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Who’s That Doggie in the Window?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
Zip in the Window

Zip in the Window ~McEown

At this very moment as my fingers tap the keys, ZIP is looking out the window in the door.  It is raining rather vigorously and the squirrels and cats are not out and about right now, but he is hopeful.  I have to admit when he starts to bark sometimes it is just startling and loud causing me to jump and bound nearly out of my chair.  Now he is racing to the other end of the house to check out the possibility of deer on the orchard side of the house, and the neighbor has company so he will soon race upstairs to survey her driveway for activity.   He is vigilant.

He naps often.

I often spend my time on the computer looking at artist’s work, it is my favorite part of Friday afternoons.  I like finding blogs and making the connections.   I have highlighted my friend Jane’s  local sketches and also asked Terrill at Creative Potager to share her work on my site.

Zip by Keith Palmer  February 2011

Zip by Keith Palmer February 2011

Then into my inbox came a wonderful drawing of ZIP done by Keith Palmer of North Pennine Gallery’s Blog.

Keith’s work often captures my imagination and makes me wish I could head back to UK and see the countryside that he shares; the sheep in pasture, the stiles, and the pubs by the sea.  His drawing of Edinburgh just drew me in and I could remember walking that mile and the crush of people.

So thank you Keith Palmer for my lovely rendering of ZIP.   I am adding a copy to the gallery wall going up the stairs to my bedroom…the whole family hangs out there.

Say hello to DORIS  (Keith’s Westie) for me!

Do You have a favorite spot you wander to enjoy the visuals of their art?   Please share.

You might enjoy exploring IT Girls photography BLOG  and liking her page!

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