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Monday, July 20th, 2015

When Kim Foster sent me an email asking if I would like to review her new book I jumped at the opportunity.  I have reviewed her first two books in this series, A Beautiful Heist  and A Magnificent Crime over the past several years and I could hardly wait to dive into this new book and see what Cat Montgomery was up to these days.   Within the first two pages, the reader is whisked off to Venice and quite the adventure.

Cat Montgomery is a jewel thief for the Agency of Burglary &Theft.  She is very good at her job as she steals back famous and expensive pieces of jewelry taken up by the wealthy; what has been stolen from somewhere else.    She is just off a heist of a famous necklace from a hotel safe in Los Angeles when she is pulled into a job in England of the Lionheart ruby ring.  The ring has been found in a grave in the UK.  With all her planning and care the Caliga, a notorious crime organization takes the ring just minutes before she arrives.   Her job now is to return the ring to England and rescue her new co-worker.

A BRILLIANT DECEPTION brings the whole team back together and Ethan, Jack, Brooke, and a new character Felix join the planning and head off to Venice to retrieve the ring and steal it back.  A love triangle forms which adds and interesting dimension to the fast and furious pursuit of the ring.

The writing is good and well paced and I just leaned into this read and found it hard to put down.  When I did need to do something different, it was easy to come back to and the story moved very well.   It was a good adventure and I liked the ending.

I did find it hard that Cat’s mother did not figure into the story as much, but she was instrumental in starting Cat thinking about a new career or about how to use her skills in a more productive direction.

Great for the beach – lighthearted and fun, it was interesting to explore some English History and the Robin Hood legend further.  I highly recommend this story and this author.  I believe that everyone will enjoy A BRILLIANT DECEPTION.

Kim Foster is the author of the Agency of Burglary and Theft Series of Thrillers. She first got her degree in Medicine and has been a family physician in Victoria, British Columbia for sixteen years.   Online, you can find her blogging about her left-brain, right-brain mash-up on www.kimfoster.com.  Kim lives with her husband and their two young boys.  She is hard at work on her next book and drinking a lot of coffee. (from the book cover)

Foster is making some special offers on Facebook to promote A BRILLIANT DECEPTION

A Beautiful Heist 
A Magnificent Crime

THE BEAUTIFUL HEIST (Agency of Burglary and Theft) ~by Kim Foster

Monday, June 24th, 2013

A BEAUTIFUL HEIST begins on a multimillion dollar yacht in the middle of a glamorous party, with the stealth moves of one beautiful young woman to find the safe and retrieve a one of a kind gemstone necklace.  Nothing is left to chance although there are some close and exciting moments; she succeeds in out maneuvering and swimming away; saving her favorite stilettoes and keeping her gown dry.

Cat Montgomery has found her greatest talent, she is a jewel thief for the AB&T Agency and right now she is living in Seattle, Washington mastering her craft hoping to move into International opportunities.  Cat is called upon by a different “family” to steal back their heirloom treasure, a Faberge’ ornament; moonlighting is not something she likes to do, but she is in quite a financial predicament so takes on this challenge.

Cat has had some strange experiences along her way including dating an FBI agent and attempting to keep their lives lined up and in separate categories.  She is always running out of money and needs to keep the tools of her trade up to date, new and in fine working order; designer dresses and name brand fancy shoes are mandatory.  The good news, is that the AB&T agency has labs, trainings, cover ups teachers and W-2 forms all to keep her skills enhanced and up to the moment.

A BEAUTIFUL HEIST has so many fun moments, delightful retreats of high style, smartness, twists & turns, and unexpected humor to keep one turning the pages and reading forward.  Cat always did her research, studied all the angles and her opponent’s weaknesses; jealousy and getting her nails done took her off on tangents that were so typical of young women these days.   Don’t worry good old Mom just might have what you need in her purse for the perfect rescue of the situation!

Foster has Cat on a mission which also compliments her talents and keeps her in pursuit of finding relief and understanding of her painful experience.  There is some depth which is explored at a jet propelled speed.  I started reading this book before my morning walk to avoid a downpour and just read it straight through until the wee hours of the morning.  THE BEAUTIFUL HEIST (AGENCY OF BURGLARY AND THEFT) is a very fun read – a great escape.

I received a Kindle copy of this book from the author and TLC online book tours.  Thank you it was a fun read.    The author is giving away an e-reader copy of her book for a great comment.  Let me know if you have an e-reader in your comment.  Thank you.


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