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THE ALLIGATOR MAN: A Legal Thriller ~James Sheehan

Monday, November 4th, 2013

In THE ALLIGATOR MAN a very drunk, wealthy, greedy man takes a late night walk and is a victim of a hit and run driver.  He is splashed into the swamp, there is a gator feeding frenzy and nearly everyone was happy about his demise.  But is that really the case?

A young defense attorney is making a name for himself and his pockets are jingling with the rewards and yet, his boss is becoming very upset with him and his growing celebrity status. The young man learns something unsavory about his boss and the law practice; of course something about himself also.  Why was he really fired?

A middle aged man loses everything when the big company in town folds; his pension, his house, his income, his best friend to suicide and his wife to cancer because the health insurance is gone too.  He must fend for himself and his 2 children and after 20 years the losses are great.   He heads off to see a man who was like a father to him as a boy, and discovers this fine small town lawyer is dying. What is he going to do to recover?

THE ALLIGATOR MAN is very fast moving, exciting, and doesn’t waste words on petty details that are not rugged and propelling the story forward.   There are plenty of words about fishing, wildlife in the Florida swamp land and courtroom finesse.  There is no fear of emotion in the writing and the old tales about the civil rights movement are just wonderful asides.  There is power and speed in this book.

I was not sure that I would like THE ALLIGATOR MAN as I was concerned it might be too graphic or over the top bloody, instead I found it to be a good read; I was really in touch with the characters and their struggles and problem-solving.   I very much liked that the two main women in the story were smart, capable and understood themselves.  The book has some good twists and turns; it really moves at quite a pace.  I think even reluctant readers would like THE ALLIGATOR MAN.

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TLC online book tours asked me to review this book and Center Street Publishers sent me a copy and I thank them very much for the opportunity to read THE ALLIGATOR MAN

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