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Creation – A Movie Review

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Sometimes when you need it most the right teacher just comes along.  Creation was one of those teachers and an outstanding movie.   I can highly recommend it and one might wish to set aside two times to watch it and realize the depth from the story.

The movie is a biographical drama about the life of Charles Darwin for the year before he wrote his book the Origins of the Species.  The movie is a 2009 BBC production and has all the grace, charm, and skill they are known for putting into period pieces of work. The cast is excellent and one sees the wife, the scientist and the clergy and not Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bethany, and Jeremy Northam, although their names are what drew me to choosing to watch this piece.

The family is struggling with the death of their beloved 9 year old daughter.  This event is the catalyst for Darwin and his wife to see clearly their differences in belief systems.   They are deeply in love, but Darwin’s work in evolution and science has allowed for the release of his belief in the church’s doctrine, whereas the opposite has occurred for his wife, who has become more deeply religious and fears that her husband’s new beliefs will not allow them to be together forever and ever, including the afterlife.  She knows that she will be reunited with her child in that blessed state; she is comforted by her beliefs.

The scientific community is pushing Darwin to publish his work and take the Church to task, which will allow their studies, work and efforts to move forward and progress the thinking of the nation.  Darwin is made physically ill by his mourning, his releasing the belief, his love for his wife and his drive to reveal his knowledge to others and create understanding.  He is in a painful neutral zone of change.

He stops trying to understand it and focuses totally on healing his physical self.  He is able to hear what he needs to hear, and he opens himself to understanding FAITH rather than just believing.  He recovers and he and his family are able to communicate and find their connections; opening to the love they have for each other.

We are witness to a dramatic change process as found within an individual who changed the world’s beliefs in a dramatic way.  I found this profound and enlightening.

I have been struggling with making change in my life, and it has meant the loss of many of my belief systems and finding new behaviors and expressions.   Susan of Today’s Path emailed me about Gregg Braden’s book  The Spontaneous Healing of Belief and I have read this book several times.

Two things began to stand out for me from this book and they are:  How can we be instantly healed? And secondly, why do so many people wish to avoid the struggle and effort that may be involved in the neutral zone of change, when it is only through this effort that we can progress into our greater self?

This movie helped me to understand that a belief can be healed in a second – how one proceeds with living after that healing is whether or not the change will have a lasting effect or be hidden away or even masked by physical symptoms and distress.

Braden, also a scientist, reminds repeatedly that we are hardwired to seek comfort and that a situation usually has to become extremely painful for any lasting change to take place.  We like to stick with what we know and not take on others problems or challenges.

Change does not happen without discomfort.

Darwin did write his book and I read it in college and found new things to believe in from the reading.  Now I read Braden’s book and am finding new things to believe in from studying it.  The movie opened the door of my understanding and it was beautiful story telling.

Inspiring! 5-Ladybugs

Have you watched a movie that assisted you in understanding a change you were making? Please share it with us.

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No one paid or promoted this review and I was not given a copy of the movie or the books.

Congratulations are in Order!

Susan Blake is the winner of the stunning book Precious Seconds, by Terrill Welch. Thank you for each one of you who comments on my blog and to all the wonderful readers, I am thankful for your words.

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For Such Beauty is Mine ~A guest post

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Precious Seconds - Mayne Island in Paintings and Photographs

For such beauty is mine nearly every day of every week and of every year.  It is a gift that I just need to see to have and enjoy.  I find that there is a beauty in water that lures me into the flow of life and washes away the suffering that I have created or have allowed to meander within.

For the past two years, I have been wandering a path to the Creative Potager’s door (in this case blog) and enjoying her paintings and photographs.  When a friend had to move to the deep, dark interior of the United States, I saw Terrill Welch’s calendar of trees and knew immediately I must send it to my friend to help her heal and not miss our sights and beauty so far from her home.

