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MEMORY CARD FULL: A Memoir ~Liz Weber

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

“I wished Rufus were here.  At least I knew what I was getting with Rufus.  He never let me down and was always there when I needed him.  Sure, he was a dog, but he was the first thing in my life I loved who loved me back just as much, if not more.  Shortly after he died, it became clear to me that his unwavering presence was probably the main reason I never got serious with anyone.” (Page 205)

MEMORY CARD FULL, I just loved the title of this book and was looking forward to the schedule for review from TLC Book Tours. What do you think of the title?  Did it draw you in and catch your eye?

I do so like to read memoirs and I count on some inspiration about how folks make changes in their lives to proceed on their journey and focus on their dreams.   This memory is really just about one pivotal event and one year in Liz Weber’s life and what she gained in self-knowledge from that event.

I would recommend this book to those 25-40 year olds who are also attempting to make change in their lives and may be stuck in a routine and needing something to move them forward or jump start their ambitions and dreams.  The writing is lite weight and easy and I cover to covered it in about 4 hours.  I felt as though I was on fast forward and I thought if I had time I should have counted all the “likes” in the dialogue – my 30 something daughters would not have noticed them at all.

“Liz Weber’s life was far from dull.  Whether serving drinks to a gaggle of quirky regulars at a bar or walking around in her skivvies for extra cash, she fought hard to remain a self-proclaimed “professional free spirit: and aspiring writer, even if it meant enduring a lush for a manager or a cranky, Israeli-folk-music-loving boss.  None of it really mattered as long as she had Rufus, her oddly proportioned dog who taught her about unconditional love in an untraditional way, at her side.”

“MEMORYCARD FULL is a frank, funny, and deeply moving memoir, a book for anyone who has loved and lost and found the space in that loss to become the person they were meant to be.”  (from the cover)

I think I would enjoy reading Liz Weber’s memoir when she turns 70, if I am still around to turn the pages!  This book shares a story of a generation and of a specific sub-group of the entitled young adults in NYC.  It is only about one year of her life. I am sure I would like her in person and I am enjoying her Facebook page. I have to say it made me worry about this generation and the future. I liked the book and her story.  Now I put this book away, turn off my concern, and move onto a really nasty murder mystery from a Finish author – just keep the reading coming.

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With A Little Help From My Friends

Monday, February 6th, 2012


I need some assistance in the following areas:

  • I need some referrals to Wise Ears, my professional listening services site
  • I need some guest posts on some other blogs
  • I need some newsletter sign up folks on Wise Ears
  • AND,
  • I very much need some folks to join me on the Wise Ears Facebook page.

Basically, I need to get the word out about my professional services.  I need to build a network with active referrals.

  • I have been giving away lots of free listening services, but my reach is not wide enough.
  • I am on SKYPE now so have extended my reach and range.
  • I have been getting testimonials from clients, but no one is coming by to read them.
  • I have taken several “how to” classes, I have taken two marketing classes, I am working with my SEO keywords instructions.
  • I have my copy of PROBLOGGER right beside me.
  • I have had 2 very successful coaching bloggers review my Wise Ears site and they both feel if I can get the word out, I will need to hire staff within a year.
  • I am commenting on lots of blogs and often on Facebook….but I am not getting tweeted, shared, linked, stumbled, dug, or passed on to any other social media sites.


The strongest referral that I can receive is if folks think and share by word of mouth.

Both of the people who evaluated my blog wanted me to hire SEO writers and folks who do marketing.  I do not have enough funds YET to do that.

Will you give me a helping hand as I get started? Do you have any other creative ideas for sharing the good news?  Would you like a free session to make your own evaluation?   Thank you, I am grateful for your assistance.

Looking forward to your suggestions and comments.

I would like it if you would share this post too.  Share Button is below.  Thank you

If you purchase anything from this site from Amazon or Powell’s I will receive a few beans in my bucket.

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Monday, July 11th, 2011
The Rockies

The Rockies

When my oldest daughter was in High School she received a Rotary scholarship to Denmark for a year.  She had sought out the experience as she wanted to be free from parents and our particular school and when she found out it was Denmark, she worried about learning such a difficult language.

The Rotarians said, “You are the one we think can handle such a tough language and learn it.”

Off she went and had a wonderful amazing year; minus the correct accent they could all understand her by the Winter Holidays.  She has been back several times for visits and the wedding of her best friend, and the arrival of children.

Not allowed to work during the ambassadors’ experience, her family was to send her an allowance each month, and we sent holiday gifts to her host families for her too.  We thought $100 a month would be what we could afford and Library Girl and I cleaned a small office building each week to send her that amount of money.   At the end of the experience, we found out that other students were receiving between $500 and $1000 a month allowances from home.  We did not know how she survived as Denmark was one of the most expensive countries.

One family in particular had taken our daughter into their lives and made sure she had some childcare opportunities and funds to go to the swimming pool, theatre, and other events; they included her in their family experience.

This family came to visit us and RV through Canada to see the wilderness, bears, and Mounties.  This visit gave us the opportunity to return the favor.  Best friend, her husband, 6 year old daughter, 3 ½ year old son and the wonderful parents/ grandparents arrived here nearly a month ago.  We went on a lovely sailboat ride to show off Puget Sound and gathered up all our camping gear to share, and then rented an SUV to get them to the spot to pick up their RV for 17 days in Canada.

Canada Day

Canada Day

Right away it felt like one’s favorite Aunt and Uncle had arrived with cousins and grandies!  Warm, gracious and happy to be off on an adventure and so ready to enjoy life and discover what their new surroundings had to offer.   We only anticipated that language would be a problem and by the time we sat down to our first meal together we were communicating first hand.

By the way, I served the Chicken Pot Pie Recipe from the Harvest Potluck e-cookbook http://patriciaswisdom.com/2009/11/harvest-potluck-unicef-fundraiser/, free from this site. Once again it was a prize winning supper and the fresh CSA (community supported agriculture) salad added to make it a feast.  Washington strawberries were at their peak and we added Danish Havarti Cheese and Rainier cherries and we were all laughing and having a good time.

It Girl joined her host family for her 2 weeks of vacation and celebrated her birthday in Canada too.  Kamloops, Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper were all visited and their amazing photographs rekindled memories from my childhood. Travelling now with cell phones and wireless computers, they found even more adventures and new GPS routes to embark upon.  The children still enjoyed climbing on rocks, hiking, seeing all the wildlife and told the stories of seeing  the bears along the way.

Tak (thank you),  Selv tak (You are welcome), far (father),  mor ( mother),  bedstefader (Grandfather) and bedstemoder (Grandmother) – we all added to the conversation at the table and we all could understand what ZIP wanted right away!

The children and I decorated an ice cream birthday cake for my husband to help him celebrate his big day.   I think having children to play cars and draw with kept him from being a Gloomy Gus (The Danes work a 35 hour work week and get more vacations and can retire at age 62 and have health care!  And this was a bit overwhelming to a fellow who has to work until age 72 to break even and has had to save up vacation days for years to go on a 5 week bike tour at age 64)!

Everyone off to the airport to return home to regularly scheduled lives and Zip keeps checking all the bedrooms to see if they might be lingering there still.  10 people in the house and it felt full of life and energy.   New friends and children’s hugs created priceless memories.

Have you rekindled some old acquaintances this summer or made some new friends in this season?

Wild Rose

Wild Rose

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