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JUST SIT: A Meditation Guidebook For People Who Know They Should But Don’t ~Sukey and Elizabeth / Illustrations ~Niege Borges

Monday, January 8th, 2018

JUST SIT is just a perfect, perfect book for me to kick off the New Year just right.  It is delightful – encouraging and it fully takes on the resistance movement that might just reside in the reader.   There are no excuses that are not demystified in this tome.   I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, trying the exercises, chuckling at the little asides and the great happy drawings.

TLC Book Tours sent me my copy – I’m just really lucky!

Sarah Lacy, author of A Uterus Is a Feature, Not a Bug, on tour November/December 2017

So who are Sukey and Elizabeth?

“Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz are two of the founders of the celebrated newsletter THE WELL DAILY.  Together they have traveled the world to study meditation and learn from its many renowned teachers.  Elizabeth is the coauthor of DOWNTOWN CHIC and HOME BY NOVOGRATZ and lives in Brooklyn, New York.  Sukey is an executive producer of the acclaimed documentaries THE HUNTING GROUND and I AM EVIDENCE.  She sits on the board of the Joyful Heart Foundation and lives in New York City. “ (Book cover)

I have practiced the art of meditation for many years.  I was relieved that in the beginning of this book they take on the myth that one must fold themselves into fantastic positions and use the floor, specialty cushion or wee bench to have meditation success.  My left knee does not bend correctly and getting off the floor is nearly impossible for me and lets face it when I do yoga I need a helper at all times.  It is perfectly fine by these authors to use a chair and they promote the correct postures to do it well and successfully in a chair or your chosen spot.  Whew!  This felt like even better good news to me.  Breathe!

There is good evidence based material about all the positive features of meditation and how to use it for pain relief, writing focus and finding joy, which was greatly appreciated by this reader.  There is playfulness to the book that is an added bonus.

Better than resolutions, there is even a section on a 8 day practice run or a longer trial.  They are just suggesting that you pick 5 minutes to start and just do that everyday until you are ready to move on; no excuses really work with this program.

Meditation is not a religion and yet nearly every known religion has a meditation component within its parameters.  I began meditation during the years I was singing and performing and it was perfect after running for me.  JUST SIT will take you where you want to go/where you need to go with a just do it attitude.

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NO IS NOT ENOUGH: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need ~Naomi Klein

Monday, December 25th, 2017

NO IS NOT ENOUGH is from my personal library and I have read it twice now.  I have been a fan of Naomi Klein’s books and research since I read THE SHOCK DOCTRINE a number of years ago.  As a writer, Klein digs deep and her research is impeccable – startling – revealing.  I find myself finding the truth and sorting out the pap I was taught in school and rendering new discoveries, which work for me and bring understanding.   NO IS NOT ENOUGH is another answer to my weary soul after this past election (2016) I am not blind, stupid nor do I ignore what is on the table and this small tome brought me a deep well of hope and wisdom to ponder and set out to make a difference.  Changed my focus.

The book does begin by spelling out just what the new administration is trying to accomplish for the wealthy and deconstruct the society and the Constitution, as we know it today.  This show is being run by the wealthy and it is definitely in the coup category of exploitation of citizens of the USA.  The Fascist Republicans, Dictatorial Wealthy and Fascist, Conservative “Christians” have played the game well and have produced destructive results.  The ranting about “false” news is all a significant part of the game plan, first described by THE SHOCK DOCTRINE.  History professors are sharing how other countries have used these tactics to destroy their homelands – it is a classic scenario.   We have developed A RESISTANCE MOVEMENT to work against this plan and yet these groups and voices are getting burned out, QUIET, as the forces press forward and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat as LOUDLY and outrageously voiced with constancy.

Klein says that the way to produce hope and future is to begin to address, constantly and consistently, exactly what we want.  She writes about a huge gathering called THE LEAP that put together exactly what they wanted for their children and their future of their country (Canada).  The leadership wrote a doctrine of their philosophy and a wish list of values and activities they wanted instead of the abhorrent policies and prejudices being exploited by past government leadership.  THE LEAP is now being taught loudly and fervently and many groups around the world are sharing what it is that they want and what they want to achieve.   Lots of ideas are emerging to implement the future spelled out and described.   This is the balance to the resistance.   What is it that we value and what is it that we want.   THE LEAP is having a definite impact in California and certainly all over Canada.  Other countries are adapting to the lessons as well.  Several resistance groups have adopted the program in tandem with the resistant action plan.   Hope abounds and voices and individuals learn and rally around what they want rather than what is being dictated.  New candidates are running for office.

I found the book enlightening and certainly hopeful.  I have made a list of what I am resisting and what I am working toward.  It is helpful to keep my children in mind at all times.  What do you want for your children’s future?  How do you support that action?

I highly recommend this short read and the boost it will give most readers towards hope for a good future.  Good foundation for resistance and planning groups.

Naomi Klein (born May 8, 1970) is a Canadian author, social activist, and filmmaker known for her political analyses and criticism of corporate globalization and of capitalism.  More on Wikipedia.

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