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BRIDGES: A Daphne White Novel ~Maria Murnane

BRIDGES is a continuing story of the “Three Musketeers” we discovered in WAIT FOR THE RAIN.  Those wonderful friends were reunited to celebrate another milestone in their lives.  KC, Skylar, and Daphne met 21 years ago at Northwestern University and became fast friends.   In the RAIN book they came together to celebrate their 20-year friendship and their 40th birthdays.  In BRIDGES they are supporting and celebrating Skylar in her big life change.

The reader goes with Daphne to New York City to connect with the threesome and spend a long weekend together.  The story includes a wonderful spa trip, some shopping, running, and a Broadway Play. Wouldn’t you enjoy doing all those things in the Big Apple?  Skylar’s lovely apartment is quite enchanting and a grand place to have those deep conversations, conflict, and work things out that need to be said.  Lots of emotions are expressed and the dialogue reflects a lot of problem-solving skills and good communications skills.  It is not a silly story but a real story about what could be and how one reassesses their life choices and adventures to move forward. There is a happiness factor within the story that makes reading delightful.

I once again greatly appreciated the inner dialogue of Daphne, which was shared in the story.  I believe it was refreshing to know that she was having those emotions and thoughts and then finding that she could change her mind and own those feelings and make new decisions.   Daphne has written her first novel and submitted the manuscript to agents and has her fingers-crossed in anticipation of success.  Her friends are supportive when the secret is let out of the bag.

Murnane sent me a copy of both her books for review and I enjoyed curling up and reading them cover-to-cover.  I thought about reconnecting with one of my friends from college and wondered how we got so separated with out busy lives.

“Maria Murnane is a former PR Executive who abandoned a successful career to pursue a more fulfilling life.  She is the bestselling author of CASSIDY LANE, KATWALK, PERFECT ON PAPER; IT’S A WAVERLY LIFE, HONEY ON YOUR MIND, and CHOCOLATE FOR TWO, which garnered a stared review in PUBLISHERS WEEKLY.  Originally from California, she now lives in Brooklyn. “ (Book cover)

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I would give this book ‘lots of stars’ for being delightful and for having characters that are capable of good dialogue and making constructive changes in their lives. We could all enjoy this story and learn from this friendship.

Wait For the Rain
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