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Hey Santa Could You Send a Few Things My Way?

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I am just having a great many feelings this year about the under the tree scene.  I just think I want to hone in on the children’s part of the celebration.  Most of my life, other than a book or special boots in third grade, I have not really wanted for a great many things and have been pleasantly surprised at most of the packages I have received over the years.  I need to be honest, I did beg out loud for my Kindle for my birthday – to a wide variety of folks!   This year I would like to ask for a few specific items so I decided to post my Top Five Santa List…

christmas lights

Top Five Santa List for Patricia:

#1.  I would like working solar panels, possibly from Nanosolar in San Jose (as referred to in Time Magazine November 10, 2008 edition – under best Inventions.)  I would like to use all the sunny days that come my way to give back energy to the power grid and regroup some of the Enron Legal fees, and help all the fish, flora, and fauna in my neighborhood.

#2.   I would be overjoyed if my youngest child could learn how to use money, understand money, and become accountable and responsible with money.  I am wishing too with graduation in March from college a wonderful job with health insurance will open up for her and she will be able to pay her way. I do not wish for my other children to have to take over this task, I cannot afford a guardian or guardian services, and truly this appears to be an area where I am not succeeding.

#3.   I have my fingers crossed and eyes heavenward, that I will have enough money for a plane ticket to the UK for my 60th birthday celebration and enough spending money to purchase food, water, and a few mementos of the journey.  I guess that means that we will not need a new roof or have a flooded bedroom area, or medical expenses.  I would truly just love a guarantee that everything will be a “green light” for a wonderful adventure and celebration.

#4.  I would like someone to invent a home watermill to generate energy.  We have hundreds of gallons of water running out our gutters every time it rains, which is a great deal of the time.  Since seeing the Leonardo Di Vinci exhibit at the Tech museum in San Jose, CA, I have been pondering the idea that mankind’s dominate source of energy over time has been water.  Rain and gutter water would be ideal sources of energy that already exist; we just need a way to capture it and make it useable at our homes. We have French drains, 2 sump pumps, sewer lines, street drains, and tons of water running off our roof which seems like it should be able to run at least my computer every day?  Come on somebody…let’s give it a try and get something good going here.

#5.  and dear Santa, I would like health – profoundly, irrationally, abundantly, unlimited health.  No more threats to lose my insurance, no more pre-diabetes, no more high blood pressure, no more cancer, no more pneumonia, and enough energy to enjoy my abundance.  Within this wish, I would like my writing, particularly on my blogs, to serve me well enough to pay all my medical debts and fund some retirement to remove that stressor from my whole being.

Some list?  Huh?

I just bet you have a Santa list or a goal list too?

Marelisa at Abundance Blog has a wonderful positive way to look at goals and setting them for the new year and I recommend it for good reading and list making.

Oh yes, and could we include WORLD PEACE?

I sure would like it if you wrote down a few of your Santa wishes here – get them out   loudly.

Thank you for sharing your comments and ideas.

Factoid Friday: Hats Off to My Favorite Gadgets That WORK!

Friday, November 28th, 2008

#1 Kindle – I truly am having a love affair with my Kindle book reader.

After using it for 3 months now and having it on a business/vacation trip loaded up with 31 books, newspapers, and blogs – being able to take notes – and asking research questions of the Kindle team and getting answers in about 15 minutes – well I can’t say enough. Authors are getting paid, less paper is being used, and my eyes never burn or feel tired. It is light weight. It has now paid for itself. The small memory card makes it so you can have up to 4000 books! And the backup Kindle team means you will always own those books even if you drop your reader into the sea! If you order yours off my blog site – well, I will get a few dollars to buy more books. WOW, why did I wait so long?

#2 Vermont Apple peeler, corer, and slicer – my hands say thank you for this gem.

