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TWILIGHT CHRISTMAS: A Carolina Coast Novella ~ Normandie Ward Fischer

I was in the mood for a great Christmas Story when I heard that one of my favorite authors was releasing a novella. Normandie Ward Fisher sent me an e-copy right away and I now am aware that the paperback copy has been released. It fit the bill with perfection.

Normandie Fischer has a nice style of writing, which I enjoy reading. Although I am not a great romance reader and Southern Romance I often consider some of the worst “junk” on the market, Fischer has much more intelligent characters involved in actually figuring out how to proceed from their various dilemmas to be resolved. They are refreshing and relaxing to read. Most of her stories involve a level of violence such as addiction, domestic violence, or psychological abuse. When I was a social worker in the South, I found that these symptoms of dysfunction were invasive and often times thought to be “normal” behavior. Fischer thus gently exposes a truth and educates her readers to the problems inherent in these assumptions. Very good storytelling and teaching.

Louis, a 9-year-old very intelligent fellow, and his sister Linney, a 12- year-old with Down’s syndrome and limited mental ability, wake to find that their addicted mother has died during the night. Louis is fearful of what will happen to his sister as a previous stay in foster care has created a terrible memory and lots of fear. The two take off and hide creating a problem for the community, which is working to find the missing pair.

The children hide in a storage shed beside a community church which is preparing for their yearly Christmas pageant and moves into a story about a young mother who is recovering from her family crisis, working to stay afloat and keep her two children housed and fed on a temporary salary. She is busy sewing the costumes for the church program and worried about her connections to the detective who is searching for the missing children and was helpful to her at her time of greatest need.

It is a lovely story and once again Normandie Fischer has shared a story, which entertains and teaches. The supportive church community enhances the story and shows how a group of people can build others up and encourage possibilities. I enjoyed the story very much, though I am not so much into all the ‘God Talk’ or the assumptions of miracles lingering on the tip of my tongue. It is a hopeful story and has a wonderful Christmassy ending that is just right for this time and season.

Other Books by Normandie Ward Fischer:

Normandie Fischer combines a love of all things Italian with a fascination for the cultures and cuisines of the Middle East, an interest fostered when she studied sculpture in Perugia and lived among Arab students. She and her husband retired from cruising Pacific Mexico on board their ketch, Sea Venture, to care for her aging mother, who now sails with them whenever the opportunity arises.

Two from Isaac’s House is her first romantic suspense. She is better known for her women’s fiction, including Becalmed (2013), Heavy Weather (2015), and Sailing out of Darkness (2013).

TWILIGHT CHRISTMAS is free for kindle readers and $.99 for the paperback at this time.

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5 Responses to “TWILIGHT CHRISTMAS: A Carolina Coast Novella ~ Normandie Ward Fischer”

  1. Normandie Fischer Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Patricia!

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for sharing your book with me Normandie Fischer

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia — I like the sound of a story that teaches, entertains, and encourages possibilities.
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..The Way I RollMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Fun Read and I always get a number of requests for a Christmas read and this is a good one. Thank you Laurie for all your good comments and posts and connections.

  3. Patricia Says:

    Ms Fischer sends me word if one signs up for her newsletter – one may get the e copy of the book to download free. The e-book is now $.99 and the paperback is $6.50

    Patricia recently posted..TWILIGHT CHRISTMAS: A Carolina Coast Novella ~ Normandie Ward FischerMy Profile