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FIXED IN FEAR: A Justice Novel (#5) ~T.E. Woods

I have never been a great fan of murder mysteries, although in the last 5 years I have read and reviewed a great many of them.  I know that quite a few of my readers like them very much and I am amazed at how many of my older followers enjoy them to the max.  Along came T.E. Woods’s series of mysteries and I just can hardly wait to dive into each one that comes my way.  FIXED IN FEAR came my way via Net Galley and I am delighted to say there is at least one more in the series to come.  We are left with quite a cliffhanger of an ending with this one.

FIXED IN FEAR continues the story of Matt Grant and his role as Chief Homicide Detective for the Seattle Police Department.  It begins at a healing sweat lodge in Washington State inside 5 people have been killed and then the lodge was set on fire.    Detective Grant teams up with a small community Police Chief who needs some assistance in solving this crime.  This book pulls together some old murders that have never been solved and of course the psychological thinking that has affected the lives of so many people over the years.

Dr. Lydia Corriger, a psychologist working in Olympia has figured out a most wanted person’s current identity and gotten a murder victim’s wife the return on her stolen funds and Lydia now moves her computer skills and wisdom towards helping Grant solve yet another case and figure out his daughter’s complicity.

The story moves right along and I love the psychological dialogue, which attends the story and the thinking of the characters.   How are we to grasp a hold on life and yet still sort out the harsher realities?   How do we move on from a death in the family and live our lives fully and with meaning?  How do we see and understand the truth of our own situation?   How does a family cope with the reality that faces them and the pain that might attend each action or murder?  Gritty questions which are present and stoke the fires of each novel at quite a fast pace.

“Has Allie gone too far?”  You are invited to comment on her Facebook page.

T.E. Woods is a clinical psychologist and author living in Madison, Wisconsin.  For random insight into how her strange mind works, follow her at: tewoodswrites.com or Facebook.com/TEWoodsWrites

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4 Responses to “FIXED IN FEAR: A Justice Novel (#5) ~T.E. Woods”

  1. Sam Juliano Says:

    I guess I will have to confess I have been a fan of this genre dating back to Perry Mason and especially Agatha Christie. I have completed her entire collection of over 80 novels, have seen all the television Poirot episodes and have dabbled into John Dickson Carr. I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan as well. So yes, I’d certainly be intrigued by the book you have reviewed so impressively here Patricia. Sounds like some of the aspects recall The Silence of the Lambs without the depravities.

    Patricia Reply:

    Sam. I really enjoy TE Wood’s entire justice series. Her psychological insights and that the books are located here just prime me for each one that comes out. I used to not like this genre but these books really capture my attention

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia — I’m just like Sam. Loving both Perry Mason, Agatha Christie, and Sherlock Holmes. If the Justice Series is anything at all like these, then I’m definitely adding them to my must-read list. Thank you!

    Patricia Reply:

    I really like this writer and enjoy these reads. Woods is getting quite a following. I don’t think you will be disappointed