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Monday, April 18th, 2016

Once again we are delighted with the historic fiction of Sally Christie in book two of the trilogy about the Versailles Court of France’s Louis XV (1745) Hopefully, the reader was delighted with the SISTERS OF VERSAILLES and all the mistresses of the King – particularly the 5 Nestle sisters of which 4 became his mistress each in turn.

In 1730, Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, a stunningly beautiful 9 –year- old girl from the middle classes has her fortune told by a gypsy at the local fair.  She is to become the lover of a King and very powerful.  And with some luck and of course planning and maneuvering, she makes her entrance into the Court in 1745 after the death of the Kings favorite mistress.  For 25 years she leads the country and proves the prophecy to be true. She has become Marquise de Pompadour. The Court is against her from the start and she must protect herself from all the rivals to her position all the while the King becomes totally absorbed with luxury and his depravities.  France is now at war and moving closer to the Revolution.

Sally Christie is a marvelous researcher and tells history wrapped in tinseled, modern detail and the reader can feel the swish of the skirts and the flicker of the candle light; falling prey to the necessary manipulations to keep power and the King within the palm of Jeanne’s hand.

“Sally Christie is the author of THE SISTERS OF VERSAILLES and THE RIVALS OF VERSAILLES.  She was born in England and grew up around the world attending eight schools in three different languages.  She spent most of her career working in international development and currently lives in Toronto. Visit www.SallyChristieAuthor.com to find out more about Sally and the Mistresses of Versailles trilogy.” (From book)

I will repeat that I believe this is a wonderful way to learn history and I was quite captivated by the rich details and the twinkle of Christie’s writing which holds the reader through all the story details.  Once again this is a section of history that I really know little about and the story fills me in with one aspect of the crisis, which was brewing and exploding into our history.   I would have loved reading this book from about high school on, although I think some of the sexual material and scheming would certainly put the “Mean Girls” of today to shame.

I so enjoy how Christie includes letters that she uncovered into the story as it makes the history come alive.  There is a third book coming that will include the series – THE ENEMIES OF VERSAILLES.

The uncorrected proof of this book was sent to me by TLC Book Tours and one can go to the link and see what other readers thought about the story.

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