Last year, I peeled, cored, and sliced by hand, 90 apples a dehydrator load and each day my hands got more swollen and callused. I could hardly move my hands in the morning. Dried organic apples from our trees are my favorite holiday gift to give. I filled the dryer 16 times. This year I filled the dryer 12 times and in about ½ the time having been gifted this nifty little machine by two people. My hands did not hurt and were not swollen at all. I filled an apple pie in about 10 minutes – It works and it is keeping me able to accomplish a task I love to do. Also does Potatoes. Thank you Vermont Apple Machine.

#3 Nikon Cool Pix Digital Camera

Even I can take good pictures and send them to my blog master with this handy little camera. I like how the memory disk just pops out and I can directly load the shots into my laptop on the road. The battery life is days longer than my previous camera and I don’t have to drag around my charger on a 10 day trip. Even though I did read the whole user booklet before I used my camera the first time…..in German, Spanish and English – wasn’t up to Japanese! (Just kidding) I had no trouble figuring out how to use it and access the different programs. I take this everywhere I take my writer’s journal – including the bathroom. What a gem and work master.

#4 Nintendo DS with Brainage 2

This is just such a fun way to exercise my brain and rev my engines to my best writing and thinking endeavors. It is in my pocket wherever I go and I take a break with this instead of food! I have completed Brainage 1 so I am recommending 2 this time around and when I am just charged up after teaching or discussing something, this game has a way to calm the brain down so one can sleep – you need to play a certain number of the other games to open up this relaxer, but it was very helpful when I got to worrying during an illness this fall. I show it to all my friends and introduced folks to it on my last plane trip. It is a bit addicting, but I seem to be able to put it down and move on to other things when needed. Wow this is just plain fun.

#5 Wii Fit – Hip Hip Hurrah!

At 3 nearly every afternoon you will find me in front of the TV doing a 30 minute workout, stretch or balance routine. My posture is so improved and I just feel better. Usually I have been writing for 2 hours and building my business for 5 by this time. I work out at the gym or walk the lake in the wee hours of the morning. Having this back up for the severe weather days was all I was hoping for, now it gives my mind a rest and my body some action that helps. The Fit program works off the Wii system and my kids like to do it too – gets them up and moving. I have even gotten my honey to do skiing and bowling as a date night! Way fun! And I just feel better and stronger. It’s better than chocolate!

All five of my gadgets are available on Amazon.com and if you order from my website I will get a few cents in return.

What are your favorite gadgets that make your life better – they work!???

Looking forward to adding more to my list.

Factoid Friday: House Gratitude in Focus

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Thought you might like to see the house I am grateful for its beauty and for helping us grow and fund our lives.

The first two pictures are from 20 years ago after the first pruning of hedges, wild blackberry vines and the removal of 8 giant rotting fruit trees.  (It was thunderous to hear the branches break and fall in the wind and rain.)

old house 1

old house 2

The next two pictures are of the house front and back again. I took them, with all the leaves coming down, just the other night so you could see all the changes that have taken place on the exterior.

house 1

house 2

I have added pictures of the two walnut bowls that a neighbor lathed out of the wood from the giant walnut tree that also had to come down.  They are made from where the branches extended out from the truck of the tree.

bowl 1

bowl 2

Factoid Friday: Carrots

Friday, October 17th, 2008


  • Whole organic carrots with the peel on are one of the healthiest foods one can consume and a good source of fiber.
  • Dr. Christiane Northrup says in her Menopause book, The Wisdom of Menopause, that eating 5 whole organic carrots per week can reduce your risks of cancer by about 50%.
  • Cocktail carrots are created by taking the damaged, crooked, broken carrots at harvest, and lathing them down into the happy, little shape we see in the bag or at weddings.
  • Ever notice that your cocktail carrots are getting a white powdery substance on the outside? This is the chlorine that they were dipped in coming up to the surface.
  • We know that chlorine is a carcinogen.
  • Although we know that dogs cannot digest carrots, they make a sweet treat when training and help to get the tartar off their teeth and get rid of “doggie breath”.