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THE LAST CONCEPTION: a Novel ~Gabriel Constans

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

THE LAST CONCEPTION is about all the ways we conceive and add to our biological heritage. The story takes us through 34 year old Savarna’s journey to discover a partner, answer her family’s needs, continue the blood lines of an ancient Indian spiritualist’s and her family’s lineage, and tell them she is a Lesbian. The interesting part of Savarna’s life is that she is an embryologist and environmentalist and these aspects are a big part of the story.

Entering her life is Charlemagne (Charley) who helps Savarna think through the possibilities and undertake the risks necessary to evaluate her dilemma and find solutions. They transition into supportive partners, which allows Savarna to come out to her traditional parents who emigrated from India. When her mother has a heart attack the family begins to relax their standards and be open to Savarna producing a child which would preserve the family bloodline as Savarna is the only family member remaining who can conceive. There is a visit from Grandmother from Southern India, and Savarna also makes a trip to her Grandmother’s home.

So many of those personal discussions which people find hard to navigate are covered in this story and it becomes refreshing to discover what ideas may be conceived. Very interesting premise and worthy discussion found here.

I had a bit of trouble getting attached to the story and the “secret” seemed rather confusing. I had promised the author to stick with the story for review and the writing began to flow with fluency about a quarter of the way. It was an old story with some technological advantages and parents who were willing to embrace their children’s American lives. I enjoyed the read and thought there was realness to the conversations.

Gabriel Constans is an author, journalist, screenwriter and trauma counselor. Gabriel’s fiction includes Buddha’s Wife, Saint Catherine’s Baby, and Rwandan Folk Tales. Gabriel is closely associated with the Rwandan Orphan’s Project, The Ihangane Project (both In Rwanda), and Building for Generations (which works in Tanzania and Peru).

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COINCIDENCE: A Novel ~J.W. Ironmonger

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

“…not because light will fail to penetrate the darkness, but because very few will choose to look at what is revealed.”

I found COINCIDENCE to be an amazing read. Every time I was interrupted from the pages of this book, I was determined to head right back into the story as soon as possible.  I enjoyed reading this book and I think many people I know would enjoy it.  The words were dynamic and precise. I do so like to look up and study words in the dictionary to pinpoint the meaning the author was determined to reveal and this story the words were truly wonderful.

A three year old is found at a fair on the coast of England.  She knows her name and that she lives at Number 4, but #4 where?  She is not so sure.  The officer writes down Azalea Ives and the search begins for her mother who drove the child to this location; it was a long drive.   It is now 30 years later and Azalea Ives is consulting a Philosopher at the University who specializes in COINCIDENCE.  She wants to figure this out because so many amazing events have all happened on Midsummer or the 21st of June, in the 3rd year of a decade, including Azalea’s abandonment at the fair.   In the between time, Azalea has been adopted and moved to a mission in Uganda, where her adoptive family is murdered by Joseph Kony ( the real person in the story, with lots of abductions, child soldiers and sexual slaves of the LRA) on June 21st 1992, when Azalea was 13.  After a harrowing kidnapping, Azalea is adopted by two medical students to remove her back to England, and she becomes a lecturer in Literature and gains another new last name.

Is life random or determined are we predestined to have patterns and does that mean that on June 21st 2012 it will be Azalea’s turn to die?  The fascinating people along her life path assist her in finding her story and where she was born and which of the blind men claiming to be her father is the real deal.

I enjoyed the interplay and explanation of philosophy and reason, I went back and read several sections again to understand the connections and the thinking patterns, and I thought it was wonderful that the author grew up in Africa, had experienced much of the unrest and could expand my thinking about Uganda and the Sudan.  The characters who delved into religion and interpretations were fascinating and so delighted my senses and my inner dialogue. The philosophy professor tells much of the story by sharing his thinking with his academic mentor who adds a psychological dimension to the whole.

COINCIDENCE  is also a love story about fathers and mothers and a young woman who believes “that everything that happens, happens for a reason.”

This is J.W. Ironmonger’s first novel to be published in the USA and I know you will not want to miss it.

“ But the droll, sharp-witted narrator spins this tale with the lightest of touches, all the way to it’s perfect ending.  I adored this book.”
Christina Baker Kline (author of The Orphan Train)

I could not agree more COINCIDENCE has the perfect ending!

tlc logo This book was sent to me for review by TLC online Book tours and Harper Publishing.  It was a wonderful read and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to read this book and tell you about – COINCIDENCE

J.W. Ironmonger online

The author spent many years in East Africa and thought he would return as a zoologist after schooling in UK.  That idea was not to be, and he came back to UK with his wife who is a zoologist and he works in computers.  They have two children and his son Jon went back to explore Uganda with him as he researched the novel.  The family shares life with lots of animals.

If you purchase anything from Amazon or Powell’s  from this site, I will receive a few beans in my bucket. Donations also welcomed. Thank you.

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