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Sunday, October 31st, 2010

A few weeks ago I shared with you that I was working on some needs for my Library Girl’s Library.

Halloween weekend we made a special trip to deliver the 26 SIT UPONS that have been completed.   I thought you might like to see what they looks like?
Sit Upons Pancake Stack

The sit upons are actually called rag rugs and are usually crocheted out of torn strips of fabric from the rag bag.  My friend Lilly taught me how to make them and she had a bath mat that she knew was over 80 years old her Mother had made before she was born.   They  get stronger and strong – tighter and tighter the more one washes them.

Sit upons laid out 2

I made several heart shaped ones for each daughter’s bedroom in their favorite colors and one very large oval rug for the family room floor.   Three of the SIT UPONS are chair rugs that I used on the ladder back dining chairs to keep my Grandmother’s needlepoint seat tapestries clean.

It takes about 2.5 yards of fabric for each SIT UPON and they are various sizes because of the weight and texture of the fabric.  Some are made from new fabric I got on sale and some are from odds and ends from the sewing storage box.

Watermelon sliced sit upon

I have enough fabric for 2 more SIT UPONS but Library Girl says this is enough to get started for story time with the Kindergarteners and she wants to make at least one during Thanksgiving Break.


Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

My two neighbors  Chloe, dressed up as her Mother and sister Calla, Ballerina girl,  came over early to TRICK OR TREAT and draw the winning ticket for the book give away  The Gifts of Imperfection.


Congratulations To Jannie !!!!!!!!

Don’t you think my impartial judges are terrific at doing a random drawing?

Did you dress up for Halloween?  Do you celebrate these events?  I have several children in my neighborhood with diabetes so I am sharing Be Strong and Breast Cancer bracelets this year?   I made a donation to UNICEF, at Harvest Potluck, this year too.

Looking forward to your fun comments

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Sparkling Tour with Bubbly Celebrations in Mind

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008 in the USA, I was on tour and I decided on the best mode of celebration for my big event in 2009.

It all started with a 20 hour train ride to San Francisco.  I got on board the Amtrak Pacific Coast train service to San Francisco about noon.  I found my sleeper car and the Porter came by to let me know that I was signed up for lunch in an hour and a half.  This was news to me because I had carefully packed a bag of food for the ride and now found out my ticket included 6 full meals in the dining car.

A few minutes later the Porter returned with a split of champagne and a lovely orange for me to enjoy while I settled in and waited for lunch.

The Champagne kept on coming the whole week of my tour!

I did several walking tours of the city and discovered fine food, farmer’s markets, and the amazing experiences of the Mission District, Chinatown, the Embarcadero, the tourist traps and Union Square’s Glitz.  At nearly every stop and start, there was Champagne.

I was given a tour of Wine Country by my oldest child.  It was a lovely coach bus tour with lots of other people.  I truly enjoyed meeting the folks from Scotland who were married “last Thursday” in San Diego and were enjoying their honeymoon tour after a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon –“Oh! It is just the best way to experience the whole spectacular.”

Thank you!  Thank you! To my kiddo for the great experience and fun day.

My Honey and child did the wine country tour on bicycles, while I enjoyed the bus, the lovely food, and the tour guide’s history lessons and city discussions.  Joe was a great teacher at our first stop Domaine Chandon – the home of the finest of Champagnes.

The grounds, gardens, and vines are exquisite even on a rainy fall morning. This elegant facility also grows its own grapes.  I learned the difference between grades of wines and how champagne is priced and the correct way to consume and taste wine on the remaining three stops of the tour.

And I got an idea.   I knew just how I wanted to celebrate my 60th birthday in 2009. I started planning my year in detail at that very moment on my third glass of the bubbly.

I bought a case of my favorite taste and joined the champagne club.  12 lovely bottles of champagne arrived at my home and now 2 more would arrive each month until I said – enough!

Now I am asking you to join in the fun.

