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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Thursday, May 10th, 2012
Ruth M Hamilton

Ruth M Hamilton

I love to give gifts and I pride myself in giving gifts that truly match up to the person to whom they are intended. The specific event is not so important, it is the thought and intention which matter the most.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the middle of May in the USA.  My older brother holds the record for giving the best gift to our Mother by being born male on Mother’s Day.  He was the first grandchild added to my Mother’s family tree and she was so proud to hold that honor.  The two daughters had to work very hard for this event and we never quite measured up.

My Mother was very proud of all of her children and extremely equal with her attentions.  She taught us all that we must work very hard to achieve anything in life, how to be good citizens and thoughtful people.   She wanted my brother to be an elementary school teacher, my sister to be a special education teacher and she thought maybe I could become a secretary because I was so organized.  My brother became a policeman, my sister a reading specialist and me, well (sigh) I write a blog or three.

My siblings had a hard time learning to read and I had dyscalcula (she just thought it was being lazy on my part); my siblings took on learning how to be great at what they did and to show her how wonderful they were.  My Mother hoped we would win scholarships to college and get awards for our efforts.  Rather she became the most requested 1st grade teacher in the district, not because she was a great entertainer, but because the children who left her classroom at the end of the year had a strong foundation to go forward and they felt good about school; had a sense of accomplishment.  She earned many a reward from the parents of her students and so many of her students attended her Memorial Service 5 years ago.

My brother did win the Volunteer of the year award before Mother died and she was so proud.

She was so proud of my sister for her frugality and talent with earning and investing money, at one time she thought she should have encouraged her to be an accountant, numbers were her forte’, instead of a reading teacher, which was so difficult.  Mother was proud of how hard she worked and her perseverance.  She was proud of how carefully my sister followed in her example and how disciplined they both were.

My Mother felt she had taken care of me by getting me to marry a man who would have a stable income and who she liked so very much and he would always make sure I had the basic necessities of life.  As a team, we brought her home after she fractured her spine and I took care of her 24/7 – right to the end.  I heard her confessions and there were no real regrets and I valued her clear global voice.

Her last Mother’s Day, she told me that I was an amazing mother – loving, guiding, kind, and creative – and she forgave me for sometimes yelling my anger; she apologized for being so critical of me at the time it had seemed appropriate.

Now is time for the best Mother’s Day gift of all – her grandchildren are doing her proud.  Those awards are coming this year – IT Girl has just won the highest honor for her master’s thesis at San Francisco State University and was nominated for another award for writing excellence.  Librarian Girl just had a week of 32 hugs from her students as she completes her first year of full time teaching.  Entrepreneurial Girl has been promoted in her position 2 times this year into management with her own car.  Dancing Girl will graduate from Law School this Mother’s Day.  Alaska Girl has her driver’s license and is moving towards high school graduation with honors.  First born Grandson, and oldest of the crew, is off teaching math and reading for the Navy having to leave his wife and children at home for a long period of time.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift is coming true and I think she knows – I’m sure of it.

Have you ever given the perfect gift?  Was someone proud of you?  Did you receive a great award for your talents?

Happy Mother’s Day !

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PEACE and JOY Come to You

Sunday, December 25th, 2011


Nothing brings me more joy than singing these days and all though I missed this performance I thought I would share these Peaceful and Joyful pieces of music with you which were performed by the Olympia Peace Choir, December 2011

I wanted to wish you and yours a peaceful and joyful Holiday

Find the group on FaceBook

And Best Wishes for a Joyful and Peaceful New Year!

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