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The Myths of Happiness ~Sonja Lyubomirsky

I do so enjoy having TLC online book tours choose books for me to read.  These surprise arrivals on my Kindle or in my mailbox just make me so HAPPY.  Many are books that I would not choose for myself and they just startle me with new information and idea sharing.  I am so happy […]


Every year I pick a NEW  word to focus on as a guide to how I approach my endeavors and to hopefully become a better person.   This year the new word is not coming; nothing is resonating.  I thought my word was going to be Happiness, because I have a number of books to review […]

Celebrating the Moment of Wisdom

This week I wrote the letter resigning my Ordination in the Ministry of the United Church of Christ. It was a closure for me of the past five and a half years of releasing the old definitions.  I am not walking around giddy or happy dancing; I am standing a bit taller and witnessing the […]

Wanderers: Stories by Edward Belfar

WANDERERS is a book of short stories that showcases a writer’s skill with words and the fine art of moving a story forward with little waste or compromise.  The words are clever and bright creating a clear image in the mind; I will always be able to conjure up the image of salt and pepper […]