaking.   So if you have used all your self-control at work or school all day, one needs to stop doing what they are doing and replenish their supply – refresh the muscle – before endeavoring onto another activity.

Here are some ways to built up your WILLPOWER Muscle and renew your strength:

  • Understand how you body uses glucose and what is the best source of glucose for you
  • “Preconditions” – have a list of what you are going to accomplish and then sticking to it when something depletes your reserve supplies.  I do this by making a menu plan for the week, and preparing all the food for the week on one day; having the right sized plates and bowls – so I am not tempted to wander or binge
  • Find a system/discipline which works for you and use it regularly – use this system to prioritize emails, time, meetings, and interactions – create flexible boundaries and have a plan B and plan C to draw upon.
  • Find Gratitude and pleasure in your successes and accomplishments
  • EXERCISE regularly – when you think you do not have time is when you need it the most.
  • Know how you PROCRASTINATE and what are your cues and stimulus.  Recognize DECISION FATIGUE  -“People have a hard time giving up options even when the options are not doing them any good.”

I need to stop here, this book is 304 pages of easy to read and understand words about how to recognize the strengths of your willpower and how to use information and strengthen this muscle unit so it becomes one of your greatest assets.

Parents this is another skill that children need to learn.  This book is about teaching children to have their greatest success and creativity.

I believe we will be seeing lots of books emerging in this area because we are a society right now without a great deal of self-control and we are easily distracted and by such inconsequential “Bling”.

tlclogoI am so happy that TLC book tours and The Penguin Press asked me to read and share this book with you.   I enjoyed it very much and as I like to try on and integrate the ideas from books, I thought this was another wise choice and I recommend it to you.
5 Ladybugs

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Do you have a book that inspires you to make change?  Do you think it does a body good to strengthen your willpower?  What is your greatest tool?

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