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ON THE MOUNTAIN: The Blue Child Series, A Novel ~June O’Brien

Have you ever been on a dream journey?  You know the kind of journey where your legs grow weary and you feel the cold and heat of the exertion; caught up in a mission which needs answers.  Are you relieved when you awaken or just exhausted and left wondering about the experience?

ON THE MOUNTAIN is a dream-mission story which takes place on the mountains just outside of my window.  The Heavens have sent a spirit child to protect the earth and her people from the greedy, controlling, European invaders who have released powerful evil on the earth. The writing is vivid and poetic and yet as the reader my legs ached with the climb and the cold, I was on the journey every step of the way.

Ruby is an older, reclusive Native American woman who resides on the west coast line of the Olympic Mountains.  She is the keeper of her Grandfather’s drum and gear, she is the wisdom of her Grandmother’s lessons in survival; she wanders in the forest and beaches a free spirit.  Ruby is a medicine woman and knows the wisdom of Owl.  She can hear the voices of the spirits of the plants and animals; knowing just when to use the right herb at the right time.   Ruby is called by the Old Ones for a journey onto the Mountains.  It is a mission to assist and heal her people.  She has been told never to spend the night on the mountain and in order to survive she much hear the spirit guides, trust herself and the voices, and follow the Old Ones on a journey of many days onto the mountains.

June O’Brien is a member of the Nansemond Tribe and knows plants and medicine. She knows the mountains and writes poetry about her life journey and her roots and dreams.  She has degrees in psychology and counseling and has written two books of poetry.  O’Brien is a dream consultant and knows how to capture a story from a spirit guide.  The mission which Ruby is on is just such a story and the words and descriptions of her trust journey are compelling – flowing like the Glacier Rivers and streams of icy cold water wandering off the cliffs to the sand below.  I found myself hungry, cold, exhausted and concerned that such an old woman might not be able to complete this arduous task; then the snow began to fall.

ON THE MOUNTAIN is beautiful storytelling and I am highly recommending this first story to everyone.  You will be on the trail and wandering the forest trusting the elders all the way.  As I set this story down, I will move forward to the next book THE NORTH ROAD   just recently released and the continuation of the dream.  This book can also stand alone.

ON THE MOUNTAIN is from my own library and June O’Brien and Amazon provided me with a KINDLE copy to read and review upon request.

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“If you were called by a dream would you go?”

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3 Responses to “ON THE MOUNTAIN: The Blue Child Series, A Novel ~June O’Brien”

  1. Talon Says:

    This sounds delightful, Patricia. This is one I’ll be picking up for sure. As always, I love your reviews.

    We got about 11″ of snow over the last couple of days. It’s a veritable winter wonderland. Freezing, though, so the snow is too fluffy for snowman building. :)

    patricia Reply:

    I have been hearing about your snow – wow and so cold. We had cold and sunshine, and now warmer and just gray

    Perfect weather for great big long days of reading ( though now I need to prepare for a week of company) This book did make me cold with the woman’s journey into the winter mountains…but it is a beautiful read I think many will enjoy and Book II review will be up Thursday – another big snow storm in it – a great spirit tale

    thank you for coming by :)
    Hope you are staying warm and cozy

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Ruby and June sound like my kind of gals!
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Sinew, Bone, and a Dash of StardustMy Profile