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THE SECRET OF YOUR IMMORTAL SELF: Key Lessons for Realizing the Divinity Within ~by Guy Finley

“Life will always give you something greater than what it’s asked you for, providing you’re willing to let go of that part of yourself that, for fear of the new, favors what’s old.  It’s impossible to cling to who you have been…and be free of yourself at the same time.”(page 75 – PDF copy)

This book review will be a bit different for me because THE SECRET OF YOUR IMMORTAL SELF is a very different experience.  I had a great fall last year and have been experiencing a great deal of pain; using most of the books I am reading as an opportunity to escape.  THE SECRETS OF YOUR IMMORTAL SELF has been my recent companion to all my Healing appointments and I am using it to let go of my pain and relax.  The PDF/ Kindle book is accompanying me to all my appointments and is a dedicated part of my late night sessions to let go of pain and allow sleep to heal.   It has not failed me and holds my thinking as I breath through the fiery interludes and provides focus.

I like the style of the book.  Short essays or stories, which open the mind to fresh thinking for the spiritual modes of our living, each followed with a Key Lesson to take away and contemplate.  I can freely add stories from my own life and personalize my own thoughts into key lessons, which allow me to let go and refresh.

Several years ago I reviewed Guy Finley’s book THE COURAGE TO BE FREE  and this book too was a good respite in reading while challenging my old assumptions.  When Eric Rafdal asked me to review Finley’s new book I did not hesitate.   I am not going to share more of my thoughts on this new book, rather I am going to put up Eric’s links and words, which will enable you to click into the larger launch program and receive the many free gifts being offered to the readers on the PR Tour – launch – March 12,2015

Eric’s first Note to include:

[Video] Announcing the worldwide release of best selling author Guy Finley’s new book The Secret of Your Immortal Self: Key Lessons for Realizing the Divinity Within. Discover the lost keys to a whole new and higher order of consciousness that lets you end painful problems before they begin! Learn the real secrets of how to be spiritually unstoppable.

PLUS today only… I’ve made special arrangements for you to receive 5 free gifts from Guy, including his groundbreaking new album, The Golden Rule of Self-Realization. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Discover a life so extraordinary you won’t believe it’s happening to you.

Eric’s Launch letter:

The One and Only Thing That’s Missing From Your Life


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The big news is that my friend Guy Finley has written a new book that opens the doors to your brighter, more authentic life. It’s called “The Secret of Your Immortal Self,” and it’s being simultaneously released today in 142 countries. This book is so illuminating, and Guy is so well respected by his peers, that over 200 leading authors and experts are joining to spread the news. It’s a wave of enlightenment that’s racing across the planet right now.  If you’d like to learn the deeper secrets of your own self, and unlock all the love, vibrant energy, and confidence that lie within you, here’s the key — along with a FREE live webinar with Guy Finley, and over 120 additional free bonus gifts.

Visit this link now for all the details. This could be the turning point of your life.   http://www.YourImmortalSelf.org/special/1793/ 

All best wishes for true happiness,

Eric Rafdal

I am using this book right now to let go of the pain and find healing.  THE SECRET OF YOUR IMMORTAL SELF is definitely making a difference in my life and I wanted you to know about it and the special offers, which accompany this Book Release Campaign.  Thank you to the Life of Learning Foundation for sending this  book to me for review

About Guy Finley from the book cover:

“Guy Finley is the founder of the Life of Learning Foundation and author of more than forty books and audio programs on self-realization, including the International best seller – The Secrets of Letting Go.  Visit him on line at www.GuyFinley.com

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3 Responses to “THE SECRET OF YOUR IMMORTAL SELF: Key Lessons for Realizing the Divinity Within ~by Guy Finley”

  1. Deborah Barker Says:

    Now I could be persuaded to read this one, it sounds intriguing. Thank you Patricia, added to me list :-)

  2. Deborah Barker Says:

    er, to my list…

    Patricia Reply:

    Just thought you were thinking in Pirate!

    I enjoyed this on very much and reading it again at a slower pace with more detail now
    Patricia recently posted..THE ORGAN TAKERS: A Novel of Surgical Suspense ~Richard Van AndersonMy Profile