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YOU ARE NOW LESS DUMB!  David McRaney and I wanted you to know.  I so enjoyed reading McRaney’s first book YOU ARE NOT SO SMART  his publicist sent me a copy of his newest release to review and tell you about.

This book is similar to taking a Psychology class at college without the exams, homework and yet with all the surveys and studies down on the page for you.  The research is all wrapped up in the author’s sarcastic, “tongue in cheek” style with very real examples and explanations of the myths of our thinking and what social and behavioral scientists have found to be true.

McRaney has a format in which he shares the name of the process he is exposing and describing followed by the misconception and the truth. The stories, the studies and the quips begin next in a narrative form of explanation.  We have learned a lot about behaviors and the human responses/actions in the just the last few years since his previous book.  I will share several of my favorites out of the 17 offerings:

Narrative Bias
The Misconception: You make sense of life through rational contemplation.
The Truth:  You make sense of life through narrative. (Story)
Ego Depletion
The Misconception: Willpower is just a metaphor.
The Truth: Willpower is a finite resource.
The Illusion of Asymmetric Insight
The Misconception: You celebrate diversity and respect others’ points of view.
The Truth: You are driven to create and form groups and then believe others are wrong just because they are others.

The research is presented with real life stories that are interesting and McRaney, a journalist calls himself a self-professed psychology junkie, inserts a great deal of humor and patience for the reader giving a greater understanding of what the work was about and what was gleaned by the process.

I would still take him to task about the placebo effect he ascribes to non-traditional medical techniques and practices.   I believe he would think that only the science behind a dental anesthetic is what truly works for us during a procedure and that acupuncture is only supplying a placebo effect of pain relief. I beg to differ as a person who did not know what was used to reduce bruising, pain and swelling to my face as I had a root canal on my front tooth 2 days before my wedding.  It was acupuncture and it was extremely painless and I looked beautiful on my wedding day.  If that is just a placebo – well I will do it again if I ever need another root canal.

I also believe that the ancient Chinese Healing Elements and prayer/meditation have made a great deal of difference in many people’s lives and offer a feeling of peace in an ofttimes harried world. I believe the people of Chinese origins would say their work has plenty of scientific data to support their hypothesis.

Delightful read and I do not think one need be a psychology student to enjoy the shared findings.  I have read several marketing books that also use these research studies to get people to buy, buy, buy or eat,eat,eat.  Sometimes it is good to know and understand rather than spend and gain, and YOU ARE NOW LESS DUMB opens up options which may change your thinking and behaviors.  YOU ARE NOW LESS DUMB is a fun read.

YOU ARE NOW LESS DUMB was sent to me by Casey Maloney, Publicist at Gotham Books for review. I did receive a print copy of this book and I thank you for the opportunity.

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6 Responses to “YOU ARE NOW LESS DUMB ~David McRaney”

  1. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    “Sometimes it is good to know and understand rather than spend and gain…” is the intellectual pique for me. Thank you — as always — for sharing your insightful opinion.
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Failure IS an OptionMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on a different scheduled day….I appreciate your tweet too.

    It was a fun read as was the first volume too – I am not great with sarcasm but once I got into the book, it moved right a long and it did not bother me.

    I am never comfortable with illness/disease is ALL in your head stuff.

  2. Talon Says:

    I think I’ll put this on my wish list, Patricia. Psychology has always fascinated me. :)

    patricia Reply:

    It was a fun read Kim, and he does a lot of research about all the new discoveries. Volume 2 felt like quite an update with lots of new material.

    I am sorry I do not have a giveaway on this book.

  3. Alien Ghost Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Psychology is a very interesting thing for me…observing human behavior; but I think the results of those observations may vary greatly depending in the personal psychology of the person doing the observations. We can find different opinions in people having the same knowledge observing the same situation.

    Still, it is always interesting to see different perspectives :)

    Alien Ghost recently posted..Aspie World 11 – DrivingMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    This book is so full of sarcastic I think it would be hard for many people to follow.

    I also think that it will get more information out to the public and that they can make some better choices

    The book is written by a journalist who has a big interest in the subject matter not a psychologist – that is important to keep in mind