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FIXED IN BLOOD: A Justice Novel ~T.E.Woods

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

I could hardly wait to get a copy FIXED IN BLOOD and read it from cover to cover.  The fourth book in the justice series by Woods, I have reviewed each of the others and enjoyed each one.   Each book left me wanting to read more of Woods’ stories.

Alibi sent me an uncorrected advanced copy of the book for review on my blog and it arrived with perfect timing.   I was excited to open the copy and dive into this exciting read.

Dr. Lydia Corriger is a psychologist who works on the west coast of the USA and helps the homicide detective Mort Grant, of Seattle PD, profile the killers he is tracking down.  She is very pro-female needs and agendas; working to make the world a safer place for children, particularly those in foster care.  Her positive energy and understanding do create a positive energy for females and indicates someone is looking out for women and other victims.

Mort Grant is a fine detective, who has lost his wife to cancer and his daughter to dangerous adventure.  His son writes books about his father’s work and interesting cases.  The characters make for an interesting study of humans and their working efforts; they are very real and believable.

That the books take place in my neck of the woods is also very motivating.  They include details which actually happened in my part of the country and that have motivated some very big changes in our local justice system.   I like the details that are included from our area.  I am sure I know which building in town is Dr. Corriger’s office and where her favorite coffee shop is located.

The books are well written and a fast read for me and although the subject matter is not so easy to handle, the story lines are good and the hope of good resolution is satisfying.   We are on the I-5 drug smuggling corridor and that is very apparent in these stories, though I am not so sure about the Russian Mafia being so heavily involved.  This idea is very possible.

At the end of the book it says: “T. E.  Woods is a clinical psychologist and author living in Madison, Wisconsin.  For random insight into how her strange mind works, follow her: tewoodswrites.com, Facebook.com/TEWoodsWrites;  @tewooodswrites“

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THE RED HOT FIX: a Justice Novel ~T.E. Woods

Monday, October 13th, 2014

“’ It’s no secret we’re looking for a prostitute.’ Mort didn’t share the DNA evidence. ‘Help me understand what kind of woman she might be.’
“’Do you mean what kind of woman becomes a prostitute? Or what kind of prostitute becomes a killer?’ Charlotte leaned back against the booth.” (at  8% into the uncorrected proof on my Kindle)

THE FIXER comes to life again in THE RED HOT FIX, book two in the Justice Series by Woods.  I so liked the first book TLC Online Tours gave me an e-copy to read and then put Book 3 on my schedule for reading and review also in October.  Am I lucky or what?  If someone had said I would enjoy murder mysteries a few years ago I would have said, “no way”.   Fooled myself!

I believe it is because the women are smart and capable in the books I have been reading recently and many of the stories are about changing perceptions about people and changing violent reactions in people.  The author does not treat the reader as an escape artist needing entertainment, but actually someone who likes to exercise her/his curiosity and think it through; enough plot twists to keep the mind guessing and stamping on assumptions.

The story only has moments in Olympia in the FIXER’S home and touching base with her coffee shop friend Oliver.  She is healing after her brush with death and she is remaking her life in one of those limbo moments before big change.  She does help her Detective friend Mort Grant in Seattle who is coping with a serial killer.  We learn a few lessons about kids on the streets, drugs and revenge.

The novel also includes the wealthy family who owns the local basketball team and the huge outdoor sport’s store.  There are the stars and the up and coming stars vying for the playoffs and dealing with racial tensions and competition and a controlling boss who doesn’t hesitate to make other’s lives miserable.  This book also takes us into the world of Whidbey Island, Mercer Island, libraries and junk dealers.  If that were not enough there is the stealth of uncovering a child pornography ring.    I dare you to put this story down before the last page.  Double Dare!

The FIXER started the progress on the bestseller’s lists and now THE RED HOT FIX is moving up the ladder to even greater heights and at a faster pace.   It held my attention and was a pleasing diversion, entertaining and relaxing.  I admire writing that just fits together and treats women with respect and honesty.

Thanks again to TLC online tours   for the gift of this book and to T.E. Woods for the great story.

T.E. Woods on Twitter
TE Woods on Facebook 

“T. E. Woods is as eager as her fans to return to the thrilling world of the Justice series. She’s busy writing the next installment and is developing a new series set in Madison, Wisconsin.” (from TLC On Line Tours)

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THE UNFORGIVEABLE FIX: A Justice Novel, Book #3 ~T. E. Woods

Monday, October 6th, 2014

“She looked across the broad boardwalk of Percival Landing to the narrow harbor filled with sailboats and tugs. Olympia’s west side climbed up a gentle hill of middle-class homes with million-dollar views.”

THE UNFORGIVEABLE FIX is the third book in the trilogy by T.E. Woods.  When TLC Book Tours asked me to review this book and sent me an advanced copy e-book, I was thrilled and full of suspense because I had reviewed book I – THE FIXER – and I just loved the book and the writing.    I had not read book II – THE RED HOT FIX so TLC Book Tours arranged a copy of that book for me to review on October 13th! I did read and review book II before I read book III, just for the record.  THE UNFORGIVEABLE FIX with be released on October 14, 2014.  One can pre – order it now.

