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POETRY a Movie Review

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Mija is a 66 year old woman who lives in a city in a rural province of South Korea. She is raising her middle school aged grandson as her now divorced daughter works in another city.  She is a pensioner and makes some of her income by working as a maid/caregiver to a senior male who has had a major stroke.

POETRY is a movie about a rather plain ordinary older woman.  The Korean filmmakers did not submit it to the American Awards system, so it has not been nominated or received awards, which means it has not received much attention here in the states.  It is also about an older woman living a rather ordinary life and many would not find this an interesting story and it would seem too slow.

Mija has been told several times that she speaks poetically and when she sees that there is a poetry writing class at the cultural center nearby she decides to take the class and write a poem.  The famous instructor asks the students to be aware of everything in their environment and to be open to hearing what nature and sounds are saying to them; they are to discover their feelings and find the words to describe what they are experiencing.   The students are eager and patient and respectful.

When the door to all the sounds of nature creates awareness by opening it also permits the harder, uglier, and tougher noises and feelings to be revealed.   These too are messages to be gleaned into the poem for the class.  Mija is busy taking notes in her book of the beauty, confusions,blossoms and sorrows.

I was introduced to this movie by Sam Juliano at Wonders In The Dark, where every week movie viewing is shared and my list of what to watch grows and grows.  Just about every writer about POETRY  thought it should have been submitted for awards and there were wonder full words of praise for the photography, the production, the story and the acting.  I just knew I would need to see this film.

It is available from many sources for streaming now and rental.  I have watched it 3 times and found more to enjoy and discover with each screening.  I would like to encourage each of you to find the time to watch this movie.  It is a special experience, a profound discovery within a plain story.


No one paid or sent me anything for this review and I did not receive remuneration.

Do you write poems?  Does writing open you up to your feelings – the beautiful and fragrant as well as the difficult and tough?  Has a new movie been an award winner for you?

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