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ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN JUST ONE YEAR is just the kind of book I love to start my day with and think about all day long.   ACHIEVE is a BOOK OF DAYS and an INSPIRATION, and a CHANGE ARTIST’s greatest support.  I think I could read this book several years in a row and still be inspired.  I believe it is all in the twist of humor which just catches your eye and brings on a smile.

These days I slowly get out of bed in the mornings, my luxury.  I check my emails, Facebook, and then other sites.  I do not write or respond, but rather get an over view of my day.  Zip and I then lift ourselves up and head for the window to get a glimpse of the weather  and clothing requirements for the day; ready to venture forth we set the stage by reading from a Book of Days or a poem/song;   heading out for our hour of walking and contemplation which becomes a moving meditation.  ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN JUST ONE YEAR truly set an interesting pace to our days.  These words gave us momentum and I can honestly say that one minute a day has made quite a difference in my whole outlook.

The book’s format is terrific.  Each day begins with a quote, that is relevant and success promoting. The quote is followed by a short essay and then an easy exercise, such as making a list of 5 things or giving a worthwhile compliment to someone you encounter.  The essays are centered on various themes which enable change; for 5 days I read about how to improve my listening skills and then followed through with an exercise.  I did do all the small assignments in my notebook and that took about 3-5 minutes on most days; reading the DAY was about 1 minute as noted by my Kindle.  One of the most delightful changes I have made is to stop doing “one more thing” before I sit down to write.  I have found sitting down and even just answering an email gets the writing juices flowing and when I hit the wall, well then I get up and cut the carrots, or put in a load of laundry.  Second little change is that I stop reading every hour and do my arm exercises and stretching, I thought I would lose track of the story and instead my productivity has soared. My Kindle tells me my reading pace and after a week of this change, took 2 hours off the reading time of a book and increased retention of themes and ideas.  I no longer had a stiff neck and my eyes were not as tired.

These changes took place during the 55 days I read the 365 page book (The book has an introduction and conclusion page also).  I only had 60 days before the review needed to be published and I will admit I randomly moved to the end to get a better sense of the whole and be able to share with you my thoughts.   I liked this Book of Days and will return to Day 56 and keep going.  I feel energized and not so often discouraged.  I feel successful at this very moment as I type and I want to continue feeling this way – when something works for a person they generally keep doing it.

I gave my partner a copy of ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN JUST ONE YEAR as he begins figuring out his retirement goals.  I believe doing a little step every day will give him momentum towards enjoying his new lifestyle to the max.

ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN JUST ONE YEAR is a great and simple habit and I can highly recommend it to you.

Jason Harvey is an International Bestselling Author and Life Coach and “founder of the Limitless Institute, a non-profit organization that funds research into human motivation and personal development.” He runs Marathons, is mastering piano and lives on the East Coast of Canada.  Jason Harvey sent me a Kindle Copy of his book to review and if you have PRIME on Amazon and a Kindle App. It is free to read!     ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN JUST ONE YEAR just makes me smile and brings me a sense of joy.   I was happy to have this book to read and enjoy – Thank you.

The book will assist you to discover dreams and goals – some maybe forgotten or set aside and many brand new.

Jason Harvey’s Web page
Jason Harvey on Facebook

If you purchase anything from Amazon or Powell’s  from this site, I will receive a few beans in my bucket.  Thank you.  Donations also welcomed. Thank you!

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10 Responses to “ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN JUST ONE YEAR ~Jason Harvey”

  1. Chris Edgar Says:

    It’s great to hear that your neck was no longer stiff and your eyes felt less tired after reading this book — I’ve been looking for a book where I can read it and feel like I’ve received a massage. Okay, well, I imagine you’re talking about non-reading exercises that you did. :)

    patricia Reply:

    Well you would need to learn Liangong and then use it at the proper moments when reading in order to feel the massage or stretching! Ha Ha Ha…you make me laugh…

    This book truly inspired many little changes that are making quite a positive difference for me – I love change and am finding the little steps most rewarding.

    …and your wit is just wonder full

  2. Terrill Welch Says:

    Patricia this book seems to have hit some practical high points for you. I like how it fit into routines you already had established and then pushed the edges of those. It seems that retirement is on your horizon… Or is this just for your husband? 😉

    patricia Reply:

    I believe with unemployment 5 years into my living there is no retirement on the horizon. My husband will hope to retire in the next 5 to 7 years, but will have to keep working until the medical debt is paid off.
    I think if he has some plans to look forward to it will brighten his prospects and what he hopes to do – we all need inspiration and he has no plan now except for more bicycle riding.

    This book has some very tiny steps that bring some new motivation to the fore and there is a hopefulness which accompanies expanded thinking.

    Thank you for coming by.
    You must be so excited about your Adventure coming up soon

  3. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Humor, practicality, and perpetuity — I’m on it!

    THANK YOU as always.

    patricia Reply:

    Laurie –
    It is good motivation and inspiration and I like the concise premise –
    It is good

    Thank you for sharing – tweeting, greatly appreciated

  4. Lisa Munley Says:

    I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, but I really enjoy books like this. They motivate me. Thanks for reviewing this one; it was not on my radar!

    patricia Reply:

    The author lives in Canada and since 60% of my readers are Canadian I believe one of my readers told him about my blog? But I just got an email asking me to review his book and then there is was downloaded on my Kindle…
    I like the concise, practical writing and just about 2 minutes a day truly changes one’s thinking. I felt happy while reading it, but 50 days in an afternoon was not the best application so I have gone back and picked up doing one page every day. I will be done with it December 29 this year. Maybe I will report back if I met my goal.

    I do enjoy Book of Days

    Thank you for making a comment. I appreciate it very much.

  5. Sara Healy Says:

    Given my husband is about to retire, this is a great review and a nice idea of a gift for him. He’s excited about retiring and it’s not a concern. Even so, I imagine he will need an extra boost now and then to motivate him.

    Also, this book sounds good to me. I like day books, except I don’t play by the rules. I randomly pick a page and then do the exercise. For some reason, this is usually a more successful way for me to absorb a lesson than if I go in order. I’ll have to check this book out and see if that’s possible:~)

    Thanks for the review and I will take a look at the book:~)
    Sara Healy recently posted..Story Photo Challenge: Take a ride on a jet skiMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I had to jump around to get enough of this book read in time to write the review – I am now back going forward from Day 56 this week.
    Spring is my greatest time to make change, I seem to just easily get into rhythm during this season. I am finding the book very helpful and bring positive energy my way after a winter fallowing.

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    Bush era even moved 500,000 military here to attempt to change the vote and they have, now we are sending Wackos to Congress just not as many. And the very first thing they did was sue Microsoft – this is not a coincidence Then they moved Boeing out of Seattle ( I think both of those things backfired)