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FoodTrients: Age Defying Recipes For A Sustainable Life ~Grace O

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

When TLC Book Tours asked me to review a cookbook, I was delighted and thought this will be great fun. I enjoy cooking and I love to eat (oh my do I love to eat), and that this book was about healthy eating truly lit up my expectations.  The book was not disappointing – it is very beautiful and well put together with all the radiant food colors dazzling the eye and igniting the tasting anticipation.

I spent several hours just looking through the book and figuring out what I might prepare and enjoy.  I particularly liked the coded message on each page that demonstrated the health promotion features of each recipe.  This chart gave me a quick reference guide at the onset.

foodtrients label

“Studies suggest that by consuming the ingredients in FoodTrients, exercising, and managing your weight, you may add as many as 10 to 20 years to your lifespan.”  (from the order page)

So what is FoodTrients?

The cookbook is called this because it is the study and use of the nutrients in the foods that defines it’s wholesome, beneficial outcomes.  It is designing meals around the nutrients and how these nutrients provide what our bodies need to defy aging, repair, and energize.  It is a revolutionary way to prepare foods to start with the nutrients.

The recipes were also subtitled with headers like: Age Defying; Health Enhancing, Youth Elixir, Damage Reversing, Inflammation Fighter, Skin Strengthener, etc.

I asked the newlywed engineers next door if they wanted to try some of the recipes and here is what they said:

Mango tapioca:  very tasty and easy to make, never would have thought to purée fruit to put in a tapioca. Since this is a book about eating for health I am curious if you could substitute the evaporated milk for regular milk?  Overall good and easy recipe.”

Trip Tip – very, very tasty and simple marinade.  I followed the recipe but next time I’m going to try a few things differently.  I personally did not think it needed to marinade overnight and then 2 hours in a slow oven is too time consuming after a long day at the office.  I think it would have been just as wonderful grilling or broiling.”  

The Guide to Age-Defying FoodTrients Index was worth the whole book as were the pictures and graphics.

The master chef, biologist fellow who organizes my partner’s bike tours gave a recipe a try too:

John said:
“I made the Tilapia  which was very easy to prepare and served it with brown rice, cranberries and silvered almonds ( his own recipe).  I did not have the specialty wrap so used parchment paper and it worked very well too.  This is a great dish to serve to company and very attractive.  Everyone at my table who eats fish thought it was excellent.  I am not concerned about the nutrient labels or what the dish is supposed to do, I just want to serve good food and this was Good”.

Grace O the author has more than 35 years of experience as a cooking instructor, chef, as well as running restaurants, operating senior healthcare facilities, and studying the healing properties of food.

FoodTrients is based on her scientific research and ancient knowledge of medicinal herbs, and natural ingredients from many cultures all around the world.  The author emphasizes organic.

I am going to serve several of these recipes to my book group for my May and June meetings at my house.  I am excited to figure out which ones!   Both my groups are folks who are into age defying and healthy recipes so I am pleased to be able to share.

tlclogoThank you TLC Book Tours for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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Hope you will share!

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