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THE CONDOR SONG: A Novel of Suspense ~Darryl Nyznyk

THE CONDOR SONG mixes so many elements that I am quite fond of; then matches these particles with some good writing skills to make for a very interesting read.  While my family was off cross country skiing, I was busy reading about the development of a ski resort in an environmentally sensitive area of California.

This is a fictional story, but it is based on Walt Disney’s plan to open a ski resort in California and the discovery of wild Condors nesting in the very area they were planning to build.  That made the book even more interesting with all the environmental details that were exposed when trying to develop land for public use.   The book was well detailed because of the author’s second career as a Land Developer.  His first career as a lawyer also shines.

A tired middle aged lawyer, who is deep into a depression surrounding a major life trauma, gets called to help a friend of the family in keeping her family farm.  If he can find the agreements between families, then she will not suffer the loss.  A famous environmentalist is murdered on the John Muir trail through the Sierra Nevada’s and this draws attention to the land in question and the Lawyer, Sean Donovan, is drawn into the Sierra Club’s work to stop the development.  This puts him in the “line of fire” of the Land Development segment of the law firm he was fired from, working against the Golden family and their wishes for a ski park, one of his former clients at the old firm.

What they do not know is that much of the opposition financing is coming from drug money and a Mexican gang leader.  Strange and deadly things begin to happen.   The courtroom scenes are full of good twists and reveals.  It is fascinating to have all the research and background and it is wonderful, of course, to have the truth win out and devious folks get their justice.

THE CONDOR SONG has some good descriptions of the land involved in the dispute and the family that wants to share their family’s favorite spot with others.   The family has 4 sons and one is a great environmentalist and outdoorsman who is concerned about development in this pristine area.

There is a good measure of character development and of course a love interest that just keeps the reader wanting to know more.  Even though we know the outcome of the Disney Project, there are many new suspenseful moments in this story.  It is fiction!

I knew I would like this book, when I read these review words on the first page:

“The legal expertise of John Grisham meets the environmental activism of Barbara Kingsolver in this thriller by veteran author Darryl Nyznyk”  ~Sheila M. Trask, ForeWord Review

So here’s to a good read in the New Year; three cheers for THE CONDOR SONG.

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PR by the Book  sent me this book for review and I was delighted to have the opportunity to read THE CONDOR SONG

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12 Responses to “THE CONDOR SONG: A Novel of Suspense ~Darryl Nyznyk”

  1. Talon Says:

    My kind of read, Patricia. I got a gift card for my favorite bookstore for Christmas so I’ll be adding this to my list. :) As always, a thoughtful and entertaining review.

    patricia Reply:

    This is a very good read and I enjoyed the rhythm of the writing too.
    Thank you for your kind words.

    One of my friends said she saw this book on the library to computer loan list – I am not sure it is out in paperback yet, but soon

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia – Like Talon, this is precisely my cuppa tea! Thank you so much for your ever-wonderful book reviews.
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..The Serendipitous LifeMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    You are welcome!
    It is a good read. The author is also written a Christmas story that is extremely popular.

    Thank you for the TWEET! greatly appreciated

  3. Terrill Welch Says:

    Patricia your review has me intrigued. So much of this story hits the warm spots of my daily life and my concern for our earthly human future. Hum, on the reading list it goes!
    Terrill Welch recently posted..Best 13 Paintings of 2013 Happy New YearMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I think this book has a lot of information to share to help in the fight against oil and coal problems and our precious coast line.

    It is a big job but we all need to participate.

    why just this week because we did not pass the GMO labeling law in November – Japan has pulled out of purchasing our oysters – a multi million dollar disaster already in the new year….Now the Alar/Monsanto ( killer apples which do not turn brown ever but damage babies and children’s GI track) are the next big focus for the 47 countries that only trade in non GMO products (including Canada)
    Your lovely pictures are outstanding – thank you for your fabulous post and I particularly loved your coast line group today.
    We all need to speak up and stay active in defending our precious shores

  4. Deborah Barker Says:

    Thank you once again for bringing another good read to my attention. I will be adding it to my list though I was given so many books for my November birthday and for Christmas, I am hard pressed to find time to read them all. I will do though, you can count on it. Debbie :-)
    Deborah Barker recently posted..Listen, it’s what you make of it…My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    It is a good read and that it based on the Disney case makes the environmental work even more significant for those of us trying to save Puget Sound from Coal Ports and Oil Tankers – it is hard to go against the big, big guys

  5. Sara Says:

    Great review and a book right up my alley. I got a nice Amazon gift certificate and will be browsing not only the books but your reviews for selections about how to use this gift certificate:~)

    Happy new year, Patricia:~)
    Sara recently posted..Gratitude in Four WordsMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Happy New Year Sara
    Actually, I was thinking about you when I read this book – it is a good one and I am sure you will like it

    Hurrah for a gift certificate Lucky you…Happy Dancing that you will be able to choose some nice books to read.
    thank you for thinking of me when contemplating spending on books :)

  6. Sam Juliano Says:

    Patricia, I honestly had no knowledge at all of this story (or news item) until I read your a fascinating account here. Apparently this is a very well-received novel, and one I’d be foolish not to check out. Again your literary reviewing powers are glowingly on display my friend.

    patricia Reply:

    It is a good read – think you will enjoy it and all the research – even the main characters middle age and bigger crisis…
    Yes I was wonderful to know more details about the Disney case – though I think there was not a murder in their process and development.

    I do think you would enjoy this one very much