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THE SENSE OF TOUCH: Stories by Ron Parsons

Monday, February 24th, 2014

THE SENSE OF TOUCH is a collection of eight short stories and if you like the short story genre this is one you will truly enjoy.  These days I often find the short story to be a real workout, often filled with extreme problems only slightly resolved.  As a reader, I am often left with an unpleasant taste in my mouth and heaviness in my heart; hoping that at least one character between the covers will be able to find a resolution of sorts that does not leave me puzzling.

THE SENSE OF TOUCH throws a number of problems at people and some are fairly horrendous and yet there is a touch of whimsy, humor and inventive plot twists that can really touch the reader and lighten the burdens or the sadness within the story.  I found myself compelled to read the next story, though I disciplined the read to one per day.  The characters were interesting and certainly demonstrated how we all wish to be in touch and how often we are not.

Although I received a print copy of this book, I found it interesting that I could check out a free copy on my Kindle, which I think I will the next time I am on a trip and need to find a short story collection to take a long for the ride.

The gifted Bangladeshi student story was almost theater of the absurd and yet I could understand the disconnect which could be experienced by an immigrant to the Midwestern regions of the USA.  Midnight Bowling certainly peeled to the obvious the need for connection and finding one’s direction.  The stories connect the icy, snowy cold and the pleasures of spring emergence like a fresh new sunrise and the fatigue at day’s end.   There is a touch of love as sometimes words connect and reveal.  There is the slow, deliberate pacing of the stories and the reader has to wait for IT; yes wait for IT!

Michael Martone on the cover says:

“These tales are the winsome hissing of busy signals lisping in the icy nicely nice neighborhoods of the missing Midwest at the intersection of polite delight and absolute zero at the bone? “

I am insisting my partner read this book, I think he will enjoy reading THE SENSE OF TOUCH and you will too!

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tlc logo I received a copy of this book from TLC online books tours and the author Ron Parsons.  This book was a lovely read and I thank them for the opportunity.  THE SENSE OF TOUCH.

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