T.E. Woods is a Psychologist and I follow her on Facebook where she has lots of fun things to share.  The first scene of THE UNFORGIVEABLE FIX begins in Olympia and once again I know just exactly where Dr. Lydia Corriger is sitting in downtown and looking up at my house!  Now if that were not enough of a hook for this reader, my counseling career has been centered around domestic violence and child sexual abuse, which are the center group of clients an intern, a memory researcher, is working with as Dr. Lydia Corriger supervises his practicum for licensing.   Lydia is just returning to her practice after recovering from a gunshot wound to the head in book one.  She had been helping Mort Grant a Seattle Police Detective track down a vigilante assassin.

The book is well paced and keeps the pages turning with all the interesting ideas and possibilities.  Then we fly to Barbados and into the world of drug dealing and international supply and demand routes.  There is plenty of wealth and ruthless activity going on in this scene.  A Russian drug mobster kills guards and robs a drug storage facility in Florida and a mutilating retaliation is ordered; the favorite girlfriend of the drug boss realizes she will be next if she doesn’t disappear – she heads home to Seattle.

Child sexual abuse is a running theme in all three books, as Lydia Corriger was repeated abused as a child in the foster care system.  She is working to fix the problems and figure out protection and recovery for all the girls.  She is very professional but this work arouses many feelings for her and these hold her back from having a relationship with others.  She has built a safe and well equipped home hidden in the woods and looking out onto the Sound.  What a story- I know nearly everyone will enjoy – THE UNFORGIVEABLE FIX

The series is being described as a “run-away success”  and I would agree.

T. E. Woods Facebook
T. E. Woods Website
T. E. Woods Blog

“T.E.Woods is a clinical psychologist and author living in Madison, Wisconsin.  For random insight into how her strange mind works, follow her” (from publicity material)

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THE FIXER: A Justice Novel (Mort Grant Series 1) ~T.E. Woods

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

THE FIXER is a fast moving read about a person who comes along and creates “right” solutions to a major problem; a self-proclaimed agent of “just” actions who gets well received results.  THE FIXER is not a general assassin or serial killer, no indeed, this is a person who takes care of the little guy and most people are enhanced by the results.  There is public relief when this person has been “taken out” of the picture, such as a person who through a pyramid scam has ruined lots of people’s retirement savings, cost the tax payers millions of dollars, hurt their own families, it will take years to find justice (like ENRON!) and along comes death as the perpetrator is about to make a clean get away.   There just might be THE FIXER involved.

The story begins with a fat man in a hot tub on the sunny shores of the USA interviewing someone to kill his wife in a divorce case and THE FIXER passes this contact on to the police; not the right kind of work.  The next step of the story, we are on the streets of my city and I was quite amazed to recognize the coffee shop and the office space the Psychologist is headed towards.  T. E. Woods is a Midwesterner; the author must have come through town and toured Seattle to write this new series. Lydia Corriger is the Psychologist getting her cup of Morning-Jo, meeting the new owner of the coffee shop, and then walking past my family’s office building on to the old house which is her office in the story.  I knew every step of the way of her journey.  I could imagine her home out on the Bay.  Corriger’s new client of the day is THE FIXER who is confused and wishes to get out of the business.  THE FIXER is nervous, mysterious and does not reveal very much and yet the reader and therapist cannot get this puzzle out of the mind.

A University of Washington Researcher is killed and what is revealed is his cruelty to the animals he uses in his research.   The police are now involved locally and trying to piece the puzzle together.  Detective Mort Grant is going to be the star of a whole series. He has recently lost his wife to illness and his daughter to drugs and when he begins pursuing the death of a music student connections begin to surface.   Grant has done this work for a long time and the read is interesting as his reporter son and he discuss possibilities and probabilities and the psychologist becomes involved in the process.

Woods is a good storyteller and the aspects of a FIXER personality are interesting to unravel and examine through her words and the progression of the story.  There was a satisfaction element in the story because I think folks want to know that certain people will receive their just desserts!

I have often wished that the $76 a year I pay in my taxes for the legal fees against ENRON were going to all the folks in between who lost their jobs, retirement funds and financial futures because of greed and speculation.  Have you ever wished that someone would be taken care of because of their actions and that they would have to pay for their crimes and destruction?     Then you might find some justice by reading THE FIXER.

TE Woods on Twitter  
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“T. E. Woods is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Madison, Wisconsin. Her literary works earned her first place for Fiction at the University of Wisconsin Writer’ Institute. Her Random House Alibi debut, THE FIXER, is on sale February 4, 2014.”

(TLC LOGO)  The book was sent to me by the author and TLC Online Book Tours for review and I certainly enjoyed this read very much.   I got a Kindle copy on my new KINDLE FIRE HD reader and it was a joy to listen to this exciting story while I was healing from a recent minor surgery.  An exciting story and it is fun to know that it is book #1 in a Series about Seattle police detective Mort Grant – THE FIXER.

If you purchase anything from Amazon or Powell’s  from this site, I will receive a few beans in my bucket.  Thank you.  Donations also welcomed.

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