I am so grateful for the many forms of beauty in my life and I wanted to focus on Everyday Beauty as my Thanksgiving Theme.   I could think of no better person, artist; inspirer than Terrill Welch to share with you today.

So I asked her to write a guest post and share her pictures with you and without further ado, here is her sharing.

Thankful for Everyday Beauty

Thanksgiving Day carries with it a long tradition of giving thanks. We can be thankful for many things. We may even come to this annual holiday with a long list to bring forward for acknowledgment. But today I am going to focus our attention on being thankful for the everyday beauty that surrounds us.

It could be the swirling grains in a piece of driftwood next to sea.

1 being on Shore by Terrill Welch

Did you notice a small echo of that same shape repeating itself in the sky? The day is quiet. It might even rain. This is the stillness that feeds resilience and inner strength. I often long for this melancholy silence.

Or it might the mist coming through the trees with a distant sun trying to break through.

2 Breaking Through

There is no greater mystery than west coast fog draping itself through the trees, gathering damp fingers near the nape of your neck, leaving nothing behind but its cool breath.

Other times it can be the soft light of an early summer evening dancing off the clouds and reflected onto the surface of the ocean. How we wait at these times in anticipation of something greater. Often, it will simply get dark as the heavy clouds near the horizon devour any drifting rays of brilliance.

3 Sea and Clouds

Our surroundings are not always so tranquil though are they? Sometimes waves crash and bellow with rage in the shadows. We may be standing on shore feeling helpless while noticing, even then, how beautiful it is.

4 rough sea

Then, just as we believe we can stand no more and we are too weary to resist, the storm breaks.

5 flight of the rainbow

Possibly, it is like this when we are thankful for everyday beauty. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you so much Patricia for asking me to your place of wisdom on your special holiday.

Thank you Terrill


I have a gift for one of my very special commenters, I wish I could send one to each and every one of you, but I will have to make a random selection from those of you willing to make a comment.  I am giving one lucky commenter a copy of Terrill’s new book of her paintings and pictures…

You can take a look at a few pages at this Blurb Site

Just one word will suffice to win the book for you.

I hope that this experience and read assisted you in enjoying the beauty of everyday moments.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the folks celebrating – A holiday about food and we eat!  Everyday Beauty.

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Terrill Welch ~artist, photographer, writer

Online Gallery
Creative Potager blog
Photography at redbubble
Facebook: Terrill Welch
Email: tawelch@shaw.ca
Phone: 1-250-539-5877

Temple Grandin – A Movie Review

Thursday, November 17th, 2011
Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin

Sam Juliano at Wonders In The Dark has made several requests that I review a movie here at Patricia’s Wisdom.   I do not very often go to the Theatre because it is just too expensive for me right now; I do watch at least one movie a week, through the mailbox system of delivery.

However this 2010 movie just popped out at me as it came up in my “recommended for you” folder week after week,   I had to read the plot summary and then go on line to look it up and discover it was a biography of a rather exceptional person.   NOW, I was interested.

One reason I did not want to watch this movie was I do not like any of the movies that Claire Danes has acted in and that I have seen.   She just screws up her face in the most bazaar fashion, it always distracts and I find myself wondering if she is going to cry or just drop over dead – No such luck.   Danes was too hearty and healthy to play Beth in Little Women and I find myself talking back to her in every scene, the last time I was ill, I just fast forwarded over her scenes in that movie.

At least, she had brown hair in Temple Grandin.  Actually, she was excellent and truly captured Temple’s actions and interpretations.  And then again, Ms Grandin liked her portrayal in the movie too. The nice actor from Chocolate played Grandin’s mother and was so good.

Here is how Netflix summarizes the story:

”Emmy winner Claire Danes stars as Temple Grandin, a brilliant young woman coping with the stigma of autism at a time when it was misunderstood. With the support of her loving family, Temple dedicates herself to learning and becomes a famed animal behaviorist. Her passion for animals gives her a unique ability to understand them, and she fulfills her love of education by teaching about autism and the most humane ways to treat livestock and pets.”

