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WHERE WE FALL: A Novel ~Rochelle B. Weinstein

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

TLC Book Tours sent me a copy of WHERE WE FALL for review and I enjoyed reading this book.  Very nice Southern Romance with a good premise.  I lived for several years in North Carolina and YES, the countryside is amazingly beautiful and written about with style in this story.

The story line is good and interesting and the descriptions just right to encourage a visit to the beauty of North Carolina.  It is a Southern Romance within the tradition of Southern Romance and providing   a creative story concept making it quite interesting.  We have 2 women friends who are looking to be connected to a man who is the perfect Southern Gentleman.  We all want to be loved and to love.   We have the perfect gentleman character, who is a prize catch and also a high school football coach.

Abby and Lauren are college roommates and best friends.  Ryan falls in love with Lauren and the three become great friends.  Lauren and Ryan share that kind of perfect love and are probably “soul mates”  – a nice touch.  Abby has problems with social anxiety and enjoys being the “fifth wheel” in their amazing friendship.

Lauren shows some spunk and determination to photograph and see some amazing waterfalls.  She takes a graduate program and then takes off to photograph the world’s waterfalls.  Ryan is being patient with her travels and endeavors until his Father dies and he is devastated.  No one can get a hold of Lauren, in time.

Abby takes over the role of caregiver and Ryan and she marry and have a daughter.

The novel is full of missed communications and omitted discussions.  Friends do not share with each other, mother and daughter do not have real conversations and Abby’s anxiety begins to control her life and she ends up with a full deep mental illness.  It takes all of Abby’s ability and control to enter a mental health facility and within six weeks the lives are changed and a loving resolution is possible.

As I was introducing myself at a new class, we all shared our favorite reads, I noticed that 6 women stated that this was their favorite kind of read and how they liked the escape.  This book should find some good readers.

I found the writing elementary in style and found several sentences that just seemed random within their paragraphs.  I did receive an uncorrected e- copy, but these slips just stopped the flow.  Dialogue was quite good and moved the story well.  I felt sad that the daughter was repeating the “perfect man” scenario of her parents even though she was so young.    Lauren and Abby both seemed rather boring and Ryan was just too perfect and responsible.  The characters could not change; they were just stuck in the behaviors they had chosen – locked in.  It took pills and a therapist to get them to resolution and to move into their best interest.

“Rochelle B. Weinstein is the author of THE MOURNING AFTER and WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND.  A former entertainment industry executive, she lives in south Florida with her husband, twin boys and two dogs.“


As I write this review the Kindle edition of WHERE WE FALL is free on Amazon.

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MUCKERS: When Your Town is About to Crumble, You Dig Deeper into the Muck and Find a Way to Win ~Sandra Neil Wallace

Monday, November 25th, 2013

MUCKERS is based on a true story. This mighty football team did blast through the muck and succeed at a time when no one thought it was possible and the odds were not in their favor.   Although the story takes place in a fictional town, it is based on the journals and letters of the former High School principal, letters from the coach, and lots of newspaper stories.  The author truly did her homework and was able to interview some of the key players.

So here we are in an Arizona mining town in the 40’s and the rumor has it that the mine, the town, and the school are about to close down; there will be no company town or services and only some of the copper miners will be hired at other locations.  The town is built up the side of the mountain and the mines are deep within the earth.  The football field is slag  and it is ruff and often muddy when the rains arrive.  There are only 60 students left at the school and very few seniors.  The school is racially mixed and that is not something that happened in the 40’s.  But the players (just 12 at the win) had to make do with what they had,such as rag tag uniforms and no training equipment.  They were the smallest team in the state – physically.  They needed to win to count for something and to make their lives matter.

Add into the story MUCKERS (that is the team name and it is part of the ore sorting process) that the quarterback is not being fed by his drunken father, it is extremely hot, helmets are vintage and making the best of it, the Principal is fired for being a Communist and the coach dies just a few games before the playoffs.   Many people do not think they have a chance and this team is ready to set the world on fire.

Sandra Neil Wallace was an ESPN reporter who discovered in a small museum, the beginnings of her research in a box which had been dropped off and the curator could not decide what to do with it.  It took Wallace awhile to switch careers and stop moving around to tackle this story and put it into a book form.   It is very inspiring and how these young students figure out how to survive, be comrades and winners is a remarkable piece of history.

The book is written a bit like Wallace is the announcer calling the game plays and insights, and it took me a bit to get into her rhythm, but I think sports fans of all ages would not have much difficulty.  MUCKERS is a very worthwhile reading adventure.

Sandra Neil Wallace on Facebook

tlc logo This book was sent to me for review by TLC online book tours and KNOPF publishing. I think my readers will enjoy MUCKERS.   What a great gift idea and my copy is going to a school library.

If you purchase anything from Amazon or Powell’s from this site, I will receive a few blooms for my bouquet.  Thank you.  Donations also welcomed.

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