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INCARNATION: A Novel ~Laura Davis Hays

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Are you ready for a fascinating read?  Do you like to think and figure out what is going on in a story?  How is your intuition?  How do you feel about the environment and science?  Do we have one life or do we come back many times?  Do we have a task to complete while we reside here on earth?

The INCARNATION keeps asking those questions and it truly made my brainwork and stop to contemplate and sort.  This book is a good mental workout and at the same times an interesting and provocative story that includes science and archeology, nightmares and psychology, abusive behavior and loving kindness.  A great many characters and different locations and scenes keep the reader on their toes and alert to what is happening in the story.

TLC Book Tours  sent me PDF copy of this book for review.  I used a pencil and paper to make notes and form a timeline and compare dream sequences and contemporary story lines.  A very interesting read, which would not be hurried.

The characters in the dream sections are from Atlantis, which is just very interesting on its own.  Iriel, Gewil, and Jarad take us through this story and introduce us to Muamdi, the Grandmother and “Chrystal – minde “

Kelsey, Sam, and Harrison are the contemporary incarnation of the Atlantis characters.  As confusing as the story line began in the “white” world and all the “control” issues it was worth it to sort and assess the interconnection and where the outcome was leading.  Kelsey and Harrison are scientists working on an organism which would clean up oil spills and the like in the ocean, hopefully not damaging the sea life.  This is about saving the world and keeping the earth moving forward and surviving human flaws and contrary actions – greed.

I liked the adventure in the story and the Metaphysical, supernatural references and the revealing treatment of contemporary women-not much has changes throughout history. “Tested in life-or-death struggle, Kelsey must face an ordeal she can survive only through great courage and deep karmic understanding.” (Cover)

This book is very hard to put down, a compelling read and quite the adventurous thriller.  One will want to read every word and then maybe pick it up and read it again.

Laura Davis Hays is the award winning author of Incarnation, a metaphysical thriller set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a remote Island off the coast of Belize, and the lost continent of Atlantis. She is also the author of the forthcoming fantasy series, The Atlantis Material, and a collection of linked stories set in Denmark, her ancestral homeland, in the early part of the 20th century.

Laura writes with a mind balanced between right and left-brain capabilities that leads to a combination of flights of fancy and complexity of structure in her work.

A graduate of Rice University, Laura lives in Santa Fe with her husband, Jim, and two cats, Rufus and Dexter.

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The Question?

DUKE CITY SPLIT: A Crime Novel ~Max Austin

Friday, April 25th, 2014

“They’d [FBI agents] taken time to drive through a Starbucks on their way to the scene, and they carried their paper cups of coffee into the bank with them” “We know the drill. Not that it’ll do you any good.  The manager says the robbers wore gloves.  She says they were in and out in under three minutes.”

DUKE CITY SPLIT was a well written story and I could imagine this Crime Novel being a hit for those  who enjoy this genre.   I had my 7th grade tutoring student get permission to read this book from his parents, and although it is a struggle for him, he loves the story – so he is motivated to read.  I received an un-proofed e-copy of the book so I am loaning my kindle to my neighbor, a doctor who loves this type of story and he is primed and ready.   It took me about 4 hours to get from cover to cover; story was just the right size.

Bud and Mick are professional bank robbers.  Bud started out as a car thief and then when Mick got out of prison they joined forces and became quite a successful team.  The team had rules and skill which enabled them to never hurt anyone and to make a comfortable living.  Bud was a day trader also; he knew how to handle the money and keep them solvent.  Bud was computer smart, but the story did not focus on computers it focused on the skill and rules of the duo.

Bud in the last few years has gotten married to Linda and they have 2 young daughters.  Linda knew about Bud’s career before they were wed, and she is now becoming nervous and worried that the teams luck might run out.  Linda works in real estate to keep the family funds stable.

Mick is approached by a young fellow who has figured out a big payoff robbery which might be possible; he does not know how to pull it off.  Mick decides to break the rules and rob a small branch bank in the city where they live.  This means he has also decided to make it a three way split.   Another rule broken.  Bud decides to go along and make this his last big heist then get out of the business.

Two unsavory criminals receive just enough information from the FBI to start figuring out who the suspects are and they begin tracking down Mick and Bud in a very ruthless manor, a Chicago mobster gets involved and havoc breaks loose.  Mick and Bud have to figure everything out, still keep the money and not get caught.  DUKE CITY SPLIT puts the focus more on how the team recovers from their broken rules and how they will stay alive.

There is quite a bit of discussion about cars and rental cars which I have decided is an aspect to this brand of story as important as the stiletto heel is to chick lit.    I would also suggest that part of the story’s theme is that if you have a tattoo, bank robbery may not be the best business for you.

“Max Austin is a pseudonym for Steve Brewer, who has written 2 dozen books about crooks. LONELY STREET was made into a comedy movie in 2009.  A former journalist and humor columnist, Brewer teaches in the Honors College at the University of New Mexico.  He’s a frequent speaker at mystery conventions and was toastmaster at Left Coast Crime in 2011.  He is married and the father of 2 adult sons, Brewer lives in Albuquerque.”

Steve Brewer on Facebook

tlc logo I very much enjoyed reading this great escape book and I thank TLC Online Tours  for sending it on to me for review.  It was such a fun read – DUKE CITY SPLIT

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Do you ever change your reading choice and try on a different style?

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