When one opens a bottle of champagne (which by the way I learned how to do correctly) there begins a celebration and an expectation – just like magic there is a rather joyous response from deep down inside.   I have given away the first 12 bottles in that case with the words:

“In 2009, I will be turning 60 years old and I want you to have this bottle of champagne to help me celebrate.  Even if you do not drink champagne, I am sure you will discover someone who has just a special moment in 2009 which needs a joyous, bubbly celebration of champagne to acknowledge – so pass it on.  I want you to assist me in radiating that joyous feeling all throughout the year to come”

I am hoping that each one of you will purchase a bottle of the bubbly and keep it on hand in 2009 for that celebration moment that is just right to pop the cork.

I am hoping that folks will comment on this post all throughout the year ahead and let me know just how they celebrated and passed on that joyous feeling. Will you help me participate?

I am thinking this will make for a boundless stream of joy – opened up to the universe – a round of celebration.  What do you think?

How did you celebrate your 60th birthday or how do you think you will celebrate that magical decade’s arrival?

How do you put joy out into the universe?

(You don’t drink alcoholic beverages?  That is okay too! Did you know that opening a brewed bottle of Gingerale will give you the same joyous feeling and no alcohol?  – it has a sharp, clear taste from the Ginger used in making it – it is very healthy stuff for your body – and it is not just chemical imitation like soda pop)

End of the Champagne Tour…

This is a repost of my birthday Champagne Tour post and I hope you will feel free to add a joyous occasion that just bubbled forth a joyous, hopeful, celebration spirit for you.  I  so appreciate for all the folks who made comments and added to my birthday year…You still have time to add your comments or your celebration here!

Wishing you and Yours a Wonder Full New Year – 2010

Just Three Things for a Friday Post

Friday, August 14th, 2009

#1 And the winners are:
I have had several posts while away about Book, Border Songs, give away and Jannie’s I need a Man CD which are party favors for my birthday, which by the way is officially August 23rd, but I am partying for the whole month!

Tah! Dah!

Border Songs the Book goes to Jannie Funster for her laugh out loud comments on my blog while I was away and because she reads books! I think this book will make her laugh out loud too.

The copy of Jannie’s CD goes to Cath Lawson because she did say that she did not have the CD and she asked!

Thank you for all the appreciated comments and good recommendations.

#2 A Movie Recommendation:
I just have returned from seeing Julie & Julia which is a delightfully good movie and not just a chick flick! The blogger succeeds and Meryl Streep is amazing and so are the love stories.
You can also read the blog or the book; equally good.

#3 A Puzzlement in Contemplation Mode:
I have been watching my city plant hundreds of street trees over the past years. HUNDREDS. They are all Deciduous. WHY? We grow Evergreen Trees here, which drink up 500 gallons of water a day, are shallow rooted and hold the soils in place. Why if our downtown is going to be underwater in a few years, do we not plant Evergreen Trees and keep our environment appropriate?

Why do we cut them down in the first place and do not replant fir trees? Why do folks uphill cut down their fir trees and then discover they need a permit?

Well, I am not alone in this Puzzlement. One of the news discussion shows in Scotland discussed this very subject. In Scotland they are busy planting Evergreen Trees and reforesting the landscape. Their natural forests are Deciduous Trees. Citizens and Officials are now asking, why they are planting so many Evergreen Trees? And because they are asking and raising such points – nicely – the government is going to switch to planting appropriate trees for the areas they are reforesting.

Is it because no one in my city is asking that question of the right people? So I put in a call about this puzzlement, the fellow in charge just left on vacation – I will need to wait – nicely.

Congratulations to the winners.

I am wondering if you have any puzzlements you would like to share and add to the contemplation pool?

Looking forward to you much appreciated comments:

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How We Met Entry #4

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Sean Platt of Writer Dad, Collective Inkwell, GhostWriter and Blogopolisblueprint submitted the next entry to the writing contests and it is just a lovely telling of how he met his partner for life at his flower shop.

Sean is a professional writer and blogger and I am going to invite you to explore his sites to find out more about him and let you get right to his lovely entry. I just know you will want to read more of his creative words so added all the links I could find.

