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How To: Subscribe to this BLOG –

Have you ever noticed the RSS symbol on a web page that you are visiting? I did not know what that was for, but now that my work is writing a Weblog on my own Website I have been instructed on the function of those letters.

RSS = Really Simple Syndication

On PatriciasWisdom the RSS button is found on the top of the first side bar on each page. It includes a ladybug with the RSS symbol on its back (curved white rings)– this is the subscribe button for the website. By clicking on that button you can choose to subscribe to the blog.

Having a subscription to a blog means that whenever the author(s) of the blog post new information the title will pop up in your RSS reader letting you know that there is something new to read or view. RSS readers come in many forms. Some are stand alone applications that you can download to your computer, some are included with various email applications and some are Web pages where you can set an account to monitor all of your RSS feeds. You can unsubscribe when you would like with ease.

Subscribers are important as it lets companies know that they can expect connections from their ads on your Website. I get paid for the ad space on my Website if I have enough subscribers. Right now if you take the Personality100 survey connecting from my Website I receive $2.00. I pay a fee to have a Weblog. This Website is how I am hoping to earn a living wage. I want to be able to choose ads that reflect my values on the Website.

If you don’t have an RSS reader I would recommend iGoogle (www.iGoogle.com). It is free and you get a free Google email address too! I use iGoogle and have it set as my homepage so I see any updates first thing when I open my Web browser. On my homepage are the top stories for 6 news services from NBC nightly news, CNN, Washington Post, BBC, Reuters and NPR. I also subscribe to YES magazine, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Bill Moyers Journal. I can just click my mouse on any of the titles and I will go directly to that story or Website.

To set up my own home page with these sites on it I first signed up for the iGoogle account and then went to the individual Websites and clicked on the RSS button on each of those pages – as easy as that. (Once you have a RSS reader installed your computer should detect it automatically when you click on a subscribe button.)

If you don’t wish to use a RSS reader you can Subscribe to Feed via Email

I am hoping you will enjoy my blog enough to subscribe. I am enjoying the comments.

Thank you.