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WHERE WE FALL: A Novel ~Rochelle B. Weinstein

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

TLC Book Tours sent me a copy of WHERE WE FALL for review and I enjoyed reading this book.  Very nice Southern Romance with a good premise.  I lived for several years in North Carolina and YES, the countryside is amazingly beautiful and written about with style in this story.

The story line is good and interesting and the descriptions just right to encourage a visit to the beauty of North Carolina.  It is a Southern Romance within the tradition of Southern Romance and providing   a creative story concept making it quite interesting.  We have 2 women friends who are looking to be connected to a man who is the perfect Southern Gentleman.  We all want to be loved and to love.   We have the perfect gentleman character, who is a prize catch and also a high school football coach.

Abby and Lauren are college roommates and best friends.  Ryan falls in love with Lauren and the three become great friends.  Lauren and Ryan share that kind of perfect love and are probably “soul mates”  – a nice touch.  Abby has problems with social anxiety and enjoys being the “fifth wheel” in their amazing friendship.

Lauren shows some spunk and determination to photograph and see some amazing waterfalls.  She takes a graduate program and then takes off to photograph the world’s waterfalls.  Ryan is being patient with her travels and endeavors until his Father dies and he is devastated.  No one can get a hold of Lauren, in time.

Abby takes over the role of caregiver and Ryan and she marry and have a daughter.

The novel is full of missed communications and omitted discussions.  Friends do not share with each other, mother and daughter do not have real conversations and Abby’s anxiety begins to control her life and she ends up with a full deep mental illness.  It takes all of Abby’s ability and control to enter a mental health facility and within six weeks the lives are changed and a loving resolution is possible.

As I was introducing myself at a new class, we all shared our favorite reads, I noticed that 6 women stated that this was their favorite kind of read and how they liked the escape.  This book should find some good readers.

I found the writing elementary in style and found several sentences that just seemed random within their paragraphs.  I did receive an uncorrected e- copy, but these slips just stopped the flow.  Dialogue was quite good and moved the story well.  I felt sad that the daughter was repeating the “perfect man” scenario of her parents even though she was so young.    Lauren and Abby both seemed rather boring and Ryan was just too perfect and responsible.  The characters could not change; they were just stuck in the behaviors they had chosen – locked in.  It took pills and a therapist to get them to resolution and to move into their best interest.

“Rochelle B. Weinstein is the author of THE MOURNING AFTER and WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND.  A former entertainment industry executive, she lives in south Florida with her husband, twin boys and two dogs.“


As I write this review the Kindle edition of WHERE WE FALL is free on Amazon.

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IN DOUBT: A Legal Thriller ~ Drusilla Campbell

Monday, December 8th, 2014

“She had participated in making herself a victim.  That was what shamed and silenced her.” (Page 138)

The writing craft of the author is what kept me in tune with this good piece of fiction, also the fact that I was driving right through the area of the story on the Redwood Highway (101) while reading the book made it fun.  I figured out the ugly truth of the story early on, but the plotting and movement of the themes made the story grab hold.

Campbell kept working on the theme of family relationships, how psychological factors play into an ugly situation, how far back the pain can originate; the human relationships and situations were vital to the story line and comprehension.  How do childhood events shape lives and change the trajectory?  What happens when the community decides the verdict and there is a mob response and vicious threats included?   How mean can people be in our current environment and how does that play out in a community?

From the cover:

“Defense Attorney Sophie Giraudo is about to open a new practice in her California hometown when the beloved governor is shot during a celebration in the town park.  The only thing more shocking than the crime itself is the identity of the would-be assassin: a seemingly gentle teenager named Donny.”

I recommend IN DOUBT for all those who enjoy a good suspenseful thriller because it is defined by a solid premise, finely crafted writing, interesting, and I think many people will enjoy the story because of the family dynamics and psychological reveals.  I think the lawyer had to be a woman for this story to find the drive and produce understanding for the reader; it made it hard to leave the story and do other activities.  I recommend this story to those who do not normally read legal thrillers because the story is not overwhelmingly violent, there is so much more depth.

“Drusilla Campbell is the author of the critically acclaimed novels When She Came Home, Little Girl Gone, The Good Sister, Blood Orange, The Edge of the Sky, Wildwood, and Bone Lake.  She had crossed the Pacific Ocean three times before she started school, and in her twenties lived in Europe and Central American.  Today she is happy to stay home in San Diego with her husband, attorney and poet Art Campbell, and their two rescued dogs and three horses.”

Drusilla Campbell died of cancer October 2014
She won the San Diego Book Award for her last novel.

Larissa sent me a copy of this book.  It contained the study guide for book groups
Larissa Ackerman|Claire McKinneyPR, LLC
41 Main Street Suite B, Chester, NJ 07930
larissa@clairemckinneypr.com / 908-955-7579
Thank you for the opportunity to read this story and share my thoughts.

I work at being concise in my reviews because I just hate reading lengthy reviews and those wordy plot destruction spoilers.  I just want to tease your reading appetite while giving the reader a nudge.

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Our Love Could Light the World ~Anne Leigh Parrish

Monday, June 10th, 2013

I finished reading this book with a longing for more and then a hearty laugh.  OUR LOVE COULD LIGHT THE WORLD is a delightful group of short stories all about one family.  I am sure you know this family the Dugan’s, because there is a family like this in your neighborhood.  You know the one with 5 children; never do any yard work or house maintenance and their dog and cat poohs in your yard!

OUR LOVE COULD LIGHT THE WORLD is not a knee slapping kind of humor, although I did a few very discreet chuckles along the way which were matched with a deeper tad of sorrow page by page.  Just about nothing went quite right for this family as each story unfolds a part of their lives and realities.

I could spell out the characters for you, but I just think you would prefer I did not, as each person has their own chapter and problem to overcome and explore.   The characters are all stuck in Dunstan, New York and cannot seem to see further then their own experience.  The children take care of themselves and most of the time dear old dad too.  Mom does it all, including work, until she leaves and takes the children into a moneyed environment, in which they all, including Dad find benefit.

Aunt Patty is the only one to escape but then again not for long, as she must repeatedly return from Montana to pull the family into a semblance of organized and functional.  She has an undaunted spirit and a bit of plan for everyone along the way, and most often does the right thing for the right person, though maybe not always intentionally.

Anne Leigh Parrish, the author, in the handout is described as being a person who LOVES to write and it does show in this delightful book.  I found a precision in her words and a connection between the stories which was tight, full and precise.  I got to do my own visualizations, when the individual’s story presented, I found what I had imagined from the words to hold true to form in the chapter.  Parish has won an amazing number of writing awards and hails from New York, Colorado; presently Seattle. Her style is being compared to a number of the Best Seller Writers, and yet none of them have such quirky, realistic characters and none of those books made me feel like this was the family down the street.

The Dugan’s have a very strange way of expressing it, but this book is a true love story and I can only hope that my actual neighbors have at least some of their loving spirit behind all the swearing and I am sure alcohol consumption.
The reader will find a heartfelt, chuckling, calamity filled experience in OUR LOVE COULD LIGHT THE WORLD.

tlc logo Once again I want to say thank you to TLC online book tours and the Anne Leigh Parrish for sending me an early copy.  The e-reader copy is only $4.99 and the paperback is just $8.99 so the author is giving the reader quite a deal on this one.   A Kindle copy will be given away to a good comment.

Put this one on your list, you will be very happy that you did.

If you purchase anything from Amazon or Powell’s from this site, I will receive a few daisies in my basket.  Thank you.  Donations also welcome.

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