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THE SLAVE: A Spiritual Journey Memoir ~Anand Dilvar

THE SLAVE was sent to me by Claire McKinney P.R. firm for review.   It is touted as having 1.8 Million copies worldwide and has been compared to THE SHACK, THE ALCHEMIST, or THE SECRET and yet “It is a book that has nothing to do with success, social recognition, and the accumulation of goods, but everything to do with joy, love, and peace.”

About the Author:

Anand Dilvar is founder of the Vision Quest Center in Valle Bravo, Mexico, an OSHO Meditation Center, where for over fifteen years he has run conferences, retreats and seminars.  He is regularly invited to appear on radio and TV to share his approach to what he calls the Revolution in Consciousness. (cover)

After a terrible car accident, the author has been left paralyzed and unable to communicate with his care providers and has been isolated from his family and friends.  His inner guide begins to communicate with him and he asks a number of questions of this guide.  Self-realization comes to him and transforms him into a new consciousness and a deep understanding of the self.

I came to the understanding that this life is the only opportunity we have to be ourselves.”

127 pages take us to Dilvars coming back to life and his return connection to his surroundings, family and care givers.  He has written about his experience and his conversations in an easy to follow style.

I thought it was a good book to read and discover during the darkness of winter and it allowed the reader to explore the questions and answers on their own at their own pace.

I like reading these stories and exploring spiritual questions and I think many readers would enjoy exploring this book as they begin a new year and challenge themselves with guidance and resolutions.  It begs the reader to look at who they are and how their actions are revealing their values.

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At this writing there is a free giveaway of this book on Facebook

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2 Responses to “THE SLAVE: A Spiritual Journey Memoir ~Anand Dilvar”

  1. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia — This book sounds like a winner to me!
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Squirrel HandlesMy Profile


    Patricia Reply:

    A fairly unique book and I thought it was very interesting. He now runs a retreat center and healing center I believe in Mexico. Some insights available here


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