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DARING MY PASSAGES: a Memoir ~Gail Sheehy

“’ The Change’ was not a curse that turned older women into victims; it was a freedom that allowed older women to stop trying so hard to please.” (p365) “His study (Erik Erikson) found that men only moved on to the next period of development when they began working at a new task and built […]


Quartet is a movie I have wanted to see ever since I saw Dustin Hoffman, the director, introduce the movie on the Stephen Colbert Show.  Actually, I don’t have a TV and I do not usually watch the Stephen Colbert Show; I decided because I knew the music and the performance that the movie was […]

14,000 things to be happy about ~Barbara Ann Kipfer

I am changing a Habit  – yes another one!  This one involves pencil and paper, so I when I received a small set of notebooks that would fit into my purse recently, I decided to move forward on this change. When one of my daughters arrived at the teen years she was having trouble with […]

The Myths of Happiness ~Sonja Lyubomirsky

I do so enjoy having TLC online book tours choose books for me to read.  These surprise arrivals on my Kindle or in my mailbox just make me so HAPPY.  Many are books that I would not choose for myself and they just startle me with new information and idea sharing.  I am so happy […]