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Monday, April 6th, 2015

It’s a Friday and I am in India at a Game Preserve Veterinary Clinic and the scene is dusty and hot, I am privy to the film crews adventure into film-making; far away from the rain, wind, sunshine spring weather dashing the tulips to the ground.  I could not put this story down and was hooked into every moment.  I just want to tell you about this book right now.

THE TUSK THAT DID THE DAMAGE is beautifully voiced into a dynamic, suspenseful story that unfolds the reality of three characters, the poacher, a filmmaker, and an elephant known as the Gravedigger.  The confusions are absolutely necessary to challenge your thinking into a complete picture of the truth of what we know and what we want to believe.  Our documentary illusions are shoved into the real of one communities experience and interpretations; our perceptions are expanded and modified.  We are touched.

TLC Book Tours sent me an uncorrected advanced copy for review and I am grateful for the opportunity.  Several members of my book group believe that elephant books are the next big wave in fiction; if that is true this on is on the top of the list.

I thought this quote from the cover expressed this book so well:

“THE TUSK THAT DID THE DAMAGE is spectacular, a pin-wheeling, multi-perspective novel with a cast that includes my favorite character of recent memory, The Gravedigger, an orphaned homicidal elephant.  Tania James is one of our best writers, and, here she is at the height of her powers: brilliant, hilarious, capable of the most astonishing cross-cultural interspecies ventriloquies and acrobatic leaps of empathy.  You will read this ravishing novel in an afternoon and immediately want to press it on your favorite people.”  – Karen Russell

Tania James Online

A Note about the author from the book:

“Tania James is the author of the novel ATLAS OF UNKNOWNS and the short-story collection AEROGRAMMES.  Her fiction has appeared in Boston Review, Granta, Guernica, One Story, A Public space, and the Kenyan Review.  She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and son.”

Amazing story telling and I highly recommend this story to everyone.

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