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Monday, November 28th, 2016

Gotta! love whimsy when it is well-played and just delights at every page turn. LOVE LITERARY STYLE is a romantic – comedy with some excellent tongue and cheek for the world of publishing and hope for the Great American Novel.

Aaron Mite is the serious author in the story-very serious.  He only writes literary novels and only wants to be publishing at one publishing house.  His father is a professor emeritus at a university and also a literary critic, and has been so negative about Aaron’s writing that Aaron discarded his first novel all together.  Although they live in the same town, father and son rarely connect and when then do it is a sullen, dark experience.  “Get your Ph.D. son and teach.”

Aaron takes his desire to write and heads to a Writing Colony in Georgia for a retreat and hopefully for success with novel number two.

Laurie Lee is a recent widow from a very small town in Georgia and is working as a librarian assistant near Atlanta.  She loves romantic – comedy or Rom-Com as she calls it and studies all the ways that books are published and how to make it big time.  She has a web page and self publishes all her stories there and offers words of wisdom hoping someone will write on her blog or read her books.  She enters contests and figures out ideas that might just go far, except her writing style is weak and she does not have the depth of knowledge or literature to build her ideas upon.  She has some wonderful ideas, and the stories have twists and turns, but the writing is lacking and weak.

One of those contests Laurie Lee wins and she goes tuition free to a Writing Colony in Georgia to write her great novel.  Her best friend thinks her writing would be better if she was actually involved in a romantic fling.

The writing colony thinks the scholarship has gone to a top of the line writer because of a typo in their application process.

Aaron Mite and Laurie Lee’s cabins are right next to each other at the retreat center. Here is where the story comes alive with lots and lots of possibilities.  We also have the deceased husband and the grumpy, sullen former girl friend to apply to the story line.

Next we are swept into a movie deal and a publisher picking up the novel and getting them to press.  For Aaron the door opening is demanding too much of what he does not want to be doing – he wants to write his next novel not sell and promote book number 2 – that is his agents job.  Laurie Lee does not want a ghostwriter to correct her writing because then the book will not be hers and the movie business is tedious and not fun.  The story at this point just kept me chuckling for the rest of the way through with the clever little ins and outs of the way life often goes and how the formulas for writing rom-com are played out.

This was a TLC Book Tour read and it was just delightful and very entertaining and worthy of good words in the review.  Thank you TLC for sending this along to me.

Yes, I do think that folks now days not only need to write the book, but they also have to market and sell it with style and panache.

About Karin Gillespie

Karin Gillespie is the author of the national bestselling Bottom Dollar Girls series, 2016 Georgia Author of the Year, Co-author for Jill Connor Browne’s novel Sweet Potato Queen’s First Big Ass Novel. Her latest novel Love Literary Style was inspired by a New York Times article called “Masters in Chick Lit” that went viral and was shared by literary luminaries like Elizabeth Gilbert and Anne Rice. She’s written for the Washington Post and Writer Magazine and is book columnist and humor columnist for the Augusta Chronicle and Augusta Magazine respectively. She received a Georgia Author of the Year Award in 2016.

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