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THE SOWING: Book One of the Seeds Trilogy ~K. Makansi

Monday, December 9th, 2013


What an exciting read.  THE SOWING is an interesting study of a society which has survived and modified into a command center of academic achievement and a supplier of food for every citizen.  Okarians have survived years of Religious Wars and Famine and developed a culture which has a layered responsibility for each group all reaching towards the top of the hierarchy and the Capital City.  Each person has a place and an outcome; the genetically engineered food is all programed to match perfectly the person’s needs and future endeavors.  As in any society, there are those who do not agree with the lifestyle which is promoted and insured.

The Okarain Society is celebrating 100 years since the end of famine and the Directors have taken charge of the Sectors.  The food workers are supposed to be the most elevated within the society, but they are in reality bred to be laborers with about a 40 year life span.  The work is hard and takes place away from the Capital in small sectors/farms.   Where the wilds have begun to return, there are people who roam the outer areas as Nomads, there are Outsiders who seem to be able to disappear in Nature and then there is the Resistance.

The SOWING is the first book in a trilogy and it very much parallels what people are learning about seed control, food, disease, and pollution in our society.  This is the crucial backstory and it is quite interesting to explore how the Resistance is surviving and making their point.  There are earlier stories of people who have disappeared, been killed and have left the Sector’s cities for various reasons.  Scientists, Mathematicians, Chemists, Computer Engineers, Genetics researchers, and Dieticians, are all selected out of the groups and given great privilege at the Academy.  The story is chocked full of computer knowledge, cloaking devices, futuristic transportations, and knowledge bases and data raids.  How does one begin again and develop real food?

The SOWINGS authors are fascinating:  K. Makansi is a pen name consisting of Kristina Blank Makansi, Amira K. Makansi, and Elena K Makansi, who form a mother-daughter writing team with a wide variety of interests including food-justice issue and study.

THE REAPING is book 2 and is due out in 2014.   I can hardly wait as I found this to be an extremely interesting read and I enjoyed discovering the authors various passions played out in the futuristic story. I believe it is rather like Harry Potter as it is written to appeal to all ages. The bits of romance make it a young adult read. The premise and thinking in the book create a more detailed story line than say The Hunger Games.   THE SOWING has great appeal and relates well to some of the current concerns in our environment presently occurring.

The book is reasonably priced on KINDLE and for other e-readers. I know my daughters will enjoy reading this series very much.  I know 2 fellows in high school who would want to read this story and have a great discussion.

tlc logo This book was sent to me for review by TLC Online Books tours and Layla Dog Press of Saint Louis, MO.    It was a privilege to read this book and share my thoughts about THE SOWING.

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