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THE INFORMATION GOD: The Modern Pragmatist’s Guide for Connecting to God ~Aroutioun Agadjanian

When I completed reading THE INFORMATION GOD I was left with a very positive feeling.  I like reading creative ideas and theories in science fiction novels and in this essay format.  There was a hopeful note about our world from this idea sharing and I certainly resonated with some of the very clever thinking that was shared. Having an opportunity to contemplate someone’s concepts is a fun adventure for me.  The book contains a direct plainness in the words that makes it easy to understand and connect with and it was not an intellectual exercise; it was prosaic.

Agadjanian is taking ones search for spiritual growth and satisfaction out of the pew, out of the ritual, and out of the rules and finding it within our contemporary society.  He is saying that “GOD” is evolving and our spiritual practices are evolving.  Yes, there is a small percentage of any population which needs the security of the rules and formats of historic practice in order to find their God and meet their need, but that most of the population of the globe has already left the guise and has gone beyond those parameters.  GOD (I am using the term GOD here as the author defines this spirit/information and not as a kingly deity in the clouds – I think your definition would plug in very nicely too) wants us to be happy and to be connected.  Just think of all the people having a sip and experiencing the pleasure of Starbuck’s coffee at this very moment, could this actually be communion?

From the Forward of the second edition: “My theory is loosely based on theories of Quantum Entanglement, The Collective Unconsciousness by Carl Jung, and Morphic Fields by Rupert Sheldrake, as well as the Theory of Feedback by my father, I. Agadjanian.”

What if GOD is all around us and it is important to each person and culture to discover it anew?  Information is all around us and we can gather information at a moment’s notice; in nanoseconds actually.    The Information Highway is the dominant pathway of our lives in the Western World at this time, and THE INFORMATION GOD is focused on the western world and our “success” at using these spiritual pathways.   The theories explored are the following: sexuality, flowers and precious minerals and stones, food and music, games, sports, family, pictures, language, best-selling books, Modern Gods, power, Hollywood and Silicon Valley into the ‘how to’ connect with GOD sections.

I had a good laugh at the author’s references to COKE, PEPSI, and junk food and yet he made his point well.  I thought he needed to spend some personal time exploring his own value programing (about age 10-12) about women’s sexuality and fashion as it was so far off the mark and the Jungian Theories and this part made me guffaw and chuckle all evening; I did figure out what he was attempting to say because I have a background in Psychology and Jungian Theory.  There were several parts I found cultish and repulsive. Also lacking for me was the serious look at evil and will the poor always be with us, will the rich just get more selfish, and are the ill, marginalized and addicts just problems to be endured?

If we take on the author’s theories as good ideas to follow what are our responsibilities?  I was a bit hazy about all this, though he did say he was excluding third world countries because of their regressive posturing towards information and their long journey ahead.

I do believe that we are 98% energy and only 2% matter and I greatly appreciate the author’s intentions and words.  I believe that it is a thoughtful and positive look at our contemporary spiritual endeavors and a creative analysis of our progress.  I think many people would enjoy reading THE INFORMATION GOD.

Aroutioun Agadjanian, the author, heard that I would like to read and review his book and sent me a KINDLE copy.  Thank you I am grateful for the opportunity.  I believe this book would be a great discussion starter.

If you purchase anything from Amazon  or Powell’s  from this site I will receive a few blossoms in my bouquet.  Thank you.  Donations also welcomed.

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10 Responses to “THE INFORMATION GOD: The Modern Pragmatist’s Guide for Connecting to God ~Aroutioun Agadjanian”

  1. Davina Haisell Says:

    Hi Patricia!

    It’s quite a coincidence that you posted this today. I had planned on visiting a few blogs this morning.

    Great review! I love how you also mentioned what was missing and what confused you about some of the reading. All in all, this sounds like a book I would like to read and in fact, will be recommending it to a couple of friends of mine.

    Loved this line :):”Just think of all the people having a sip and experiencing the pleasure of Starbuck’s coffee at this very moment, could this actually be communion?” Something to think about –sounds like this book truly would be a good conversation starter.

    Patricia Reply:

    It was an interesting read. I think it is only available by KINDLE for $4.99 US the first edition is $7,000 a copy…

    We may have to purchase a Kindle to read it – I know I would not spend 7K

    Yes, a good discussion starter with a “reader” group One needs a bit of background study.

  2. Talon Says:

    This sounds like an intriguing read, Patricia. Maybe something for me to feast on as the dark days of winter approach.

    Patricia Reply:

    It was a bit of a workout to read – I am not so sure a feast

    Right now because one needs a Kindle to read it – it may have a limited run?

  3. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    “I believe that it is a thoughtful and positive look at our contemporary spiritual endeavors and a creative analysis of our progress.”

    As always, I enjoyed reading your “take” on a specific book. The simple observation you made (above) is what dangles the carrot for me.
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Sit Happens!My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I think some of the “bling” people in our world right now would be surprised that they are practicing their spiritual journey.

    Wall Street would not really be on a spiritual path – except for that they make money for themselves in any way they can – the no regard for society and others is the hard part of that thinking.

    Whereas Silicon Valley is the Holy Grail of Information – that is where one wants to end up ( the fact that there is no middle class or poor in that county does not seem to be important to the author. It is the Holy Land of Information

  4. Sara Says:


    One thing I like about your reviews is you are always fair. You find the good and tell us about it, but you also speak your mind about what doesn’t make sense to you.

    It is odd this book is only available on Kindle. I wonder what the thinking was about that?????
    Sara recently posted..Trifecta Writing Challenge: Burning BooksMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I believe this is self-published
    The bound first edition is $7K +
    I have been reading a writers blog recently and there is lots about marketing your book – but the vast majority of books are only sold for e-readers
    And now KINDLE has a free e-reader for the PC ( soon MAC) so one does not even need to purchase the Kindle at all –
    You would not believe the number of books sent to me by authors in my inbox – daily. It reminds me of Margaret Atwood’s Futuristic Novel HE, SHE, IT…..where folks are drawn to STIM machines and videos instead of living or doing work….
    Yesterday while having a treatment, I watched 10 episodes of a TV program on my smart phone – my eyes were too blurry to read – it was a good distraction.
    This book brought be back to when I was teaching Ethics at a local University – It would have made a great discussion starter and brought up even more questions…

  5. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. your ability to read and dissect searching books let us know that we get that good review, or fair one .. as someone mentioned. I can imagine it would make a good read … at some stage the sort of thing I’ll be getting into …

    Book publishing is a strange thing .. and like you the Kindle version via $7k seems a little odd – but such is life .. his book is out there and being read and reviewed ..

    Cheers and good luck with those apples in a couple of weeks – Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..Amy’s Friends Support Group and Scarlett, Musings from Friko’s World and last but not least the thoughtful Lenny … three bloggers …My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for your kind words. I would put this book way down on your lists – Karen Armstrong has some wonderful books that would fit your style and yet has much of the same information as shared here – not so sexy or hedonistic

    I have been reviewing lots of book from UK and new authors in August and September that have been some amazing reads. I am trying to get MR Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore – a new fable or contemporary fable to go viral…Deb Barker liked it very much and now that it is in UK and in paperback – I think the sales will go crazy.

    Yep making cider from our apples is one Autumn Joy here – I hope they hold out the weather has been very stormy…already 3 power outages.

    I thought maybe the price difference was that he was attempting to pay for his research endeavors with the bound copy?

    Nice to find your comment – and you brought sunshine :)