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When Adult Children Come Home – Be Aware

Thursday, January 6th, 2011


When adult children come home for a holiday or vacation there is a decidedly different energy in the house and some things are just timelessly the same.

I thought I would share a list of the 10 major ideas that made me take note:

  1. Every glass in the cupboard was used every day and I needed to wander the house to gather them all and get them in the dishwasher for the next day’s use.
  2. The washer and the dryer were in nearly constant usage (well they did go cross country skiing) and they do not have to pay at our house!
  3. Every juice or milk carton was replaced in the refrigerator with only about 1 oz. of liquid remaining and often the next round was still frozen in the freezer or warm in the pantry.
  4. Roommates often accompany adult children to your home, are welcomed and squeezed into the activities, even without prior notification.
  5. The concept of 20 minute showers – max or Japanese showers is completely lost on adult children who are not paying a separate power/utilities bill yet! Frustrating indeed and you know you taught them to turn off the lights when they leave a room – but they have just experienced a new freedom and they forget.
  6. When their friends come over to visit you are included in the conversation which is much more interesting and invigorating. There is not a big hurry to escape your presence! ?
  7. All the parents comparing notes have discovered new APPS on their cell phones, especially ones for movie theaters in the area. I got a new grocery list app on my phone and it works very well and is simply wonderful. Dad got a new bike riding trail organizing APP and is finding this fun.
  8. Surprise! The gas tank on the car is empty and my car needed to get all the de-icer and grime off it after so many mountain runs.
  9. The clock on the TV/DVD player is set to the correct time, as it has been not set since the last power outage!
  10. My computer is now running quickly and has a new working OS on it but all of the widgets and desktop icons are missing and I have no idea where they are… (and I had to jump for joy over this gift until I accidentally erased about 400 emails that had mounted up while I took 2 weeks off of my computer!)

Hope this was a fun venture into the world of adult children’s homecoming – I surely did have a marvelous time and I also saved my whole month’s grocery allowance for just this holiday adventure. There is a whole lot of eating going on, help with the dishes and even some compliments for your efforts.

Can you add to this list? What are some of the changes you have noticed when adult children come home? When do children become fully adult in your definitions?

A special thank you to all the parents who shared and Tait, Beth, Jeff, Quinn, Whitney, Lael and Brad who assisted me in the preparation of the this list – and performed those magic tasks!

Looking forward to your fabulous responses and comments…

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Have I Got a List For You?

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

I understand that list posts are very good ways to draw people to one’s blog site and also to draw lots of comments.

I have seen evidence of the success of these list posts why just this week, Dani at Positively Present has been making lists about how to find your light when all is dark.

JD at Sources of Insight has been sharing a list of his favorite quotes about good luck.

Janice at Sharing the Journey has 101 tips for writers

And Jannie has another list of typo errors that are most amusing and enjoyable to discover.

Tess at The Bold Life can never be out done!
Even Barbara at Blogging without a Blog has a short list of blogging etiquette rules

So here I am wanting to do a list post and draw people into my words, at this point all I could conjure up is my Grocery List. So without further ado, I will share my October 1, 2009 Grocery List.

  1. More apples – because frankly the deer are getting all the good ones.
  2. Tomatoes – because they are so yummy this time of year and the deer got there first.
  3. A new microwave oven – although I am eating raw my guy is not and our 15 year old gem has given up, and apparently this is not a false positive – it is a goner.
  4. Dark Chocolate – dairy free. Life would just not be worth living without a melt down on my tongue two times a week.
  5. Someone else to do the shopping, because it is so hard to enter the store and bypass all those food industry items. They were made to reward your brain and that they do it with such perfection.
  6. A trip to the Farmer’s Market to see all the beautiful autumn produce; to see the crafts, jellies, and soaps – oh and the flower arrangements – Hey they have new crop apples right now and pears!
  7. Go to the bank, go directly to the bank and make sure all the funds have been deposited and are ready to pay the bills.
  8. Grab my bushel basket and fill it with hugs, smiles, and well wishes to share along the way.
  9. At least 2 and maybe more like 6 giant guffaws – laughing right out loud (LOL)
  10. A never ending supply of gratitude and thanks for the wonderful folks who read and comment on my blog and all the delightful, inspirational, and exceptionally talented folks in this blogging community. We are a fine harvest to behold – Thank you all

What’s on your list today?

