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DRESSING A TIGER: A memoir ~Maggie San Miguel

Monday, October 10th, 2016

dressing-a-tigerDRESSING A TIGER is not a plain Ol’ memoir with a bit of spicing up, this is about a very interesting and sometimes disturbing life story mixed with a heavy dose of humor and a very spunky child who remembers so much.  Maggie is the youngest child in her family – much younger; her brother is 18 and her sister 16 when she arrives onto the scene.  Mom is fairly unstable and inconsistent and has almost no time for her youngest and Dad is a very busy man as the top negotiator for the Teamsters Union.  Maggie is not allowed to play in the front yard of their Connecticut home but the huge backyard with lake and below ground tree fort commands her attention.  Maggie loves to row her boat out to her private island and seize the day.

“Maggie San Miguel is a Past Life Regression Therapist, a Mediation Instructor and a Psychic Medium, appearing on the paranormal television show, STRANGE TOWN.  She has assisted law enforcement with a murder investigation in Texas.  She also makes pottery, paints and can cook a mean meatball.” (Cover)

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The book is quite interesting and includes geishas’ in Maggie’s rowboat, and mob hit men taking a 4 year old to the dentist.  Because of their reclusive lifestyle, Maggie dotes on the “friends” of her father who come to the house to plot, drink and eat.  Jack Dahlstrom, her father, though of a Scandinavian heritage, learns to speak Italian and interact with the Italian families involved in controlling the East Coast.  His friends are folks he connected with during his time serving in World War II.  His wife a great redheaded beauty grew up in poverty and led a very tough life. When the stress levels were too high, she disappeared into alcohol and bed, including strange behaviors especially trying to kill squirrels.

“A father serving the Mob, hit men moonlighting as babysitters, an uncle in the Secret Service, famous politicians amongst family friends, a mother in need of shock therapy, and a kid who eavesdrops and remember it all. “  What a unique childhood!

“Her father’s prior knowledge of the Kennedy assassination and his unique friendships with Jack Ruby, John Connally, Henry Wade and infamous Mafia bosses Carlo Bambino, Sam Giancana and Paul Castellano is a story untold until now.” “…Dahlstrom collected an impressive array of friends and Mafia secrets that were never meant to see the light of day.  Maggie San Miguel has just opened the blinds.” (Cover)

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and think it will make a wonderful book to share.  I highly recommend it and am grateful that Meryl Zegarek Public Relations, Inc.  sent me an advanced copy for review.

This book will be published October 26, 2016

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THE CONTRACTORS: A Jon Cantrell Thriller ~Harry Hunsicker

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

THE CONTRACTORS is a 510 page contemporary thriller which I spent 3/4s of my weekend reading.  Thrillers are not often a choice I would make for reading pleasure; I have many readers who enjoy this genre very much.  I use these books to practice my analysis skills and to keep my thinking skills at peak performance.  How was the pace?  Did the story connect and was I able to understand the characters and their role and function?   Was I sent to do some extra research and discovery? Was the story revealing and did the dialogue flow and move the story forward?  Was violence and sex used appropriately or was it just for titillation? Are the female characters possible or just caricatures? Was the story line interesting and engaging?

THE CONTRACTORS moves at an amazing pace and the characters are very real and believable.  Yes, I was sent to the search engines several times to follow DEA investigations and Immigration statistics and I was overwhelmed by the number of drug related violent deaths in the Dallas, Texas newspapers.  The number of weapons in our environment has been overwhelming me since the SANDY HOOK tragedy.  THE CONTRACTORS has put all this information into a fictional study of the new way we as a country are doing business.  It reveals how violent, disorganized, deadly, costly, and destructive rogue sub-contracting groups are to our lives and how they produce even more deadly-destructive results.

Our society is being destroyed as we increase the number of disenfranchised or disposable citizens and we keep pursuing the ‘War On Drugs’. We keep arming with fancier and fancier weapons, vehicles and spy tools, para-military vigilante groups and then pay them on commission. Bounty Hunters! All sanctioned by Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Cheney during the previous President Bush’s administration.  In THE CONTRACTORS it has reached viral levels of destruction, mayhem, and incompetence which are astounding.  Who really cares?

In the middle of reading THE CONTRACTORS, I paused to watch the Super Bowl with friends. This respite, from an into the middle of the night reading session, to watch a football game on TV was a fabulous contrasting story balancing out the intensity of the read.   Here was a young team with no “stars” of which none were a first round draft pick, being coached by  one of the oldest coaches in the NFL – “Who is thought of as a college coach” – working deftly as a team and creating a win.  None are paid extreme salaries, none of the players were chosen before the 7th round, and yet the team worked together and created a win. One could witness the teamwork in action.  Washington State has not had many National Professional sports wins – 1980s basketball, 2004 Women’s Basketball and now 2014 Super Bowl. The State was hungry and the celebrations were noisy and prolonged.  I finished reading THE CONTRACTORS about 2am and the fireworks were still exploding across the Sound.   Way to go Seahawks!  Way to Go Seahawks!

Here is the lesson for me: As a State we work best when we are a team effort.  Our healthcare, schools, science, transportation, social services and environment are best utilized when we were working with a spirited team.  Our public schools were in the top 10 in the nation just a few years ago, but now as sub-contractors have moved in to all our systems and institutions our public schools have dropped to 47th and people are racing to set up private schools and transporting their children. (ALEC)  The War on Drugs has destroyed several of our cities and the road from public education to privatized prisons is paved with gold for a few.   THE CONTRACTORS just points out how far advanced the decay is in Texas and how quickly other states are following – racing down this path.

I love to read even books not in my favorite genre like THE CONTRACTORS.

tlc logo I received a copy of this book for review from TLC Online Book Tours and the author.  I know a number of my readers like a good contemporary, thriller and THE CONTRACTORS certainly filled that genre.  Thank you for the opportunity.

If you purchase anything from Amazon or Powell’s  from this site, I will receive a few beans in my bucket.  Thank you.  Donations also welcomed.

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