Each of us is the sum of an infinity of thinly sliced seconds, where each one matters, at least to some degree. How could we ever hope to pinpoint that decisive second when things forever changed; the instant the axis of our world shifted and began to orbit in a different direction?

It might be difficult, but can be done. Tally your life, take it apart, and turn a seemingly impossible task to tremendously simple.

I know the moment my life took its first step down an aisle it would never leave. I ponder it often.

I pay no mind to the property values of my neighbors or the car I drive. My family, living, and piece of mind, these are what give my rapture breath. None would exist without the assembly of moments from this most remembered day.

I was working in a flower shop with my family on the day my life moved from middling to merit mounting. Our shop lay at the lip of a city I’d scarcely left. A stranger, a petite lady with eyes like chocolate almonds, had moved to town the previous year. She had been shopping amongst our flowers for maybe a month.

Every time she passed our vibrant displays and rounded the corner to enter our doors, I’d abandon my knife, rush my phone call, or attend to some trifle that could have easily waited, had it not been in her vicinity.

Our store was in prep until ten, but she always showed up about a half hour early. “Do you mind if I buy a few things that are already put together?”

She also knew precisely what to ask.

“Of course not,” I’d say, the words always falling behind a smile.

It was my job to keep the early birds away, but she spent enough for me to slither through rules without consequence.

Her visits grew earlier and her totals kept climbing.

I was helping her to the car on a beautiful October day, a fraction less than a month after our eyes first locked. My arms saddled with blossoms, I saw her sashay to her space from behind a bundle of fully bloomed roses.

I blushed, squeezed by, then laid the blooms across the passenger seat of her red (orange) pickup, Texas plates in a California lot. I arranged the bunches then turned to face her. Her enormous coco pupils pulled my hazel ones toward them, like ore to magnet.

I cannot recall the length of this moment, only that a single bird sang and that the perfect note felt like an epiphany.

She slipped something between my fingers. “I’m going to go broke if I keep doing it this way,” she said. Words flew from her mouth as though escaping. “Call me sometime, and we could talk longer, over a cup of coffee.”

Still in the dusty aftermath of my previous liaison, I said, “I’m just at the end of a relationship. I’m flattered, really, but I don’t think I’m ready.”

She said something then that only clinical dementia could ever steal. “Life’s too short to be unhappy. Think about it, then call me.”

All fifteen syllables sounded like a smile.

I did call, though two weeks drifted from the calendar. I wasn’t playing games, only intimidated by the strength of our obvious and unexpected bond. I found my fortitude and made up for my missing days.

I picked up the phone around 9:30 on a Friday night, the first week of November. We talked until the sun was almost a promised fulfilled.

Monday, she left on business, but her absence did nothing to dim our exchange. Each day after work, we exchanged words across a land line until far past midnight, each minute driving an already expensive hotel phone bill closer toward outrageous.

It was worth every single copper faced Lincoln.

She tore into town that next Friday, not even stopping to change. We met at a Mexican restaurant in the same center as the flower shop.

That long week was prologue to my present day; a now that can be easily traced to a single moment.

The house we live in was agreed on in twilight as the two of us held hands. A boy and a girl wait for stories each night at bedtime, snug in the cradle of my lap. They were baked in her oven from our special recipe. Our living is made in tandem, because she is yin to my yang and we’ve found ourselves happiest with the fewest possible pauses in conversation.

Our most intimate moments together would have never happened without her strolling into the store, slipping me her card, or telling me life’s too short to spend it even a sliver less than happy.

I often ponder the sliding doors of my life, and all those trails never taken. Which crossroads would have dropped me somewhere else on the day my fate was delivered?

It is impossible to know.

What I do know is that I wouldn’t trade my fate for affluence beyond imagination. There is no other life, be it prince or king, that I’d exchange for mine. I already live a life of abundance and can draw a timeline and place my pointer on the precise moment that brought it to me.

Thank you Sean and to all the writers who submitted such lovely pieces to this contest.

I invite you to explore their blog sites to read more of their good words and ideas and hope you enjoyed hearing these stories.

I still think that folks do not get enough opportunity to share their own personal stories about how they met, what do you think?