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STRINGS AND BONES: a Novel ~Kim Talon

“You’re getting visits from…people, for lack of a better word, who left this earth.  Spiritually, at least.  I’m assuming bodies were buried or burned or whatever.  So where are they exactly?  And who’s in charge of this other place? And how can they just…you know…talk to you like that?” (Location 2351)

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STRINGS AND BONES is just the best Halloween read I could imagine sharing with you.  Kizzie is a 37 year old designer living in Toronto, Canada.  Her father was killed by a drunk driver just a few weeks before she was born into a small rural community not far from her current apartment in the big city.   When as a teenager, several “spirits” awakened her during the night to get messages to people who need to be reassured or make some changes in their lives because of the death of that spirit. These awakenings are very frightening; Kizzie is afraid to pass the messages to the recipients.  The voices quiet and now 17 years later they have begun again.  Kizzie is becoming anxious and suffering from insomnia.

Aggie, an art agent and Kizzie’s best friend since early childhood, begins to question the exhaustion and worry and listens to the situation that is producing these problems.   Aggie persuades Kizzie to deliver the messages and supports her through some angry reactions.  The young women also talk about their “love” lives or lack of and Aggie introduces a successful artist, Marshall, to her friend and life makes a big change.  The “professor” spirit shares some meaningful messages about life which are worthy messages for the living.

I have followed Talon on her blog for a long time and we have written letters and notes to each other in email and snail mail.  Her short stories are compact and amazing reads and her photography is on the cover of the Harvest Potluck free e-cookbook on this blog.  Kim’s recipe for apple crisp is in the cookbook and also mentioned in STRINGS and BONES.

Lovely read, I can highly recommend to my readers.  Some good scary moments and ideas shared, lots of meaningful conversations over a glass of wine; a group of well-developed characters which feel like friends – lots to enjoy in STRINGS AND BONES.

“Kim Talon is a writer, poet, professional photographer, and long-time blogger, residing in Ontario, Canada.  When not at the computer creating, she is found roaming the countryside, camera in hand, with her trusty Labradoodle, Charlie, at her side.”  (cover)

Kim Talon Blog

Kim Talon Twitter  @This_is_Talon
Pleased to announce in her own words 
Please tweet and share this review.  Thank you

I was so excited about STRINGS and BONES that I bought the book myself as an ebook read.   Lovely storytelling and beautiful words.

Harvest Potluck 
The Forever Man 
The Sowing
Imaginary Life

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7 Responses to “STRINGS AND BONES: a Novel ~Kim Talon”

  1. Talon Says:

    Patricia, thank you so much for your insightful and thoughtful review. It means the world to me. I’ve linked to this on my blog and tomorrow I will link it on Twitter. Thank you for your amazing support.

    Patricia Reply:

    It is a good read and nice storytelling, my pleasure and I am working on getting it out further now…

    I put a number in wrong and thus it did not post on the 31st. I may post it again, Later in the month too…

    Come on readers – you are in for a treat
    Patricia recently posted..MAN V. NATURE: Stories ~Diane CookMy Profile

  2. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia … so pleased to read about Talon’s book here – the review you’ve given certainly entices and I look forward to reading it … especially with the new developments .. recurrence of the voices, and the man …

    I remember your Harvest Pot Luck collection … some delicious recipes in there …

    Cheers to you both .. and the title is clever: Strings and Bones … good luck – Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..Holly’s Foodie Blog Hop: Waste not, Want not … Thanksgiving, Christmas and parties are a-coming …My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    It is a good read and I hope it will get a wide read. Kim is such a splendid storyteller in her poems and short stories, nice to discover the full length read goes down easy too.

    Yes, the Harvest Potluck still gets about 10 reads a month and the Children’s fund some donations from the efforts.

    I am cheerleading here for all I am worth.

    Patricia recently posted..MAN V. NATURE: Stories ~Diane CookMy Profile

    Talon Reply:

    Thank you so much, Hilary. I think you’d enjoy the novel.

    That Harvest Potluck is a go-to in my kitchen. I’m glad it’s still being appreciated, Patricia!
    Talon recently posted..BruisedMy Profile

  3. Sara Says:

    This was a great review, Patricia.

    Having already read the book, I can say it was a delight to read. I absolutely loved the characters and the story. It was mysterious, spooky (in a very good way) and so very wise in its message.

    It’s a great read and hope others will enjoy it as much as I did:~)
    Sara recently posted..And then she said…My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    You and Kim are just such wonderful story tellers…

    It is such a nice read…I hope it will reach far and wide
    thank you once again for your kind words…
    Patricia recently posted..MEMORY CARD FULL: A Memoir ~Liz WeberMy Profile