Director:Mick Jackson
Genres:Dramas, Biographical Dramas, Dramas based on real life, Social Issue Dramas, Tearjerkers, 20th Century Period Pieces
This movie is:Emotional, Inspiring, Heartfelt, Feel-good

Here is Temple Grandin’s lecture on TED

Want more Temple Grandin Information?   She has a whole page on Wikipedia and numerous websites.

Temple Grandin understands animal behavior.  She understands Autism and she understands how minds work and knows how we need the whole spectrum of minds, working at their best capacity to make this world a better place.

“Nature is Cruel, so we do not need to be”
Temple Grandin

I watched this movie 4 times before I put it back in the mail box to return.   I cried each time, Grandin gets up to thank her mother for all her efforts and for not giving up on her.  You can read about her mother and she has written a book about her experience, it is called:  A Thorn In My Pocket

I adored the scene where Temple’s Mother confronts the doctor with his diagnosis and then just moves forward on her own to help her child become the best that she can be.  She did not give up.

I do not give up, I am an exceptional mother with exceptional children and I could relate to this movie on so many levels.  It was beautiful storytelling and well worth the effort.


I just love to go to the movie theatre and when the lights go down, I feel myself transported into the world of the film.  I enjoy the feeling of leaving the theatre and the sense of re-entry into the world; it is as though I can see with new eyes.    I do not like going to the theatre and paying to watch all the ads and product placements.   How do you feel about going to the theatre and about all the advertizing?

(Yes, I do realize the ads pay for the movie making – but they have become overwhelming to me recently)  The ads did not detract from the important story being told.

I would also ask if you know what the definition is of the “exceptional child”   in the world of education?  I have used that definition intentionally in this review.

Here is my review Mr. Juliano – I have a few more coming up in the new year.  I still like reading the books best because then I choose how the scene looks and how the characters appear – my imagination likes to play.

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A Gift for my Readers and Commenters!
Yep!  Come by and make a comment on Patricia’s Wisdom on Nov. 24,25,26 because I am giving away a lovely, beautiful gift to one of my readers that day!

Jane Dillon Wingfield – Local Artist

Monday, September 19th, 2011
Oly Market Scene

Oly Market Scene

I want to share my birthday gift with you right now.  My friend and book group sister Jane Wingfield offered me a print of her lovely art as a birthday present, because I so enjoy her work and being in her good company, and because I was overjoyed by her offer, I requested to be a bit greedy and share her art here and give you the link to her blog where she shares even more of her drawings. Jane said, Yes!

Jane is off to Connecticut to celebrate her daughter’s wedding.  I did a piece about Lianna and her Juvenile Diabetes fundraiser earlier in the summer right after the 4th of July, when we were celebrating Jane’s Birthday, which is on that day!

Every week I go to our Farmer’s Market from April to December and I do so love how Jane’s sketches capture the joyful energy.  There is a touch of whimsy to many of her sketches that produce a feeling of delight for me.

Schilter Family Pumpkin Patch

Schilter Family Pumpkin Patch

Jane works full time for the State of Washington and has shared her wisdom with 3 amazing children and numerous pets and critters.  Her partner John travels all over the earth helping Unity Churches develop and grow.   She is a high energy person and enjoys being with people, she asks the tough questions and laughs easily to keep us from becoming bogged down and uninspired.

I loaned Jane my Foley Food Mill, because she was making Apple Butter to share with all the guests at the wedding.  She also gave me a jar – yum.   She returned my pan so shining and scrubbed, I seriously considered asking her to assist me in cleaning up my other cookware!

Regents Park London

Regents Park London

Wasn’t this a great birthday gift?

Her enthusiasm for living is infectious.

Do you have a favorite local artist who helps you in joy your community?  Are you drawn to the art? Looking forward to your comments.

Marcia Orchids Nighttime

Marcia Orchids Nighttime

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