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Just Three Things for a Friday Post

Friday, August 14th, 2009

#1 And the winners are:
I have had several posts while away about Book, Border Songs, give away and Jannie’s I need a Man CD which are party favors for my birthday, which by the way is officially August 23rd, but I am partying for the whole month!

Tah! Dah!

Border Songs the Book goes to Jannie Funster for her laugh out loud comments on my blog while I was away and because she reads books! I think this book will make her laugh out loud too.

The copy of Jannie’s CD goes to Cath Lawson because she did say that she did not have the CD and she asked!

Thank you for all the appreciated comments and good recommendations.

#2 A Movie Recommendation:
I just have returned from seeing Julie & Julia which is a delightfully good movie and not just a chick flick! The blogger succeeds and Meryl Streep is amazing and so are the love stories.
You can also read the blog or the book; equally good.

#3 A Puzzlement in Contemplation Mode:
I have been watching my city plant hundreds of street trees over the past years. HUNDREDS. They are all Deciduous. WHY? We grow Evergreen Trees here, which drink up 500 gallons of water a day, are shallow rooted and hold the soils in place. Why if our downtown is going to be underwater in a few years, do we not plant Evergreen Trees and keep our environment appropriate?

Why do we cut them down in the first place and do not replant fir trees? Why do folks uphill cut down their fir trees and then discover they need a permit?

Well, I am not alone in this Puzzlement. One of the news discussion shows in Scotland discussed this very subject. In Scotland they are busy planting Evergreen Trees and reforesting the landscape. Their natural forests are Deciduous Trees. Citizens and Officials are now asking, why they are planting so many Evergreen Trees? And because they are asking and raising such points – nicely – the government is going to switch to planting appropriate trees for the areas they are reforesting.

Is it because no one in my city is asking that question of the right people? So I put in a call about this puzzlement, the fellow in charge just left on vacation – I will need to wait – nicely.

Congratulations to the winners.

I am wondering if you have any puzzlements you would like to share and add to the contemplation pool?

Looking forward to you much appreciated comments:

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Kindle 2 and 5 Things I Love About It!

Monday, April 13th, 2009

I have been the happy owner of a Kindle Reader since August 2008. I had purchased one early on for my daughter who is studying to be an Information Science person (Librarian), because I just thought it was an invaluable tool for someone who likes to read and research.

I wrote about my first thoughts about Kindle I here.

My first Kindle has moved on to another daughter who is in graduate school and the text books are so much less – I think kiddos who are going to college should all have one.

Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny brought me a Kindle II – Lucky ME!

Here are my 5 tops reasons for liking the Kindle II

  • The page turning control button is not so large or sensitive. I am not accidentally turning 5 pages any more. The Note taking and Highlighting features are much easier to navigate, cleaner and more decisive in its information recovery.
  • This Kindle is lighter weight and I can carry over 1400 books tucked inside my purse and it weighs about a pound. Lighter than my Nintendo DS player.
  • I can read in the sunshine and I can change the print size and not have to change glasses when my eyes are tired. ( I don’t have distance vision in my reading glasses – I run into things)
  • I can still read twice as fast as a bound book, and I can get several blogs, newspapers, magazines and save on paper (TIME magazine is $1.49 a month and almost all books are under $10.)
  • The Kindle II reads aloud to me…when I am cooking, driving, and just before dropping off to sleep…..no wasted moments. (Well, I do listen to a lot of books and lectures on tape anyway, but this reads the technical books too!)
  • I like change and I like how Kindle is changing the way books are published and read. This change is one that makes my life easier and better. I like how this format saves on paper. I still read lots of blogs every day, do research on the computer and I enjoy the magazine format of StumbleUpon.

    What other tools have you discovered that you like and make your life easier?
    Do you think you would like or not like a Kindle – why?
    Did you know that lots of folks read blogs on their phones now? Way fun? Or Too Much?

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